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#1: Dr. Peter McCullough

Peter McCullough, MD

Peter McCullough, MD

#1: Dr. Peter McCullough

Dr. Peter McCullough is an internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist and professor of medicine at Texas A&M College of Medicine. His Internal Medicine practice includes the management of coronavirus, as well as the cardiovascular complications of the Covid-19 vaccines. 

Dr. McCullough has 600 publications in the peer-reviewed literature. He is the president of a major medical society and edits two medical journals. He has testified under oath, and headed 24 safety monitoring boards in major drug trials - before stopping some drug trials for safety reasons. 

A leader in the medical response to Covid-19, Dr. McCullough published the first early outpatient treatment for Covid-19 infection in the peer-reviewed American Journal of Medicine. His groundbreaking synthesis of sequenced multi-drug treatment of ambulatory SARS CoV2 patients remains the most frequently cited paper in AMJ for an entire year - and is updated in Reviews of Cardiovascular Medicine.


     Let me tell you where I am with the vaccines. I'm an internist and cardiologist. I see and examine patients every day. In my practice, I treat Covid-19 patients. I'm very pro vaccine. I've received every evidence-based, safe vaccine that I'm supposed to. I have absolutely no problems with vaccines when these vaccines came out of the chronic clinical trials.

I can no longer recommend the [Covid] vaccine to any individual.

This vaccine causes the dangerous spike protein to be produced in an uncontrolled fashion in the human body. This is the first time ever we've ever attempted this in a human being and we know the spike protein directly damages endothelial cells that causes blood clotting, damages the brain, the lungs, the kidneys, the heart - is directly responsible for the myocarditis and the other complications that we see. 

I'm very concerned about the possibility that the spike protein by itself, binding to the ACE2 receptors, could induce a multi-system inflammatory disease process.

Now spike protein has been found distributing in the body, as well as the messenger RNA [that enters the spleen, liver, testes, ovaries and other organs, where it tricks cells into producing the spike proteins.]

Pregnant women, women of childbearing potential - those were excluded from the registration on trials because the FDA and the sponsors knew that it was dangerous.

It directly goes to the placenta and the uterus in women who are pregnant or childbearing.

And here we are. It was unleashed on the population and, boy, are we seeing the consequences.

As of May 28, 2021… 

We've had 10,000 breakthrough cases [of inoculated persons contracting Covid.]. So, if you get the vaccine anyway, you get Covid anyway.

[But] a recent paper suggested only 1% of these serious events are reported. Virtually everybody in America knows of somebody who either died or was hospitalized due to the vaccine.

It is clear that there is a vast population that the vaccine is contraindicated for.

A lot of harm has been done and our agencies need to pick up the pieces. 

Probably the most worrisome development is bringing vaccination into the schools. They want to push this into the schools. This is an investigational vaccine. [Parents are allowing Big Pharma to experiment with novel unapproved gene therapies on their children, who are at risk from the “vaccine”, not Covid 19. A Johns Hopkins study has found that there were zero COVID-19 deaths among 48,000 children.]

We've won the battle with early treatment. We’re treating ten to fifteen thousand people a day. We’re keeping them out of the hospital.

I think I have a pretty good idea because I treated about a thousand [clinical] cases of Covid-19 myself and there's some life-saving, some effective medications out there that are being attacked and discredited [by a Big Pharma that cannot afford disclosure of safe, low-cost, and proven effective treatments.]

I think probably the vaccination program is over with. It now needs to be shut and reassessed for safety, and we're going to go on and treat and close out the pandemic.

They’re already talking about boosters in the fall. We are down in some states to zero [Covid] deaths per day. That means we have more vaccine deaths per day in some states.

I think this whole pandemic from the beginning was about the vaccine. So I think all roads lead to the vaccine. 

And what it means is there are already places in Southeast Asia and Europe they're laying the groundwork for it - compulsory vaccination. That means somebody pins you down to the ground and puts a needle in you. That's how bad stakeholders want vaccinations. They do want a needle in every arm.

Kids 12 years old are being told they can make their own decision on this and it could be their fatal decision.

Why are we pushing this in a way where people's jobs and their education, their livelihood, depend on a decision that's potentially fatal? The internet is full of these cases, blood clots, strokes, immediate death.

Now I can no longer recommend it. I can't recommend it. It's passed all the thresholds to being a safe product. None of them are.

There are now papers written by prominent scientists calling for a worldwide halt and these are prominent virologists, many of them including Nobel Prize winners who have said, ‘Listen, if we vaccinate people and we create a very narrow incomplete library of immunity’ - which is what the vaccine is.

It's just like giving everybody a narrow spectrum (antibiotic). Like if you did that, what would happen? We grow up superbugs. There are warnings out there saying, ‘Don't do this. Don't vaccinate the entire world. All we're going to do is set ourselves up for a super bug that's going to really wipe out populations.’

So, for many reasons indiscriminate vaccination is a horrendous idea. It's a horrendous bioweapon that's been thrust onto the public. And it's going to cause great personal harm, which it already has.

Don't forget the vaccine is just the starter. Now, there's going to be updates, there's going to be boosters or already prepping people for this.

The vaccine manufacturers are all linked, they're all uniquely indemnified. What medical product is there indemnification where something happens to you, you don't have any recourse?  It's absolutely extraordinary.

Swine, flu, 1976: 25 deaths. They shut down the program.

