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Kill Shot Part 2.


Part 2.


Double-vaxxed 20-year-old model suffers heart attack and both legs amputated   

As H1V discoverer and Nobel Prize winning virologist Prof. Luc Montagnier explained, the SARS-CoV2 pathogen mutates with each additional series of shots, perpetuating a bottomless ATM for Big Pharma and that cabal's countless corrupted apologists. As The Exposé observes, COVID injections “continue to be the leading cause of coincidences.”

     By September 2022, the European mortality monitor, EuroMOMO, had catalogued 243,617 excess deaths in 29 countries from the deadly shots. Even complicit corporate media could no longer deny exploding death rates among the 18 to 65 “working class”. The graphical correlation between crazy spikes in deaths coinciding with each COVID-19 vax rollout was by now indisputable. 

     What to do? As Brian Shilhavy posted on Health Impact News, “finding no other possible cause for these record number of deaths among young and healthy people,” government health agencies and their corporate network propaganda arms whipped-up a never-before-seen category: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome!

     Also on Sept. 6, Ed Dowd reposted the CDC’s own smoking chart showing Millennials aged 25 to 44 were experiencing an 84% increase in excess mortality

     By Sept. 15EudraVigilance was listing 41,834 dead and 3.9 million injured by withering volleys of “shots”. 


By October 2022, some 1 million New Zealanders had also been harmed by Covid injections. Official UK Government documents were showing 9 in every 10 Covid-19 deaths have been among the injected in every single age group. This concerning ongoing increase is largely due to so many dead kids and young adults. 

     Meanwhile, 2021-2022 has seen a massive decline in deaths among the unvaccinated.

32 young Canadian doctors “died suddenly” fully vaxxed. 


The Covid “vaccination” blitzkrieg first assaulted Canadians on Dec 14, 2020. (Merry Christmas!) By Oct. 21, 2022, quadruple and triple vaccinated Canadians were accounting for 9 in every 10 Covid-19 deaths.

On that same day, Health Impact News warned, “Major Labor Shortages Loom” because of a globe-spanning medical experiment gone horribly awry. Unless, of course, the continuing cull of so many old folks, kiddies and fertile wombs is not a mistake.

     “Deaths from all causes are up worldwide, and alarmingly among the younger age groups between 20 and 50,” Shilhavy reported. “The majority of people dying and filling the hospitals” with bizarre multiple symptoms “are fully vaccinated” with injurious voodoo concoctions that prevent neither infection nor transmission — and whose dubious utility “wanes very quickly as they destroy natural immunity, requiring endless booster shots.” 

     His conclusion: “We are now facing very certain labor shortages worldwide with catastrophic economic consequences.”

Airline Pilots Assoc. magazine (Dec. ’21) shows 1 pilot died in 2019, 6 in 2020, and 111  in the first 9 months of 2021

Airline Pilots Assoc. magazine (Dec. ’21) shows 1 pilot died in 2019, 6 in 2020, and 111  in the first 9 months of 2021


As of Oct. 7, 2022, the CDC’s VAERS database listed 1,437,273 adverse event reports after Covid injections, including the malevolent bivalent boosters. These vax-induced “events” are serious enough to require repeat doctor consultations, hospitalization or a coroner. 

     “Reports of death after COVID-19 vaccination are rare,” the CDC still insists through clenched teeth. Which seems odd since their own heavily redacted tallies of American deaths at home and abroad currently exceed 31,470.

     Interestingly, when WXYZ asked for Facebook posts from loved ones commemorating their fallen unvaxxed, the TV station instead received over 180,000 responses of vaccine injured and killed in the Detroit area alone.



One month later, U.S. military deaths had skyrocketed 1,100% following mandatory injections. 

     Updated on October 16, the WHO’s VigiBase lists “just”4,529,651 adverse events following Covid vaccination. Currently seeking total control over all national responses to WHO-declared “emergencies” the mostly Gates-funded agency’s worldwide count of 21,716 deaths is less than the VAERS listing for Americans alone. 

     Among the WHO’s reported cases of Covid inoculation injuries, most are cardiac, vascular, and blood and lymphatic disorders. 

2000% increase in fetal deaths



Despite such heavily redacted reporting, the trends are unmistakable. The CDC now says it withheld its raw COVID-vaccine casualties data because the real numbers might be “misinterpreted,” and the shots considered “ineffective". 

     The Controlled Demolition Club now admits that only 1% to 10% of significant adverse reactions are ever reported to its public vaccine injury database (VAERS) by exhausted MDs in understaffed facilities unwilling to risk their Covid diagnosis bonus, prescribed Remdesevir bonus, Covid death certificate bonus, and medical careers with a contrary narrative. 



A $2 million, 33-month Harvard Medical School study has likewise concluded that “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported” to VAERS.

     Another survey suggests multiplying reported serious adverse vaccine events by 41x

     Multiply a purported 31,470 American vax fatalities by 100 and you get more than 32 million corpses. Use 41x, and you still get 1,290,270 Americans killed by injections. 

     Overseas, using the same multipliers for 27 European countries, we get anywhere from 4 million to more than 100 million individual cases of adverse COVID-19 jab reactions serious enough to mostly not report.

     From the Gates-steered WHO, we get “corrected” values ranging from 186 to 453 million individuals suffering serious vaccine adverse events. 

     Choose whichever numbers make you feel comfortable. 

No children for you young lady

No children for you young lady

Among the most disturbing and common worldwide COVID vax injuries are amputation of grotesquely blood-clotted limbs (all ages), as well as gastrointestinal, infections, infestations, musculoskeletal, connective tissue, nervous system, reproductive, breast, eye, respiratory, skin, vascular, and immune system disorders. Also miscarriages and infertility.

     Also death.

Guillermo Arias/Getty


In a healthy, moral society, these statistics should be alarming. Moreso the suffering of each human life snatched from cribs, classrooms or careers by coercive medical procedures whose only observed purpose is to cause harm

     Is the media’s steadfast refusal to publicize official government data yet another mysterious oversight?

     Are millions of life-interrupting "adverse events" tragic accidents? Mass murder? A deliberate cull of fetuses, the elderly and infirm? Part of Schwab's vicious Reset?

     What about the overwhelming preponderance of miscarriages, as well as vax-triggered sterility in women (and men) from a campaign whose outright sadism can only be called evil?

     Don’t look at me. What do these latest figures suggest to you?

Meta Roadkill

Vaccine injured photos by Health Impact News

Graphs & graphics by The Exposé


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