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How To Decode Media Talking Points

Worried about what to worry about? Confused by contradictory official messaging? Look no further! You are about to discover The Antidote to all the bafflegab intended to depress and deceive you. Good luck! 


By William Thomas

Let’s start with what everybody “knows”:


1. Nobody knows where the bizarre coronavirus dubbed “COVID-19” originated. Certainly not from the University of Chapel Hill and Fort Detrick, before these risky gain-of-function experiments were shut down by President Obama and transferred to Fauci-funded Chinese vats and bats in Wuhan.

2. Be very very afraid! Despite a 97%-99.8% survival rate for seniors and kids, if Covid catches you, you will 100% suffer terribly and die.

3. Asymptomatic spread means you can contract this deadly pathogen from someone who is not contagious.  

4. Fresh air and sunshine defeated the 1918 Flu Pandemic. But these proven antivirals don’t work against Covid. As this emergency continues indefinitely, for your safety, be sure to wear your grotty mask at all times.

6. Surgical and cloth masks are 100% effective in stopping the spread. Obstructing mouth and nose DOES NOT reduce oxygen supply to the brain, cause bacterial infections, prevent infants from learning to talk, or drop the IQ of now listless, Aspergers-like children.

7. China continues to demonstrate that chasing “Zero Covid” through brutal lockdowns works. And child suicides and domestic abuse do not increase very much.  

8. Even though they have not yet developed the ACE-2 receptors needed to bind virus to cells, embryos, infants and children remain at especially high risk from Covid.  Sudden Vaccinated Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) remains as inexplicable as the current worldwide pandemic of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS). 

9. To prevent the emergence of vaccine-resistant pathogens, it’s best to roll out a worldwide medical procedure that causes these pathogens to mutate in the midst of an outbreak. We must quarantine the healthy, as we’ve always done.

10. Though hydroxychloroquine and Nobel-winning Ivermectin crushed Covid in backwards places like Africa and Uttar Pradesh, more sophisticated nations know that the only way to get through this perpetual pandemic is to administer a never-ending series of safe and effective experimental injections.

11. Unlike previous one-dose vaccinations, at least three immune-destroying Covid shots are required to be absolutely safe. Four to be certain. Or five. For now.

12. The persistent, all-body circulation of inflammatory Spike Proteins concentrating antibody targets in the ovaries and placenta ARE NOT causing a tsunami of miscarriages, stillbirths, infertility or menstrual irregularities in the cancelled 51% of humanity with XX chromosomes.

13. You can 100% believe what you’re being told by the Pfizer-funded CDC and FDAas well as Pfizer-Gates-purchased doctors, mass media and WHO

14. No politicians are personally profiting from the $60 billion worth of FDA-unapproved North American vaccines they’ve approved.

15. From delivery drivers to restaurant workers, nurses, doctors and airline pilots, sudden severe labor shortages are UNRELATED to vaccine injuries, firings and deaths. 

16. Overworked funeral homes, grave diggers and crematoria — as well as this year’s 20%-40% spike in excess deaths reported by insurers and public health agencies — have NOTHING TO DO with the vaccines.. 

17. Just because the jabs do not prevent infection and transmission does not mean they aren’t “vaccines” that prevent infection and transmission.

18. No one is dying from these shots. Vaxxed celebrities, 1,100 athletes of all ages, news anchors, doctors, politicians, young people, and your next door neighbor — all suddenly dropping dead — is perfectly normal.  

19. Fatalities from the Pandemic of the Unvaccinated are  skyrocketing. Look at all those single-occupant car crashes.

20. Always trust distant bureaucrats, who are impervious to corporate bribes and know your own body, milieu and needs better than yourself. Just ask Klaus.

21. Hope instead of action is always the best strategy.


1.  Putin is an evil, bloodthirsty, commie kleptocrat who continues to serve the KGB while looting his weak, destitute, thriving nation united against Western threats of annihilation. 

2.  Hated at home, the Russian president faces cratering support over crippling Western sanctions and staggering military losses in a conflict Ukraine is decisively winning. 

3.  Moscow has consistently refused to honor accords worked out with Kiev, Brussels, London and Washington to head off this brutal conflict. NATO’s repeated offers to halt its eastward expansion have been repeatedly rejected by Putin, who prefers hostile nuclear missiles to be based seven-minutes’ flight time from Moscow — where he can keep an eye on them.  

4.  Russia’s Feb. 24, 2022 attack on fellow Russians residing in Donbas was entirely unprovoked and had nothing to do with secessionist Luhansk and Donetsk requesting help after 8-years of Ukrainian shelling segued into all-out bombardment and 20,000 Azov-led forces bent on their extermination massing on the Donbas border.  

5.  Donbas militia, assisted by Putin’s undisciplined troops, are shelling their own Russian-speaking cities into rubble, while committing unspeakable war crimes against Ukrainian POWs, and indulging in mass rape and murder of the ethnic Russians who tearfully hail them as liberators.

