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It’s Time To Get Off The Armageddon Express

Address by Vladimir Putin during the ceremonial signing of of the accession of the four regions and republics to the Russian Federation. -Grigoriy Sisoev/RIA Novosti



by William Thomas

Just hours ago… (Sept. 30) President Vladimir Putin officially welcomed the eight-million baby bears of Donbas home to mama bear. 

Though not in those words. 

What the President of the Russian Federation presented was the most powerful speech delivered by a world statesman — an actual world-class statesman — since Churchill’s exhortation to fight on the beaches, in the fields, in the streets and on the hills. 

President Putin explicitly called out the United States for its long and bloody record of atrocities, starting with the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, right through to Washington’s reckless sabotage of the Nordstream pipelines. 

Referencing Britain, he mentioned “India” and “Dresden”.

As his audience of dignitaries sat in shocked silence, Putin went on to forcefully denounce ongoing American and British “colonisation”. Again, a man who knows history listed each theft and aggression. 

This time, an authentic leader uttering words so many have so longed to hear, was interrupted by prolonged applause. 

Participants in today's historic signing. -Dmitry Astakhov/TASS

Game Changer #1:

President Putin confirmed that Russia’s dealings with the West are over. Ended. Finis. For the past 30 years — ever since being pillaged by American plutocrats in the 1990s —  one of this world’s foundational civilizations has taken insult after insult, put up with lie after vile lie, seen every overture to work with western governments derided and spurned — and watched as Moscow's brokered Minsk Peace Accords with Kiev, Germany and France were cynically co-opted during the past eight years of happy talk. While the USA and NATO poured arms, advisers, concrete fortifications and lab pathogens into occupied eastern Ukraine.

In this deeply Orthodox Christian country, the Russian leader slammed the woke derangement syndrome, declaring that such perversions will never find a place in Russia. Going even further, this devout Orthodox Christian sanely declared that “man” and “woman” are the only true genders. 

More prolonged applause. 

Game Changer #2:

The co-dependent US-Russia relationship ended today with the abuser being publicly challenged and shamed. If you did not hear the cheers from 7 1/2 billion throats, you'd best pay attention now. 

Because the fight is on. And it's not just being led by the most powerful, united, resource-rich, militarily advanced, and diplomatically astute nation on this wounded planet. In his historic address, the Russian president invited the Global South to throw off the yoke of American imperialism and join the multipolar resistance.

They will. 

They are.

Make no mistake. Though “cancelled” by despicable Western presstitutes, the human beings comprising 87% of the world outside the hate-spewing, intellectualy inbred West have been waiting for this moment to extend a middle finger to their oppressors. From this day forward, fast-crumbling Western nations will be shunned without succor by the countries they have slaughtered and exploited for so long.

Game Changer #3:

Putin basically told Washington, Whitehall, and the EU/NATO consortium: BACK OFF! If not, Russia is fully prepared to get it on. 

In equally plain terms, without an immediate call for peace negotiations from stunningly arrogant and ignorant Western “leaders”, this verbal arm-wrestling between what Putin calls the “globalist elites” and his insistently sovereign nation will very soon go kinetic. As a journalist who has taken extreme care with the words I’ve written for publication over the past half-century, I do mean very soon.

Putin reiterated his earlier pledge that Russia will defend its citizens “by all means necessary”. This includes using the full weight of the Russian state in reply to further attacks on its new/old western frontier. Only now, this response will include the immediate destruction of NATO command centres in Kiev and Laviv. As well as all hostile targeting and communications satellites overhead Ukraine.

In addition, from this day forward, NATO’s armed presence on Russia’s western border will no longer be tolerated. In any form. 

Once again, “Bad Putin” called for an immediate ceasefire and a negotiated settlement of the Ukraine conflict.

{Excerpts from President Putin’s address by Alex Cristoforu of the Duran]

Game Changer #4:

Later this morning, Pacific time, in a carefully choreographed event that appears to have been shot before a green screen, the former comic actor signed a direct appeal for immediate admission into NATO. NATO’s own charter expressly prohibits new membership to any country currently at war. 

UPDATE: Stoltenberg said no.

UPDATE (OCT 3): 9 countries support Ukraine’s fast-tracked entry into NATO and WWIII

Better to fight the full might of the Russian army to the last Ukrainian. NATO knows that if it moves to directly assist the terrorist state fighting this New Russia — whose own massive final offensive will start when the ground freezes in November — the politicians responsible, and military headquarters in every NATO capitol will receive a hypersonic calling card.