Now, we're going to vaccinate Covid recovery patients. Wait a minute. They have complete and robust permanent immunity. Why are we vaccinating them?

The CDC, the FDA, and the NIH, and the White House - massive vaccine stakeholders. You can throw in Gates Foundation, World Health Organization. Massive stakeholders and they wanted everybody to be vaccinated without exception.

[Six Covid-19 variants…] They’re mutating rapidly. A lot of scientists and experts, myself included, believe that we are selecting for spike protein variants. [The vaccines are] forcing the virus to change because it wants to escape suppression. 

June 24, 2021

Every network - by somebody, I'm assuming FDA CDC, NIH are writing a script - it's all the unvaccinated. ‘There's a surge happening because of the unvaccinated.’

It isn't now. We have really breaking news from Israel, where about 80% of the adult population over age 20 has received the Pfizer vaccine. And in fact about 80% of those Covid-19 cases are among the vaccinated individuals. The same thing is true in the United Kingdom, where they have about 75% (of the population) vaccinated.

Of those hospitalized in the UK - fully vaccinated -  is the Delta variant. And this is one in a sequence of variants that really has arisen as a result of mass vaccination. 

Now, the Delta brand has undergone antigenic escape - immune escape, if you will. And it's avoiding the antibodies in their vaccine and causing Covid-19 illness in individuals. Fortunately, it's milder, it's easily treated.

Critical analysis by Neeson and colleagues from the Mayo Clinic in Boston have shown when a population gets to be more than 25% vaccinated, that's enough of an evolutionary pressure to allow one of these forms to become the dominant strain.

In the case of India, it was the use of the (Astra Zeneca) vaccine that really prompted the emergence of the Delta variant. Again, we have a stimulus for the emergence of the Lambda variant out of Peru. 

Now we're down to six strains. The emerging strain that's dominant in United States is the Delta variant, which appears to be able to escape all the known vaccines right now. And then second now is the UK variant, which previously was responsive to our vaccines. 

Keep looking at the previously infected - those unvaccinated people that caught the wild virus - we keep seeing amazing numbers for the studies showing that they're maintaining their immunity. A study out of Israel said that there was only 1% or less than 1% that were being reinfected when nearly 50% of the vaccinated were the ones being in hospitals. 

And still we hear Centers for Disease Control insisting that unvaccinated Americans are driving these case numbers, accounting for nearly all deaths and almost all of the hospitalizations…

(The) CDC had fully documented 10,000 cases of vaccine failures by the end of May. So we knew the vaccines were even failing before the Delta variant moved in.

The CDC gave up on this and that and they started doing what's called asymmetric reporting, meaning that they were not going to count vaccine failures in the Covid-19 rates and that's how the talking points were generated. 

This is important. 

Understand that they were only going to report Covid-19 community cases in those that were unvaccinated. That they were no longer going to track Covid-19 in those who had received vaccination.  

So that's what's created the false and fraudulent talking point that 99% of American cases are unvaccinated. 

It's not true. It's probably roughly 50/50. And that's what we're seeing is practice. We have about half the cases, are indeed vaccine failures and that's what I'm hearing from my friends in, ER, and obviously, what we're seeing in other nations around the world, especially in Israel, where that's probably the best test group to be looking at as a nation.

The vaccine is frankly failing. So the vaccine must be far inferior to natural immunity. 

On June 25th, where they had fully sequenced… infections that were in fact the Delta variant there. They knew that 42% were fully vaccinated.

I don't think from an epidemiologic perspective this is more infectious at all. It's not going very fast. You know in Israel at the peak of their cases, they had 10,000 cases a day. They have a thousand cases per day now. It's mainly Delta. [“Cases” based solely on PCR test swabs, without being cultured in a lab, can show up to 90% false positives. -WT]

I told America - I’ve been on national TV several times - we're going to get a small rise in Delta but it's not going to be anything like what we saw in December. It does have a lower mortality rate that we see now. The UK before the mortality rate of the Alpha strain at 1.8. And that Delta medication fatality rate of is 0.2 percent of the cases that came to attention.

But that mortality is so highly amenable to early treatment.

The vaccination is influencing the natural ecological biology of the virus. So we're getting fewer strains, strains that are becoming more dominant as they try to escape the the immunity of the vaccine. But so far, they are progressively less virulent.

We're starting in a sense to play with Mother Nature and the overall compression of the diversity of viruses. We're getting some signals here that we probably should shut down the vaccine program and go ahead and close out the pandemic with early treatment.

We have a very low baseline. So, any increase in a low baseline will look like a big number in percentage. We are having a rise. This was anticipated. It's happening in the UK. It's happening in many places around the world - is happening in Japan right now. But it's not at the level of a surge.

In my view, there's no Public Health impetus to start wearing masks or going into lockdown.

You heard about a bunch of [vaccinated] lawmakers have got on an airplane and they were ostensibly well. And when they got off the plane, a couple people developed Covid-19 afterwards. 

There was naval vessel [British aircraft carrier]  that had 3700 sailors onboard - all vaccinated. Ostensibly all fine. And then a hundred cases develop over the next few weeks.

It brings up the issue of carriage [“shedding”]. And this is a little bit disturbing because if that's the case now we're just going to carry this virus into summer season and everything else as opposed to going through some natural oscillation. So I'm a bit concerned about this. 


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