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Women, The Vaccine And you

IMPORTANT: Pick up a gun with 900 chambers. Out of its six randomly loaded bullets, two are tipped with life-threatening anaphylactic shock. Several confer permanent disabilities, including pain so severe you will wish you were dead. And one will kill you. Spin the cylinder and put the barrel in your mouth. Would you pull the trigger?

    These are the risks of the newly experimental mRNa vaccines. Give or take. Depending on your circumstances and what you believe, you may still decide that taking both jabs is your best option. That’s up to you. I am not a medical doctor. As an “old school” investigative journalist since 1967, I can only report direct written or spoken quotes and attributable facts. See your own practitioner for medical adviceAfter making your own informed evaluation, it is your right to choose. -William Thomas








by William Thomas



If there is one thing every woman knows and cannot deny, it’s the rhythms and state of her period. Today, in the midst of a global vaccination mobilization, a growing number of that sisterhood, ranging in age from puberty to post-menopausal 55, are convinced of a connection between their COVID inoculations and suddenly unhinged menstruation. 

     Just like the women whose physical and emotional struggles with deep, debilitating fatigue and departed muscular strength were dismissed as a mental condition called “neurasthenia” in the 19th century and derided as “Raggedy Anns” in the 20th – before "chronic fatigue syndrome" was publicly recognized by the CDC in 2006 – women today are being told by disbelieving experts that any such link with “world-saving”, genetically engineered messenger RNA (mRNA) biotech is “impossible”.

     Something’s going on. For example, according to the New York Times, in February 2021 a patient suffered heavy vaginal bleeding two weeks after receiving Moderna’s vaccine.” She “required platelet transfusions and steroid treatment to survive.”

     Now imagine unvaccinated women claiming drastic menstrual changes after being in close proximity to a vaccinated person. Welcome to the new generation of “hysterics”.

     Even as the CDC-FDA voluntary Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System’s directory continues receiving reports “of menstrual cycle changes”, like so many of her professional colleagues, OB-GYN Jennifer Griffin Miller, MD, MPH (Master of Public Health) points out: “This was not identified in the clinical trials” that did not look at menstrual impacts. “There’s also no biological mechanism, based on how the vaccines work, that would explain these occurrences.”



Dr. Akshat Jain, a hematologist at Loma Linda U. School of Medicine, thinks that cells inflamed by fast-tracked vaccines could affect hormones regulating a woman’s monthly cycle. 

     “That inflammation has a potential or potentially can modulate estrogen response, which could be the link between certain women having heavy periods after the vaccine,” she told an ABC 7 News reporter.

     Dr. Jain recommends that women experiencing heavy bleeding see their doctor for a complete blood count and estrogen test. “It's an easily fixable problem,” she says.

     Dr. Heather Huddleston specializes in reproductive endocrinology and wishes vaccine makers had collected data about menstrual cycles during the randomized trials.

     “The train sort of left the station on that because we are now recommending the vaccine for everybody,” this OBGYN regrets. “So, it will be very hard for us to generate a control group to answer this question.

     “If, and it's still a big if,” Huddleston adds, “if these menstrual cycle changes are also sort of linked into that upregulation of the immune system that we're seeing, then I would view that in the same way I would view a sore arm.

     “It's a nuisance, it's troubling in that moment, but it's not a representation of something that's going to continue. It's not a representation of any sort of permanent harm or damage. There is no reason to think there's reason to be concerned over time, and there's no reason to think that there's any impact on fertility.”

     Unless you count sort of permanent sterility.


Rosie The Riveter


In late April 2021, American health officials began encouraging “pregnant people” to get vaccinated against coronavirus. This women-negating advice presumably includes pregnant biological males, as well as those socially suffering from XX chromosomes.

     “No safety concerns were observed for people vaccinated in the third trimester or safety concerns for their babies,” the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Rochelle Walensky informed the White House, after viewing the results of a “study” involving more than 35,000 persons who self-identified as pregnant on their smartphones. Thanks to these “preliminary findings”, all pregnant moms are being encouraged by the CDC to roll up their sleeves like Rosy the Riveter and embrace Covid-19 injections, which will complete clinical trials in 2023.