6.  Despite billions in unaccounted funds handed to the Kiev regime, Ukraine remains one of the world’s least corrupt countries. Just ask Hunter Biden and former TV comic actor, Valdemort Zelensky.

7.  Mr. Zelensky is a lone comic hero and Vogue model bravely defending democracy, freedom and LGBTQ against the Russian hordes. The Ukrainian president does NOT jail and torture his political opponenets, nor shutter all independent news outlets. “The Cokehead of Kiev” has never touched cocaine.

8. There are NO NAZIS in the Ukraine government or military! All posted Azov videos showing laughing young men inked with Swastikas and Satanic symbols castrating Russian POWs, slicing off their heads, or shooting them in the kneecaps while they scream and bleed out are not as bad as they look. Indeed, Azov thoughtfully shares iPhone videos of their loved ones’ torture with wives and fiancees back home.

9. All ethnic Russian-Ukrainians, who comprise some 40% of Ukraine’s population, are respected without discrimination by government authorities and Ultra-Nationalist battalions.  

10. The “game-changing” heavy weaponry being shoveled into Ukraine by the USA and NATO are having a devastating effect on Donesk cities. No “man portable” anti-airliner and anti-limousine missiles are reaching terror cells and disaffected migrants in Europe. (Except in Sweden, France and Germany.)

11. Using human shields is never taught by NATO advisers, who spent eight years behind their own peace agreements preparing layered trench fortifications across Donbas, while training the best-equipped army in Europe to provoke Russia following decades of Kremlin warnings agaiinst NATO expansion. Ukrainian forces are NOT shooting fleeing refugees or deliberately deploying artillery beside hospitals, shopping malls and apartment complexes to draw Russian counter-battery fire. Using civilians as human shields are not war crimes.

12. Telegram postings by Ukrainian families telling of male relatives age 16 to 65 conscripted from bars and beaches to die in their tens of thousands under relentless artillery and missile barrages without ever seeing their enemy are wildly exaggerated. Similar complaints of wounded Ukrainian soldiers being sent back to the front — and Azov “minders” executing refugees and shell-shocked deserters — are NOT TRUE.

13. Unlike superior American and NATO weaponry, which the Russians cannot counter, the Kremlin’s weapons never hit what they’re aimed at, cannot sustain high rates of fire, and are falling to bits from the unrelenting combat tempo dictated by highly mobile Ukrainian forces.  

14. Spendthrift Russian troops, whose clueless generals planned to conquer the second-largest country on the European continent in three days, ran out of missiles and artillery shells in March. Also in April, May, August, September, November and December.

15. The West cares deeply about all Ukrainians and will continue supplying a highly lucrative arms grift to prolong the war, so the elites can get crazy rich. 

16. The devastating Ukrainian counterattack to rescue the residents of Donbas and Crimea from the tyrannical mother country they have overwhelmingly voted to rejoin — remains imiinently imminent.

17. Except for the 85% of nations supporting Russia’s fight against the uncollected West, the whole world is united against Russia.  


1. Russia has no friends. India has turned its back. China’s support is wavering. And wherever the tongue- tied Lavrov travels in Africa, Asia or the Middle East, local officials refuse to be photographed with the Russian Foreign Minister.

2. In sharp contrast, US officials are being warmly welcomed by these same governments. Look at Blinken’s widely hailed visit to Senegal. And Pelosi’s enthusiastic reception in South Korea following her nose-thumbing visit to Taipei.

3. As a result of Russia’s global isolation, crushing sanctions and deepening debacle in Ukraine, Moscow’s floundering expert lawyer and jujitsu black-belt is showing himself to be weak, stupid, frightened, increasingly desperate and helplessly deranged. 

4. Putin has cancer and a dozen other ailments. Most likely from all his bare-chested horseback riding that made Boris Johnson, Ursula von der Leyen, Justin Trudeau and other G7 leaders so jealous they joked about getting naked. Happily, they didn’t.

5. Every problem everywhere is Putin’s fault. Crashing crop yields? Putin. Can’t get laid? Putin. Can’t pay your monthly bills? Putin. Can’t decide whether to feed your car or your kids? You know who to blame.  

6. Western “shock and awe” sanctions are NOT forcing the world’s top supplier of gas, oil, wheat, vodka, fertilizer, neon and other strategic materials to redirect those exports to its Eurasian trading partners. Stopping imports and torpedoing world trade have nothing to do with our own skyrocketing shortages and inflation.

7. Annoying “worst ever” storms, and crop-killing floods and droughts have nothing to do with so-called Global Warming, which is a fake crisis used by WEF-trained Western political leaders to exert totalitarian control over restive citizenry. Corpse-crowded Lake Mead and the drying Colorado and Mississippi Rivers are doing fine. And the dried-up Ruhr and Yangtze rivers are not needed to float critical cargoes and supply hydroelectric power to multitudes

8. Because eliminating fossil fuels overnight will crash complex societies, necessitating even more frenzied fracking, atom-splitting and coal-burning, we need to shut down all fossil-fuel-derived food and energy activities NOW!

