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Child gets Covid shot in Melbourne -healthtimes.com

Child gets Covid shot in Melbourne -healthtimes.com


Leading MDs & PhD Researchers On Covid’s Frontlines 

Discuss The Variants, Vaccines And Prognosis

by William Thomas

The real epidemic is fear. From their insistent, sometimes vehement talking points, it appears that everyone getting their news from Facebook and Youtube, as well as newspaper and network headlines incessantly repeating the identical message, erroneously believes the following to be true:

1.  Just when we were heading back to normal, the surging Delta variant incubated in the unvaccinated is again filling hospitals and mortuaries across North America, the UK, EU and Global South.

2. Canada and the USA are currently undergoing a Public Health Emergency.

3.  Most of the patients being hospitalized with Covid-19 infections are unvaccinated. 

4.  Anyone taking Ivermectin, vitamin C, vitamin D, Zinc, Glucosamine Chondroitin Sulfate, sunlight, fresh air, pine needle tea, daily saunas, organic veggies and meals restricted to an 8-hour time window to prevent or treat early-onset Covid-19 and/or spike proteins is dangerously deluded and imperils the rest of us.

5.  Alleged “shedding” transmissions from the vaccinated to the unvaxxed is total nonsense.

6.  All fake news outlets and persons peddling vaccine misinformation should be silenced.

7.  We will not be safe from dying until everyone is either vaccinated or barred from all public spaces. 

8. The Moderna, Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, J&J and Chinese vaccines currently injected into hundreds of millions of grateful recipients are proving safe and effective.

As confirmed by the latest official statistics, most recent research papers, and leading doctors doing daily battle with this relentlessly-alarming media nightmare, none of the above assertions is factually accurate.

In my unflagging pursuit of due diligence, the following remarks are taken from 72 hours of videotaped and (expensively) transcribed online interviews with 9 leading Covid doctors and current researchers. In this compilation of their most relevant quotes, I have eliminated most ellipses and all “" marks for clarity. (Garbled transcirptions are in...) [Needed context is supplied by…] Links to the complete interviews are provided.

Thank you for your attention to this vital information.

William Thomas July 27, 2021


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