     Meanwhile, UK health officials are warning that anyone attempting to conceive within two months after being vaccinated is “at increased risk” for complications, including the miscarriages we’re already seeing. The British Government’s 10-page, “Reg 174 Information for UK Healthcare Professionals” states that since the effects of COVID-19 shots on fertility are unknown – and “animal reproductive toxicity studies have not been completed” – Pfizer’s COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 flowing into arms nationwide “is not recommended during pregnancy.” 


     “For women of childbearing age, pregnancy should be excluded before vaccination.”


     “It is still unknown whether or not the vaccine can be transmitted to a breast-feeding infant through his or her mother’s milk.” Which is curious since longstanding clinical data shows that vaccines are commonly transferred to nursing infants in a process called “shedding”.

     Whitehall’s experts conclude, “It is unknown whether COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine has an impact on fertility.”

     But it’s not looking great.


Not in India अध्‍ययन में फाइजर वैक्‍सीन लगने के बाद लोगों में गंभीर प्रभाव नहीं दिखे।



Dr. Michael Yeadon, former and foremost head of Pfizer’s respiratory research, along with  health policy advisor Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg call human testing conducted on the entire world population, “unethical”.                       

     Especially since 85% to 90% of all PCR tests officially registered as 32,031,068 COVID-19 cases on the worldwide freakout meter as of April 28, 2021 are infection-free false-positives and not “cases” at all.

     Both doctors have written to the European Medicine Agency formally requesting that all human covid innoculatiions be stopped. Because mRNA vaccines may result in “vaccinated women essentially becoming infertile.

     “Syncytin-1,” Yeadon and Wodarg reminded the EMA, “is derived from human endogenous retroviruses (HERV) and is responsible for the development of a placenta in mammals and humans and is therefore an essential prerequisite for a successful pregnancy.”

     Syncytin-1 is also found in similar form “in the spike proteins of SARS viruses.” This means that antibodies generated by injections aimed at Covid’s spike proteins will likely attack the Syncytin-1 retrovirus and “prevent the formation of a placenta which would result in vaccinated women essentially becoming infertile.”

     Not everyone responds to vaccines in the same way. Could the menstrual mayhem experienced by some women be an indication of vaccine-triggered antibodies pummeling their placentas? If so, when will we know how widespread Covid vaccine-induced sterility in women might become? 

     Given the frenetic pace of jabbing and the efforts of couples persistently trying to “get pregnant” after their initial efforts fail, not before it’s way too late, worry Wodart and Yeadon, who sound like Hobbits that should be heeded.



On October 23, 2020, the UK’s Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency posted a bid request stating that “for reasons of extreme urgency,” they are seeking “an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software tool to process the expected high volume of Covid-19 vaccine Adverse Drug Reactions. As the government agency explained, “it is not possible to retrofit the MHRA’s legacy systems to handle the volume of ADRs that will be generated by a Covid-19 vaccine [that] represents a direct threat to patient life and public health.”

Bringing The War Home by William Thomas


The last time a massive vaccination program deployed fast-tracked inoculations under emergency FDA waivers was during the 1990-91 Gulf War. My book, Bringing The War Home, was the first to document what ensued. 

     Injected with up to four experimental, discontinued or routine vaccines simultaneously, according to the U.S. Dept. of Defense, their personnel received up to 10 vaccines and boosters for anthrax, adenovirus, botulinum toxin. influenza, measles, meningococcal, plague, polio, rabies, rubella, smallpox, tetanus-diphtheria, typhoid and yellow fever.

     By 2007, the U.S. Dept. Of Veterans Affairs reported 73,000 dead American GIs. Up to 283,000 US and UK Gulf War veterans were afflicted with the chronic multi-symptom illness called Gulf War Syndrome – not including infected spouses and their deformed offspring. The most severe symptoms were linked to abnormal immune function, chronic inflammation, suicidal depression, and severe chronic fatigue. Many more Desert Storm veterans have since died from vaccine complications, as well as exposure to depleted uranium and the DEET insect repellent the saturated their uniforms.

     So if you’re volunteering for the war against our latest designated enemy, don’t forget to salute.



Never mind these facts. “mRNA vaccines have been held to the same rigorous safety and effectiveness standards,” the CDC assures us, “as all other types of vaccines in the United States.”

