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Covid’s Long March: May to June 2020

Covid Communion in Wuhan May 15, 2020 -Aly Song:Reuters

Covid communion in Wuhan May 15, 2020 -Aly Song/Reuters

COVID’S LONG MARCH: May - June 2020 

How The U.S. And China Co-Created COVID-19

by William Thomas 

 “We went through the worst attack we’ve ever had in our country,” Trump proclaims on May 5, 2020 – surprisingly, without launching a counterstrike against Wuhan, Fort Detrick and the NIH. “This is really the worst attack we’ve ever had. This is worse than Pearl Harbor. This is worse than the World Trade Center. There’s never been an attack like this,” splutters Orange Man Bad in response to charges that his own trademark ineptitude has made the USA “#1” in covid casualties.

     On May 25, another scientific study finds COVID-19, “uniquely adapted for transmission to humans – more so than any other animal, including bats.” 

     The paper, currently under peer review, comes from Nikolai Petrovsky. “It was like it was designed to infect humans, Prof. Petrovsky exclaims. “We found that the COVID-19 virus far superior to its ability to bind to the cells of any other animal species, which is quite unusual because typically when a virus is well-adapted to an animal and then it by chance crosses to a human, typically, you would expect it to have lower-binding to human cells than to the original host animal. We found the opposite so that was a big surprise.”

     Yet another follow-up study – this one from a Huazhong U. of Science and Technology in Wuhan – confirms: “Compared to the SARS’ way of entry,” this stealthy COV-19 furin-binding method is “100 to 1,000 times” as efficient. The Huazhong geneticists cannot find the COVID-19 mutation in SARS, MERS or RaTG-13 – the supposed “host” bat coronavirus.

     “There are many reasons to believe that the COVID-19 generating SARS-CoV-2 was generated in a lab. Most probably by methods of genetic engineering, maintains Israeli geneticist, Dr. Ronen Shemesh.

     “If it was to turn out that this virus may have come about because of an accidental lab release that would have implications for how we do viral research in laboratories all around the world, Petrovsky ponders. This unwelcome alternative to the bat-soup narrative, “obviously has quite major implications for science and science on viruses.”

     Not to mention “obviously political ramifications, which we’re all well aware of.”

     Prof. Petrovsky calls for an immediate investigation, “to get to the bottom of how did this pandemic happen and how do we prevent a future pandemic… not to have a witch-hunt.

Pandemic check outside Molfetta, Italy on Mar. 25, 2020 -Alessandro Garofalo Reuters

Pandemic check outside Molfetta, Italy, Mar. 25, 2020 -Alessandro Garofalo/Reuters

     On May 31, Alberto Zangrillo reports that COVID-19 has become much less lethal, reports . “In reality, the virus clinically no longer exists in Italy,” says the head of the San Raffaele Hospital in the hardest hit northern region of Lombardy, as new infections and fatalities continue to fall.

     “The swabs that were performed over the last 10 days showed a viral load in quantitative terms that was absolutely infinitesimal compared to the ones carried out a month or two months ago,” Zangrillo adds.

     “The strength the virus had two months ago is not the same strength it has today,” agrees Matteo Bassetti, head of the infectious diseases clinic at the San Martino hospital in the city of Genoa. “It is clear that today the COVID-19 disease is different.”

     This new trend could point to a genetically modified pathogen, points out pathologist, Chris Martenson, PhD. If COVD-19 “was created in a lab, it makes sense that it was not a completely stable lab creation.

     “Sometimes those gains-of-function are lost very quickly, because it’s not a stable virus particle,” Martenson goes on to explain. “It takes a lot of evolution to create a stable one. So maybe, what we’re seeing with all those declining covid curves is consistent with the idea that this thing escaped from a lab somehow.” He must have meant declining covid death rates, because as of June 22, 2020, infection rates are up sharply in Brazil, Mexico and at least 19 states in the USA.

Gravediggers open new graves in Sao Paulo. -Amanda Perobelli:Reuters

Gravediggers open new graves in Sao Paulo. -Amanda Perobelli/Reuters

In this needless death race, Brazil is coming on strong after President Bolsonaro initially laughed this “flu”. On June 5, Rio’s 100,000 street vendors are allowed back onto the streets as Brazil admits to nearly 615,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, second only to the gringos up north. With 34,021 COVID-19 fatalities, Bolsonaro has managed to edge out Italy by mismanaging the worst affected nation behind the US and UK.

