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“No! Not into your brain!"

“No! Not into your brain!"


by William Thomas

About that pandemic you’ve been hearing so much about…

“Just kidding,” says the WHO. As long-time Global Researcher, Prof Michel Chossudovsky points out, following the recommendations of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and a Berlin virology group, the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test was imposed by the World Health Organization on January 23, 2020 as a means of “detecting” the ever-elusive SARS-COV-2 virus.

     But its inventor emphasized that his PCR tool was not to be used for diagnosis, since it can only detect the present of viral particles from somewhere and somewhen – and not their quantity, current level of activity, or “loading” in the human bloodstream. Still, the misapplied Polymerase Chain Reaction test was perfecto for churning out false positive “cases”.

     One year later, on January 20th, 2021 – with the entire planet panicked and locked down, hundreds of millions of children scarred for life, and “rubblized” national economies handed to megacorporations (along with multi-trillion-counterfeit-dollars) – the WHO has retracted their earlier PCR recommendation!

     But not the bogus test.


Covid lockdown in Berlin -Fabrizio Bensch:Reuters

Covid lockdown in Berlin -Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters

The WHO apparently knew all along that any PCR test at 35 amplification cycles (Ct) or greater only detects coronavirus “signals” – which do not correlate with any actual infectious Covid virus that could be grown in a cell culture.

     In other words, as PCR creator Kary Mullis says here, step up the amplification of any molecule to crazy levels and you are bound to find any darn thing, depending on the age of the dumpster that’s your body over its lifetime.

     Doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got anything tryin’ to gitcha, though.


Bill Gates is hands on... everyone -qz.com

Bill Gates says, you go first. -Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

Which is why the Bill Gates-owned World Health Organization is now saying that everyone should be retested since all PCR tests conducted at a 35-cycle amplification threshold (Ct) or higher are invalid.

     Of course, not all PCR tests have been amplified at 35Ct. Many have been ramped up to 40Ct or higher. Turns out, say the scientists who’ve looked, Ct > 35 has been the norm “in most laboratories in Europe & the US.”

     Those extra amplifications are “just to make sure” that false positives have remained high enough to run up those minute-by-minute televised box scores and keep everyone – or nearly everyone – so completely freaked out they cheered their own repression. Some of the busiest bodies even became lockdown tattletales in their own neighborhoods, self-righteously turning in anyone who did not completely and at all times submit.

     (Don’t fret. All those phone-in tips to authorities were just the warm-up for what’s coming… vaccine vigilantes!)

     So, if all so-called positive “cases” tabulated over the past 14 months of contradictory advice and ever-shriller alarms are fake news – and everyone must be retested (but won’t be) – all covid statistics to date are, as the good professor helpfully points out, “faulty and misleading.”  

     Yes. A lot of people did get sick “from covid”. Just as we were treated to endless reruns of those planes ramming the twin towers, we've all seen the same clips of hospital corridors jammed with patients struggling to breathe. 

     Freaky stuff, for sure. And many unfortunates continue to be hospitalized with covid symptoms. More than two-million people have died. Including those who totalled their motorcycle in head-on crashes, drowned, dropped their hair drier into the bathtub, or encountered other myriad misadventures that ended up killing them twice. The second termination being a doctor’s bonus, “covid” determination, of course.  

     The official “covid numbers” were always suspect. Now the WHO says they are meaningless.

     As of mid-March 2021, “despite the WHO retraction, the PCT test is being used extensively to hike up the numbers with a view to sustaining the fear campaign, justifying the ongoing lockdown policies as well as the implementation of the Covid vaccine,” Chossudovsky has the temerity to transmit.

     Even worse, he concludes… “There is absolutely no scientific basis for implementing the Covid Vaccine.” (Which is a treatment, not a vaccine.)

     Take care, by all means. 

     But panic... 


Covid-19 Surviva Rates -CDC

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