     You wish. 

     Pre-mRNA, “live” vaccines using inactivated particles of the targeted virus typically underwent 4-6 years of research and testing before being FDA-approved. Even then, “one of the problems with corona vaccines in the past has been that when the immune response does cross over to where the virus-infected cells are, it actually increases the pathology rather than reducing it,” reveals U. of Queensland Prof. Ian Frazer. 

"The Good Doctor" June 2020 with pandemic in full swing. -Instyle

“The Good Doctor" June 2020 with pandemic in full swing -Instyle


Fast-tracked under emergency waivers, the mRNA-1273 jab developed by Moderna and Dr. Anthony Fauci’s notorious National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases entered truncated testing just two months after SARS-Cov2/COVID-19 was publicly sequenced The NIAD is the National Institute of Health agency that funded White House-banned gain-of-function experiments in a leaky Wuhan Institute of Virology PL-4 lab to boost the virulence of SARS-1.

Wuhan Institute of Virology

Wuhan Institute of Virology 


Exposed as a “convicted serial felon,” by environmental attorney and Children’s Health Defense founder, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Pfizer was by then running neck-and-neck in the mRNA vaccine sweepstakes. 

     As the New York Times emphasized, Pfizer’s initial claim that their vaccine was “more than 90 percent effective,” was “delivered in a news release, not a peer-reviewed medical journal. It is not conclusive evidence that the vaccine is safe and effective.” Kennedy reports that in just the last decade, Pfizer, Glaxo, Sanofi and Merck “have paid 35 billion dollars in criminal penalties, damages, fines, for lying to doctors, for defrauding science, for falsifying science, for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans knowingly.”

     Just wait.



Researchers have been studying and working with mRNA vaccines for decades, the CDC soothes. And that’s the problem. Because in all that time, Big Pharma could not bring a single mRNA vaccine to market

     Now they’ve done it overnight. 



What about the legions of women whose periods are suddenly over the moon – and not in a good way – by simply being around Covid-vaccinated people? 

     “There is no way for a COVID-19 vaccinated person to shed vaccine,” the CDC declares.

     Dr. Daniel Kuritzkes, chief of the infectious disease division at Brigham and Women’s Hospital at Harvard Medical School agrees that since mRNA vaccines cannot generate virus particles, “nothing can be shed.”

     The NIH has “not found vaccine ‘shedding’,” Reuters reports. “mRNA cannot be ‘spread’ from COVID-19 vaccines;” because it is destroyed by the antibodies it triggers within 48 hours after injection.

     Sounds terrific. As such authoritative reassurances are meant to. Except a just-released medical study is reporting: “Antibodies to spike protein and RBD found in saliva samples from healthcare workers vaccinated with mRNA-vaccines.

     “Within 1-2 weeks after receiving the 2nd dose of vaccine, 37 of 37 and 8 of 8 recipients of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, respectively, had IgG antibodies against the spike protein in their saliva,” researchers reported on March 12, 2021. “Antibody responses to SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines are detectable in saliva.”

     And humans have been known to kiss, share cups, excoriate, wipe their lips, and the touch the lips and face of their beloved.



To excerpt co-founder & President of the National Vaccine Information Center, Barbara Loe Fisher’s landmark study:  

     “The Emerging Risks of Live Virus & Virus Vectored Vaccines: Vaccine Strain Virus Infection, Shedding & Transmission”: Live vaccine strains from people vaccinated for smallpox and polio are routinely transmitted through coughing and sneezing, exchange of saliva (kissing or sharing drinking cups), skin-on-skin contact, breast milk and exposure to blood, semen or other body fluids.

     Whatever happened to my body my choice?


Seven Things

“Top medical experts agree that it is impossible for a person to transmit the vaccines to people they happen to be near and for a woman to experience miscarriage, menstrual cycle changes, and other reproductive problems by being around a vaccinated person,” Reuters remonstrates.

     “This is a conspiracy that has been created to weaken trust in a series of vaccines that have been demonstrated in clinical trials to be safe and effective,” fumes Dr. Christopher Zahn, VP for Practice Activities at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the leading U.S. organization for medical professionals in women’s healthcare.

