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How I Was Forced To Testify Against My Sources

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Yes, the coronavirus continues to be a huge and growing deal. And I will be providing some good news on how to effectively protect yourself and your loved ones very shortly at willthomasonline.net. 

     But as this convergence of crisis continues, a genetically-modified virus will rearrange lives and empires and eventually fade (perhaps to seasonal background levels) – until the next worldwide upset slams into unprepared governments-in-denial. 

     In contrast and addition, the shameless railroading of Julian Assange may come to haunt everyone still desirous of truth, transparency, accountability and justice for many decades to come. 

     Looking back on more than a half-century’s reporting, I can say that the looming extradition of the Wikileaks founder is among the most important stories I have covered. At least since the RCMP banged on my door and ordered me to either sell (“name your price”) or surrender my exclusive video interviews made inside the armed Shuswap (shuw-shwap) encampment at Gustafsen Lake (Ts’peten) in BC’s interior. 

     As an “old-school” reporter taught to respect my profession, I refused. 

     Which turned out not to matter, because the CBC instantly handed over copies of all my tapes – which they had not paid for and did not own – to the mounties. Even worse, a Toronto producer reneged on our agreement concerning which clips to air.

     So you can believe I have never forgotten nor forgiven that spineless corporate media betrayal. Especially after the CBC’s cowardly collusion resulted in a contract being placed on my life by an indigenous leader who had trusted my references and reporting – and now had to answer to his people for the context-shorn content the CBC had aired.

     I was subsequently subpoenaed and hauled into a tense Surrey courtroom to testify for the prosecution. Protected by an eagle feather – and a powerful sign from one of those far-seeing birds as I knelt in my hotel room to request guidance that morning – I did take the stand. 

     But only after the presiding judge related my strong written protest of this egregious violation of journalistic freedoms supposedly-protected under Canadian law. The mood in that room shifted noticably when he went on to mention the Crown’s promised prison sentence if I refused. 

     In the end, the prosecution’s strong-arm ploy backfired so spectacularly the defense requested I continue for a second day. The judge allowed this. Some defendants walked because of my tapes and testimony. Others received reduced sentences. 

     Which was why I was able to share a laugh in the courthouse washroom with my would-be assassin, who told me how he had been on his way to collect the reward when he was stopped for a traffic violation that raised more than eyebrows over the bag of pot and AK-47 on his front seat. 

     But I nearly digress...

     Except to say that when it comes to the state coercing journalists, yes, I do have skin in that most reprehensible and risky game.

     And yes, this story and accompanying video clips are certainly worth your attention. 

     Particularly if you enjoy courtroom drama as head-shakingly portentous political farce...


William Thomas

March 12, 2020






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