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Regarding my censorship by the First Edition

Leni Riefenstahl, director

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Regarding my censorship by the First Edition...

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Oct. 7, 2021

From: William Thomas

To: a good friend

Dear T—

Thanks for your email notification and links. I’d been looking for more on the recent Nuremberg anniversary held in Vancouver and many other cities. 

     ‘Just finished re-watching both “Nuremberg” movies produced by MGM and whoever. The second Hollywood “take” reprises courtroom dialogue that Arendt might have recognized. The original, filmed in more appropriate b&w, depicts a follow-up hearing that found lesser functionaries equally guilty of crimes against humanity—which brings us to the present—while  offering some powerful oratory and important insights into that nagging…“why”?

     Those excruciating documentary outtakes from Dachau, Penig and Bergen-Belsen, shown in both movies (and the actual trials), provide indelible glimpses into the depravities of righteous occultists and an enabling citizenry determined not to know—who together created a hell we are in the opening stages of recreating today. Not with Zyklon B, of course, but by more stealthy lethal and crippling injections, which apparently are installing 5G bio-accessible nano-networks in the brains and bodies of the jabbed.

     Stay tuned, so to speak, for that one. What we’re already seeing is freaky enough. Thanks to courageous whistleblowers, you and I have both seen those microscopy videos and slides now being replicated by far-flung scientists peering into droplets of Pfizer and J&J “vaccines” at 400x magnification. With each new revelation, I shout more bad words.

     But hey, whatever works for the subjugation, sterilization and elimination of the undesirables. The planet’s dying, donchaknow. And there’s only gonna be enough for the panicking, self-appointed elites. All those unemployed useless eaters will just get in the way of the robots, anyway.  

     How familiar all this seems to screen generations conditioned to accept the new “transhuman” abnormal—many of whom are now genetically modified organisms themselves! 

     Who needs mass rallies when we’ve got mass media. The good news, as you also know, is that thanks to the efforts of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and many others, momentum for Nuremberg II is building in Germany and around this wobbling globe. We all know candidates for indictment. 

*     *     *

Meanwhile, what’s going down with the stunning rapidity of extensive preplanning looks like the real deal. For a very long time, I’ve been reading books and accounts written by the perpetrators of that horrific genocide. And watching interviews with aged Good Germans who still remember Hitler fondly as “doing so much for Germany” and being “nice to children”. Which seems odd, since every city in that country was bombed into ruins. And so many millions of untermenchen young died in the boxcars and the camps. 

     (See also: Leni Riefenstahl’s “Triumph of the Will”, and “The Nazis: A Warning From History” produced by—ironically—the BBC. )

     We’re already seeing internment hotels and camps receiving unhappy “guests” in Toronto and Down Under. (“Work Will Make You Free”) Here in (mostly) complacent Canada, the real conspiracy is more circumspect. Except for our woke strutting Fuhrer, who has suggested mandatory yellow bracelets for the noncompliant. Seems reminiscent of another yellow emblem, doesn't it?

     Sorry. I'm not supposed to mention that, either. But you and two other women friends with family connections to those pacesetting atrocities were on my mind every minute while I was writing that cautionary essay. 

     Context matters. Because journalists who strive to accurately chronicle contemporary events must be diligent historians, as well, I’ve been trying to understand the atomic experiments at Hiroshima (heero-sheema) and Nagasaki since learning how many high-ranking American officers and officials vehemently opposed that gratuitous, karma-courting revenge on a starving population whose government was already suing for peace. (Full disclosure: I was once engaged to a woman on Shikoku, whose grandmother boiled bark for dinner.)

     But the Holocaust had nothing to do with vengeance against those who had chosen war. (Or not).  From the beginning, this pogrom was all about extermination. (See HBO’s, “Conspiracy”.) 

     Like those who refused to look away during the Nuremberg hearings, and a few even now, I’ve been searching for answers to that nagging question of enthusiastic complicity since 8th grade, when Mein Kampf and The Rise And Fall of The Third Reich opened my young eyes. Because I never wanted this to happen in “the greatest country in the world”. Not on my watch.

     Little did I know I would don a uniform in supposed defense of my nation, only to be confronted by an illegal order I could not obey.

*     *     *

Thankfully, I received my answer just last week, when the local First Edition deleted my supporting documentation and gutted my submission. Turns out, “Tyranny's Temptation” draws some specific parallels with that no-longer-buried era, which the printer refused to print. The editor, having misplaced his spine along with his tattered copy of Canada’s Charter Rights quickly gave his own stiff right-arm salute. 

     Both Good Canadians apparently believe that their readers should not have the right to choose what they look at. It's so reassuring that gatekeepers like these, and throughout the media, are looking out for our delicate insensibilities while cheering apartheid. But isn't this what happened last time?

     In 50 years of published writing, I've never been censored by a printer before! But these are strange times, neh? It's created quite a firestorm for that editor. And the referenced covid facts he did print under my name have the Faceplant vigilantes howling. No surprises there. 

     Meanwhile, I'm sure you and your spouse must have noticed how weird it is encountering people parroting absurd televised soundbites as if they were holy writ. There's no talking to those inhabiting an entirely separate universe. Because, as neuroscience has repeatedly shown, the more those in desperate lockstep denial are confronted with irrefutable facts—not to mention at least four people in our two small communities dropping dead “coincidentally” after being jabbed—the more they retreat into their cult's superstitious beliefs. 

     The doctors are the worst.

     To heck with those vials filled with graphine oxide and self-assembling nanobots. I want to get my hands on that Kool Aid! 

     Did someone just say there's plenty of that brain-wipe available, 24/7, on the CBC, MSNBC, Fox, the BBC, CNN, YouTube and Facebook? All of whom signed onto that Big Media agreement in Dec. 2020 to ruthlessly suppress all information contradicting the CDC’s admittedly false “vaccine” narrative. Especially when documented by Nobel-winning doctors and clinical studies. 

     Ivermectin, vitamin D and zinc in Utter Pradesh, what???

     No worries. Not wanting to upset any turkeys, my troublesome, unexpurgated article will be posted here next week. You will be notified. (Warned.) Then anyone in Bubble Land made uncomfortable by unpleasant truths can really come after me. And those who have been tortured and killed by fiendish medical experiments will have some small vindication. 

     I'm talking about all the fiendish medical experiments. 

Hugs to you both.

And thanks for your work,


PS: This email/link may be freely “bounced” to mailing lists, or reposted online. Just leave my name on it. (Anyone who would like to be added to my mailing list for important updates can let me know.)





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