How will an already panicking NATO respond? This motley, disorganized, and poorly equipped multilingual force has just seen its largely ineffectual heavy weapons armory wrecked in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, wearing Ukrainian uniforms, the best trained, best equipped and most highly motivated NATO army in Europe continues to be decimated in suicidal forays across the open steppes for Vanity Fair Zelenski's PR stunts. These bloody fundraisers by a swindler reportedly worth $100 milion (and counting) have so far conservatively cost more than 200,000 killed or severely disabled sons, fathers and husbands of any possible future Ukraine. 

I grieve for their families, and decry their exploitation by spiritually void Western and Ukrainian controllers who foolishly believe they will not be touched by the whirlwind they've unleashed.

I regret the sacrifice of the more than 15,000 civilians in Donbas, cold-bloodedly murdered by Western-supplied Ukronazi artillery, missiles and targeting — nearly daily for the last nine years. Bless the estimated additional 12,000 courageous members of the Donbas militias who have died liberating their people.

I thank the steadfast, long-suffering Russians, who spent more than 27 million lives eviscerating the Nazi menace in places like Stalingrad, Kursk and Berlin. Today, the world is seeing that their latest 15,000 sons lost in the land of the Cossacks have not died in vain. 

ALL of this easily-avoided long-range butchery in Russia’s “borderlands” (the meaning of “Ukraine”) can be justly laid at the feet of successive Washington administrations. And a recently surveyed American public that excludes this slippery slide from their top concerns. 


As for the war machines, so far thousands of US and NATO-supplied tanks, artillery tubes, aircraft and missile systems have been consigned to the scrapheap. Even before Russia ratchets up the incessant tempo of this conflict, remaining NATO/US weapons stockpiles will be completely depleted within the first week of high intensity combined arms combatIf their unsuitable, breakdown-prone armour and artillery can cope with the imminent Autumn quagmires.

Assuming, of course, that NATO warplanes and troop formations will be allowed to mass anywhere near Ukraine. Given the devastatingly precise deep-penetration artillery and missile strikes carried out by Russian forces daily over the past seven months, this is unlikely. 

The F-35 ensures a Russian victory. 

Even though Ukrainian cities will not be randomly bombarded (unlike the Azov’s murderous nine year shelling of Doneskt), any further moves against Noviya Russia will see bridges, highways, rail lines, power grids, civil airports and communications across Ukraine — which “evil Putin” has left largely intact — rapidly going away.

WIth Ukraine nearing defeat, beware of a “dirty bomb” spreading spent nuclear fuel Zelenski crows and retired Col. Douglas McGreggor warns. If total war breaks out and my fellow Americans head “over there”, few of any hastily-assembled logistics and troop ships and aircraft will reach European shores. And at Mach 7 anti-shipping missile velocities, a carrier task force will literally never know what hit them. Faster than anyone can blink, the loss of an American supercarrier, along with 5,000 hands, will demand a “limited” thermonuclear response.

Ditto if one of Aunt Kamala's flattops goes down anywhere off Taiwan. Russia will protect its best friend. And a reciprocating Xi Jinping has informed Valdimir Putin that China has Russia’s back.

Thing is, Russia has deployed just 2% of her military in “Ukraina”. Under the unblinking gaze of NATO sensors, this enraged Bear's unsheathed claws have yet to be fully displayed. In an actual shoot-out, NATO, US and British forces will undoubtedly inflict severe losses on Russian forces and their allies. Before being themselves annihilated

Is this what any sane person really wants? 

Final Game Enders:

Too late. At that point, faster than anyone mesmerized by Western propaganda can realize, the only move left to the maniacal neocons and their Eurovassals will be to “pop a few” so-called “low-yield nukes”. Moscow has already warned that with only minutes to respond to what must be tracked as a nuclear threat, any incoming Western ballistic missiles will trigger an immediate full-out, full-on counter strike.

Listen to an old sailing master with 40,000 sea miles in his wake: We do not want to go where we’re heading.

And yet

Having tossed all pretenses of upholding the rule of law in the United States, by their recent acts of war against vital allied and Russian infrastructure in the Baltic Sea, Biden's feckless amateurs, their unelected neocon handlers and assorted unhinged Atlanticists have signaled an end to all boundaries, all restraints, all respect for life. 