     That same day, South Africa records the biggest jump in covid cases since the pandemic began. With 3,267 new entries on this day alone, S.A. is the worst hit country in sub-Saharan Africa, its 40,792 official infections accounting for nearly a quarter of all cases on a continent simultaneously plagued by another Ebola outbreak and huge swarm of crop-devouring locusts.

     Remember, most infections are asymptomatic and do not appear in daily box scores.

June 18, 2020 very high temperatures hit Northern Europe and Eastern Siberia near the Arctic Ocean on June 18, 2020. This is a continuation of the heatwave that hit Siberia in May 2020.

     Also in June, Australian emeritus professor Will Steffen foresees that despite a  worldwide slowdown, “Collapse is the most likely outcome of the present trajectory.” Dr. Anitra Nelson, principal fellow at the U. of Melbourne declares, “The efforts to restart economic activity after the lockdowns from covid-19 indicate… immediate carbon reductions… not going to happen.”

     In Mexico, meanwhile, the coronavirus death toll increases to 12,545 with 816 additional fatalities registered on June 5. At least another 1,033 fatalities are suspected of having been caused by the disease, but have not yet been confirmed. While Mexico’s testing rate remains low compared to many other countries, President  Andrés Manuel López Obrador has dismissed the need to significantly ramp up testing.

     Back in the USA, as COVID-19 cases jump in at least 20 states, Trump elects to politically weaponize an already weaponized coronavirus by commencing a nationwide round of 20,000-strong rallies and shifting the Republican convention to “hotter” than usual Florida. He must be unaware that a compatriot-in-denial – Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez – now faces a class action lawsuit for encouraging tens of thousands of citizens to attend nationwide rallies marking International Women’s Day on March 8.

     “The world looks at us with horror,” writes Thom Hartmann. According to Professor Ashish Jha at Harvard’s Global Health Institute, the pandemic that’s supposedly “over” because everyone’s tired of it, continues to ignore human denial. Instead, Americans can look forward to 25,000 to 30,000 additional COVD-19 deaths “a month, every month, for the foreseeable future, and that we are still stuck in the first wave,” reports Juan Cole.

     Nearly six months after the pandemic began, Jha laments the lack of a national program of testing for the virus. But the man who insists he’s “like, really smart,” explains how “If you don’t test, you don’t have any cases. If we stop testing right now, we’d have very few cases, if any.”

     “Why does the public tolerate its biological warfare?” demands Eric Zuesse on The Saker website on June 10, 2020. “The laboratories, that do it, receive some, but not all, of their funding from the governments (the taxpayers) in all nations that perform this research – mainly the U.S., but also including China, Canada, and perhaps a few others.” Also receiving federal money for the development of biological weapons are Johns Hopkins, Johns Hopkins Health Sys Corp., and drugmakers like GlaxoSmithKline.



COVID-19 situation update worldwide, as of 18 June 2020

On Saturday, June 20 the Siberian town of Verkhoyansk north of the Arctic Circle tops 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. The northernmost 100-degree reading and highest Arctic temperature on record is certain to release more half-mile-wide methane plumes over a region already warming at more than twice the rate of the rest of the world – thereby thawing more frozen methane. CH4 initially traps 100x more solar heating than CO2. An estimated ten thousand billion tons of frozen methane is thawing in the shallow Arctic sea, while the methane sequestered in the melting permafrost on land is 3000 times the amount of methane already in the atmosphere.

     A two-degree jump in warming “would collapse the livability of the planet to a fraction of itself, reports Gaius Publius, as wok mobs pull down statues. Unless we refocus and reframe a global conversation to confront the corporate-military-entertainment complex taking us down, further attempts to erase history will only provide further distracting cover for accelerting climate chaos and the evil experiments of the bioweaponeers. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci backed SARS-Cov2 creation and will personally profit from covid vaccines -Kevin Lamarque:Reuters

Dr. Anthony Fauci backed SARS-Cov2 creation and could personally profit from covid vaccine -Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

Congratulations for completing this Long March! While the avenue of COVID-19’s initiating release remains unproven at this time, thank you for informing yourself of this vital topic through documented information. 

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