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Party Time

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by William Thomas

[This story has been embargoed until the last Canadian polls close at 7:00 pm Pacific time.]

In every Canadian federal election since I became eligible to participate, I have voted with immense gratitude to those who paid for this right in blood. 

     Few things have caused me more anguished soul-searching than today’s decision. 

     No matter what justification I might use - and many Canadians are digging deep to excuse themselves for choosing ecological disaster over “partial tyranny” today — I simply cannot in good conscience vote for any political party campaigning against the political and ecological principles I have spent decades fighting for and hold most dear. 

     To Canada’s shame and my own, this is all of them. -William Thomas

Background & Foreground

In late August, Canada’s woke Prime Minister and world laughingstock called a snap election, which numerous polls show most Canadians believe is neither appropriate nor necessary.

     As votes are being tallied, ex-lawyer and TikTok star, Jagmeet Singh is “set to topple Trudeau.”

     Tellingly, while more than 78% of eligibly compliant Canadians are now allegedly fully vaccinated, new cases of Covid-19 continue to strain hospitals and nursing staff, especially in western provinces. The consistent slogan shared by all political parties in today’s Canadian federal elections appears to be a loud reprise of the David Byrne hit,“Stop making sense.”

     As the clock ticks down in the final hour of voting polls on Canada’s west coast, with more than 80% of eligibly compliant Canadians (aged 12 and older) reportedly having received at least one dose, a Globe and Mail-sponsored poll has  found an overwhelming majority of Canadians — 78% — would support or somewhat support an anti-Charter Rights ban on unvaccinated people from gatherings in public places, for no medically-proven reasons.

     Though such discriminatory measures could backfire by placing the responsibility for further surges in COVID-19 and vaccine-related hospitalizations firmly on the vaxxed, there seems no avoiding this outcome, based on parry policies.

The Contenders

Trudeau’s Liberals announced that by the end of October, they would be making COVID-19 vaccines mandatory for federal public service workers, as well as those in the federally regulated transportation sector. They would also apply to any commercial air, interprovincial train and cruise-ship passengers. 

     Taking aim at the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which so many Canadians have died to preserve, Trudeau has warned there will be "consequences" for those who opt out of the risky and proven-ineffective “vaccinations” aimed at the non-existent original Alpha variant — without a “legitimate medical reason.” 

The Conservatives would require unvaccinated Canadian passengers to present a recent negative test result or pass a rapid test before getting on a bus, train, plane, or ship. Party leader, Erin O’Toole supports daily testing for only unvaccinated bureaucrats, transportation workers and most air and rail travellers.

     “We do feel that Canadians have the right to make their own health-care decisions,” O’Toole equivocated. “But we also have to make sure we have the tools to protect all Canadians from some people that will not be vaccinated.” 

     Echoing his compatriots, this tool of Big Pharma did not explain why those “vaccinated” with 100% “safe and effective” inoculations placarded with black box warnings of heart and neurodegenerative diseases, must be protected against the unjabbed.   

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh agrees with the Liberal’s proposed vaccine mandate for federal workers — even though the CDC says the vaxxed and unvaxxed are at equal risk from contracting and spreading Covid-19.  And even though hospitalizations among the vaccinated are soaring worldwide.

     Ignoring the fact that India’s most densely-populated and covid-impacted state of Uttar Pradesh is reporting zero covid infections following a full-on push with Nobel winning, FDA-approved Ivermectin — Singh has tripled down in this country, declaring that in situations where employees refuse to be vaccinated for reasons other than health (which wold be all of them) repressive “disciplinary measures” could be taken.

     “All collective agreements include a process for progressive discipline — up to and including termination,” Singh said. Even though the so-called “vaccines” do nothing of the kind and instead, are causing huge widespread and completely unnecessary harm — such retaliation against the noncompliant “may be necessary in rare cases to protect the health and safety of Canadians”. 

     Presumably from the plague-carrying unvaxxed.

Greens: The PPC has overtaken the always-disappointing  Green party, which as usual is mired in political infighting. With one eye on the polling and the other on their fast-disappearing principles, the wishy-washy “Greens” support vaccine mandates and passports.

     Sort of.

     “Vaccines save lives and are a crucial tool in the fight to end the COVID-19 pandemic. Every person in Canada who is eligible to be vaccinated should do so as soon as possible,” says Green Party leader, Annamie Paul. 

     For those Canadians “who are unable to get vaccinated for legitimate reasons… What accommodations will be made for them?” she wonders.

     Wait. Aren’t candidates for federal political dominance supposed to answer that question?

PPC: Running against a Prime Minister he respectfully calls, a “fascist psychopath,” former cabinet minister, “Mad Max” Maxime Bernier is expecting to garner 9% support for his People’s Party of Canada after announcing that he would repeal vaccine and mandates and passports — as well as medically useless mask mandates. While supporting freedom of choice.

     In June, Manitoba police arrested Bernier for violating public health orders, including refusing to self-isolate upon entering the province. In September, Bernier told a British Columbia rally, “When tyranny becomes law, revolution becomes our duty.”

     Whether jabbed or not, for any Canadians still interested in their inalienable human rights and freedom of choice, this sounds super.

     Problem is…

     “Radical environmental activists and American left-wing foundations” are out “to stifle the growth” of the Tarsands and Canada’s oil industry, the PPC platform warns. 

     With the United Nations warning three days ago that Earth is “barreling” toward a 2.7C rise by the end of this Last Chance Century — thereby threatening civilization's continuance — the PPC promises to pull out of the Paris Climate Accords.

     In the name of “jobs” and freedom for Big Oil, the far-right party also aims to repeal Bill C-48, which currently bans unwieldy tanker traffic along BC’s rocky, current-beset and stormy northern coast. 

     Plus, they would scuttle Bill-69’s further regulatory roadblocks for BC’s Black Goldrush. Instead, the PPC promises to fast-track pipeline approval and employ lots of Canadians — while investing in zero clean and sustainable energy project.

     Right now, the PPC holds no parliamentary seats.


Stay tuned.


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