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Tyranny’s Temptation

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by William Thomas

From the Somme to Juno beach, as a percentage of its population Canada suffered more uniformed dead and maimed in two world wars than the United States. In hell beyond your imagining, gentle pampered reader, her sons and fathers overcame terror with resolve because, as I would discover while attempting to rescue oil-blinded seabirds from Kuwait’s creosoted minefields, you do not desert your buddies. 

     And because freedom is our most precious birthright. 

     Tyranny must never triumph. 


Revisit the fall of Berlin, where a monster told his followers not to despair. Arising from the ashes, Adolph Hitler proclaimed, would be a Fourth Reich founded on the pharmaceutical industry, which would grow to control governments and enslave their citizenry.

     Why not? Big Pharma’s grandaddy, IG Farben, had been his biggest election donor. For just 170 Reichsmarks apiece, its Bayer tentacle had purchased expendable slave-laborers at Auschwitz to produce the Zyklon B used to exterminate six-million human beings — said to be endangering the health and welfare of “pure” Germans.  

     How could this happen? Good Canadians wonder. Would I oppose fascism’s rise? 

     We are about to find out.


Since September 13, the “vaccine” debate is moot. The overriding question before all Canadians is whether we will give up rights paid in blood — freedoms of travel, public access and association — that once surrendered will not easily be regained.

     Just ask Australians.

     BC’s public health emergency has ended. With provincial death rates steady over decades — and the CDC’s unvaxxed covid survival rates ranging from 99.97% for children to 94.6% among 85-year-olds — the most dangerous contagion we face is mass hysteria whipped up by fraudulent PCR tests, media that derive 70% of their ad revenues from Big Pharma, and a posturing Prime Minister whose anti-Charter threats should alarm all Canadians, whether jabbed or not. 

     “Asking for someone's vaccination status, or mandating vaccines, is supporting hate messaging against those who choose not to be vaccinated [and] is not only undemocratic but it fuels the flames of betrayal, contempt, and severe moral injury between citizens,” warn Canadian MDs Claus Rinner, Steven Pelech and Julie Ponesse.

     Vaccines have never eliminated a coronavirus. Boarding apartheid’s runaway train protects no one but our mutual oppressors — intent on fracturing families, friendships and communities until the untermenschen submit. 

     Goebbels would applaud.

     Mengele would be impressed. As of September 11, EudraVigilance tracking and the notoriously underutilized VAERS listed the official EU and US toll from still-unlicensed, “investigational” genetic trials at 3,032,120 wounded and dead.

     Canada’s Charter Rights and Freedoms protects the privacy of your medical information and choices, and the security of your person. The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled: “The right to decide what happens to one’s body and one’s life has historically been viewed as trumping all other interests.” 

     “Since a vaccinated person can still get and transmit COVID-19 despite their inoculation,” Toronto Constable Adrienne Gilvesy wrote her Chief of Police regarding vaccine mandates, “if you do in fact outwardly target unvaccinated only, this is grounds for discrimination and harassment and is liable for legal action.”

     She continued: “An injection given without consent is considered assault under the Criminal Code of Canada [Section 265(3)]. Consent given under fear or duress is not consent.”

     Regardless of your status, when it comes to vaccine passports in BC, “Papers please,” is an unlawful order none should obey. Boycott those establishments. File a Human Rights complaint online.

     From New Horizons to Heron Rocks, who will persecute their neighbours? Who dares wear the poppy while spitting on their grandfathers’ graves? 

     We are better than this! Vaxxed and unvaxxed must stop the finger-pointing, turn off hate-peddling propaganda, and unite to resist injustice.

     Make no mistake. Anyone who believes they’re immune from repression because they’ve gotten two jabs is throwing themselves into history’s abyss. Never think they will not come for you and your youngest child. 

     Pfizer plans six more injections. 


Mussolini described fascism as government in service to corporations. He should know.

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