9. Only extreme measures will ensure that we are no longer hostage to overheated homes, balky lawnmowers, nitrogen-based crops, and icky industrial processes. When reality is whatever anyone says, farmers, factories and fuel are no longer required.

10. To achieve these ambitious goals without Bad Russia’s cheap natural gas and oil, we are restarting derelict nuke plants and hastily constructing more low-bid reactors. All additional nuclear waste will be stored in outdoor ponds — just like the nuclear power plant run by Russians in Zaporizhia that playful Ukrainian forces are trying to NOT blow up by shelling it daily for months.      

11. EU and UK residents are already whining about surging costs for food, gas, petrol, toilet paper and electricity. Fortunately, every European is staunchly committed to destroying Russians, as well as themselves. 

12. Whenever you go shopping or buy a cup of gasoline, keep telling yourself: THERE IS NO INFLATION. 

13. Purchasing additional supplies while still plentiful, is not an inflation-hedge. It’s hoarding. Owning anything is bad. Growing a veggie garden is as selfish as not getting vaxxed.


1. Forget BC health tyrant Nannie Henry’s, “Be kind. Be calm. Be safe.” Instead, accept her underlying message: “Don’t Question. Don’t Think. Obey.”

2. Never mind Justin’s publicly expressed envy for the “dictatorial powers” of China’s Xi Jinping, the video of him dressed as Adolph Hitler, his invite to Ukraine’s Nazi leaders to attend a photo-op in Ottawa, or the Nazi flag briefly planted on an obscure balcony during the truckers’ protest. As his WEF indoctrination and actions as PM prove — he’s doing his best to safeguard Canadians by pushing dangerous medical experimentation on humans, weaponizing private bank accounts, and gutting our Charter Rights and Freedoms.  

3. Perhaps inspired by a best-selling children’s book featuring his inimical leadership, Trudeau’s “Online Harms Bill does NOT seek to double down on Bill C-10 by targeting all dissenting posts — including websites, podcasts and online videos — for violence-advocating “hate speech” disguised as informed opinion, interviews and reports by recognized experts, and the government’s own admissions. In a free society like Canada’s, threats of unpayable fines and permanently losing internet access will be no more fascistic coercion than job loss and travel bans for the unvaxxed.

4. Encouraged by recent successes in curtailing crops in Sri Lanka and the Netherlands, Trudeau’s new Climate Enforcement Centre in Winnipeg — housing an armoury, interrogation rooms, biolabs and an intelligence centre to spy on fertilizer-obsessed farmers for “climate crimes” — has nothing to do with K. Schwab’s Great Happy Reset. 

5. In Canada, untraceable, easily lost and contaminated cash will not soon be replaced by make-believe Central Bank Digital Currency. In addition to its obvious hacker-defying convenience, a CBDC can be confiscated or simply deleted by fair-minded authorities for any social transgression — ensuring a more fair and happier society. 

6. You can absolutely trust the technocrats controlling your digital bank account/ID to never abuse their complete control over every minute of your life. Use cash anyway.

7. Currently undergoing alpha testing, the Bank of Canada is preparing to roll out Canada’s first digital surveillance-and-control currency in 2023. BOC did warn, “The day may come when Canadians can no longer readily use cash.” But they were just kidding. 


Thank you for refreshing your memory of these key official talking points. Here is your SECRET KEY to deciphering misleading “official” content. Ready?


In fact, they are the reciprocal of what’s actually going on. The remedy: Please go back and reread the above red-shaded statements with the exact opposite meaning. 

In other words…

SIMPLY INVERT EVERY STATEMENT peddled by official, “anonymous” and “trusted news” sourcesThat’s right. Substitute the OPPOSITE MEANING to the one expressed and accuracy will be instantly restored to all mainstream “news”.

Recall that boastful evildoers PROJECT their own SHADOW SIDE onto anyone impeding their megalomaniacal need to rule everyone everywhere. Again, the psychological displacement of our worst human impulses onto others is easily remedied by REVERSING THE NARRATIVE so that all pointing fingers aim directly back at the speaker. 

This process is fast, easy, extremely fun — and vastly stress-relieving. Using this simple Formula of Inversion to restore flipped statements and reverse false narratives, in mere seconds your troubling cognitive dissonance will be replaced by useful information that conforms with common sense, while remaining congruent with what you are actually observing around you — and corroborating at trusted independent websites, including those linked to in my posts.

Try it! 

And do not be afraid. 

Sources: willthomasonline.net


“RESIST MUCH, OBEY LITTLE”   发件人     William Thomas 2023