BREAKING: Another $12 billion for Ukraine! Screw the Floridians devastated by Hurriance Ian!

Though unlikely at this moment, if NATO, the Brits, Americans and Canadians become desperate or deranged enough to engage in a kinetic war with Russia, based on the quality and quantity of weaponry already displayed by Moscow’s combat-hardened military — the West's overhyped and over-engineered woke armies, armadas and air forces will lose catastrophically.

At which time — to emphatically repeat — panicked Western politicians will go nuclear.

I’m no expert. And no fan of the wars I’ve experienced as a private peace emissary and environmental responder. But in and out of uniform, I have studied the rapid progression of this penultimate violent folly. Take it from a former “military guy” who has some understanding of contemporary US and Russian war-fighting doctrine: once begun, within days or a few short weeks this escalatory scenario will go all the way. And everything currently commanding your attention — short of making immediate spiritual repairs — will cease to matter at all. 

BREAKING: the EU has sharply escalated its economic war against you-know-who by refusing to sell toilet paper to the frantic kulaks. Hard to export what’s not on your own shelves...

Already, Western prospects are fast worsening. The suicidally self-sanctioning British and Germany economies are tanking. The USA is catching up. And here in Oh, Oh Canada, shopping forays find real prices up 18 to 20 percent from a year ago. (Or packaged portions sometimes startlingly reduced.) There is zero sign that the mad dogs in Washington, London, Bonn and Brussels will back down before an increasingly restive UK/EU public who have been ordered to embrace a wintertime Medieval existence to “get Putin” and score a “win” for the Nazi regime in Ukraine. 

Well, Putin ain’t been got. Russia is stronger and more resilient than ever. And with 300,000 amped-up reservists and volunteers readying to defend their fellow Russians, Ukraine has lost a formerly limited military operation some have mistakenly termed a war. Take if from someone who has walked Kuwait's Highway of Death, if the West does not quickly grasp the olive branch President Putin is extending, we are about to be seriously schooled.

For the record, this writer has long publicly warned that when today’s bitch-slapped nihilistic narcisists awaken to find their pet projects and ill-gotten reign going down the crapper they flushed themselves  they will declare that if Imperial America is not allowed to rule the globe, no one will be permitted to play the game of life. And the madmen and crazy ladies whose favourite word is, “kill” will mash the nuclear button they so often, so hysterically and so cluelessly rant on about. 

Unless a worldwide “upwising” puts an immediate stop to this diabolical insanity, as quickening collapse proceeds I’ve downgraded the chances of seeing the first tactical nuclear detonation(s) since the two atomic “bunker busters” detonated by the Americans in the Tora Bora cave complex to a more conservative 95%.

Two billion lethal, crippling and sterilizing injections were bad enough. Now a handful of haters who are not getting their way have assigned themselves the “right” to end complex life on this precious Earth within the coming days, weeks or months.   

How does that work exactly? 

If you do not agree that a few dozen pampered, clueless ideologues be allowed to send us all off the atomic precipice — including and especially the children and our finned, feathered, furred and forest kin — call or email your representatives in Ottawa, London, Washington, Bonn and Brussels. DEMAND immediate cessation of their nuclear war rhetoric, a negotiated stand-down in Ukraine, and an emphatic NO WAY to Zelenski and his Satan-worshipping, Waffen SS pals becoming NATO’s last loose cannon.

Never forget that Vladimir Putin was the most moderate politician in the Kremlin. From day one, his refusal to level Ukrainian cities — American-style — cost him military and public support. And thousands of Russian, Chechen and Donbas lives.

He is not a moderate now.

And yes, in case you were wondering, Russia’s anti-ballistic missile defenses actually work.

Ours don’t.

*   *    *

So thanks a bunch William for freaking everyone out.

Now what? 

After contacting their political leadership, all persons with love and compassion in their hearts need to come together. Witness the focused energy of 180,000 celebrants in the video clip below. Then consider the impact of a worldwide insistence on stopping this headlong rush to destruction. Some call it prayer. You’re welcome to use whatever term for the power of mass intention fits your comfort zone.  

What matters is that each of us commits this very second, in our every word and deed, to extinguish evil with light.

One more thing: 

When ordered to commit illegal, immoral or injurious acts




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