     *  So effective, vaccinated persons must still wear masks and practice social avoidance around the unvaccinated, who ought to pose no threat to the “protected". 

     *  So effective that Fauci’s federal NIAD warns, “there are cases of people who have been infected even after being fully vaccinated.” For example, of the 246 vaccinated persons in Michigan who subsequently become infected with COVID-19, three died.

     *  So effective, “three new variants of the virus that causes COVID-19 can evade antibodies that work against the original form of the virus that sparked the pandemic,” Tamara Bhandari reported in March 2021. To defeat the mRNA vaccines, these fast-adapting microbes carry a quiver of multiple mutations in their spike genes.

     *  So effective, “we don’t exactly know what the consequences of these new variants are going to be yet,” admits Michael S. Diamond, professor of molecular microbiology and of pathology & immunology. “Will we see reinfections? Will we see vaccines lose efficacy and drug resistance emerge? I hope not.

     Hope is not an effective medical strategy.

     And yes, so “safe” that side-effects from what the Cleveland Clinic rightly calls, “potentially life-changing” mRNA jabs, include widespread reports of adverse reactions:

Adverse Covid Vaccine Reactions

rashes, nose bleeds, spotting, uterine bleeding, unconsciousness, unresponsive migraines requiring hospitalization, increased blood pressure, herpes activation, eye pain, difficulty in breathing, hypothermia, memory impairment, anxiety, hearing loss, skin sensitivity disorders, vision problems after the first vaccine dose, heart rate over 100 beats per minute requiring treatment, COVID infections, and death.


As if April 29, 2021, more than 1.08 billion vaccine doses have been administered worldwide. Though lagging behind impoverished countries, this “equates” to 14 doses for every 100 people. 

     For nearly a year the slowly-evolving natural mutations emerging in SARS-CoV-2 posed no threat to the spike-targeting vaccine strategy. Then, less than three-months into a North American vaccine blitzkrieg that began in places like Cleveland in mid-March and British Columbia around mid-April, more contagious B.1.1.7, B.1.135 and B.1.1.24 “variants” carrying multiple mutation choices in their spike genes suddenly appeared, following the first mass-inoculations in Britain, South Africa and Brazil. 

     Are the jabs forcing a waning but wily coronavirus to rapidly mutate instead? Have vaccine makers commenced a counterproductive “Red Queen adaptation race they can only “win” at the bank?


In a peer reviewed article in the October 2020 journal Trends in Genetics, medical investigators concluded, “the range of possible molecular events resulting from genome editing has been underestimated and the technology remains unpredictable.”

Dr. Romeo Quijano calls vaccinations most deceptive tool of imperialism -albagranadanorthafrica.wordpress

   Dr. Romeo Quijano, retired professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the College of Medicine, U. of the Philippines Manila, worries that “the vaccine might actually ‘enhance’ the pathogenicity of the virus, or make it more aggressive possibly due to antibody-dependent enhancement, as what happened with previous studies on test vaccines in animals.”

     mRNA “virus-vectored vaccines could undergo recombination with naturally occurring viruses and produce hybrid viruses that could have undesirable properties affecting transmission or virulence,” Quijano warns. “Possible outcomes of recombination are practically impossible to quantify accurately given existing tools and knowledge. The risks, however, are real, as exemplified by the emergence of mutant types of viruses, enhanced pathogenicity and unexpected serious adverse events (including death) following haphazard mass vaccination campaigns and previous failed attempts to develop chimeric vaccines using genetic engineering technology.”


Yes, the reported “surge” in “highly-infectious” COVID variants appears to be setting a worrying upward trend. But how real is the threat? In one of the reputed most heavily-infected countries, about 80% of Israelis with COVID-19 are infected with the B.1.1.7 mutation that experts believe will quickly become the dominant strain in the USA. 

     What calamities could this precipitate? 6,363 official COVID deaths among 8,762,89 people in Israel = a B.1.1.7 Covid death rate of 0.7%. Yet, this less than 1% official death rate is being used to justify mass inoculations of mRNA vaccines required to enter Israeli grocery stores  long-recognized by the British Government as posing a “direct threat to patient life and public health”?


Cell infected with SARS-COV-2 virus particles -NIAID

Cell infected with SARS-COV-2 virus particles -NIAID

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