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What Is The Best Route To Your Fibre-Optic Connection?

(updated Mar 2)

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What Is The Best Route To Your Fibre-Optic Connection?

by William Thomas

(full version of my Letter To The Editor published in The Islands Grapevine Feb. 29, 2024)

To the editor:

I wish to correct two errors in my January community information flyer regarding CityWest’s wireless routers. Unfortunately, my pre-flyer enquiries to CityWest via email and phone went unanswered. 

     On the Calix website, I admit being triggered by the “5G bandwidth” description for their routers. Turns out, they meant the 5 GHz frequency. This isn’t good either. But 5 GHz is not 5th Generation wireless.

     Lacking fluency in the latest Geekspeak, and lost in the thickets of wireless specs, it also looks like I mistook the GS4227 GigaSpire BLAST u6.2 802.11ac for the hot new, GS4227 GigaSpire BLAST u6.2 802.11ax, with a listed range of 600 feet. 

     But don’t feel left out. Both routers share powerful WiFI 6 protocols. Hence, the 802.11ac’s “Long Range”designation. Apparently slated for installation here, this fibre-to-wireless router provides simultaneously transmits multiple data streams “for optimal whole-home coverage.”

Another game Calix likes to play — and this is not confined to them — is to call their routers, “radios”. While technically and semantically correct, this soothing moniker is highly misleading. 

AM radio stations broadcast on frequencies of 0.001535 — 0.0017 GHz. 

Cell phones can transmit at 0.849 GHz.

GigaSpire BLASTs — like the 802.11ac — simultaneously radiate multiple channels at 2.4 and 5 GHz.

Operating essentially as miniature cell towers in the home, cordless phone cradles qualify for true “blaster” status at 5.8 GHz.

Video calls keep dropping? Get WiFry 6! -zirkelwireless.com

Video calls keep dropping? Get WiFry 6! -zirkelwireless.com


Flipping the polarity in living tissue billions of times every second matters. Because when cell membranes are alternately hardened and weakened by EMFs, vital nutrients are blocked and erosive toxins cannot be expelled. Remember, you are an antenna. Over time, every Gigahertz hurts. 

     The problem is all this pulsing. When a router sends a fibre-optic-delivered firehose of livestreams, texts and voice invisibly through the air, the more frequency modulation is required to handle all this data. And the more the subtle electromagnetic whisperings of  living cells get jackhammered. Keep this up and the double-helix “ladders” of DNA snap like swizzle sticks, as exploded cell nuclei stream in telltale “comet tails” of fragments. Which of your 36 trillion cells can be damaged or deformed without unleashing a cascade of ill effects? 

     Forget industry-captured “Safety Code 6, which continues to dismiss the long-proven biological effects of induced electromagnetic energy. The June 2015 House of Commons Standing Committee looking into Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation And The Health Of Canadians, found that the “conflicted” Health Canada panel revising Safety Code 6 that year did not fully review of the data. None of the 140 studies submitted by Canadians for Safe Technology were considered.

     Dr. Miller stated that this negligence led to false conclusions. Prof. Dariusz Leszczynski explained that certain members of the review panel “are known to advise the telecom industry.”

     According to the Parliamentary Standing Committee, witness testimony “expressed unease about RF exposure in schools as a result of the use of Wi-Fi; the need for RF exposure limits and guidelines to protect vulnerable populations such as pregnant women, infants and children, and others who may be more susceptible to the effects of RF exposure; and electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).”

     As many one million Canadians have EHS symptoms “so severe they are unable to function in our modern world.” 

Effects of using Mobile Phones "too much" -spoonfeeding.in

Effects of using Mobile Phones "too much" -spoonfeeding.in


     Symptoms of electrohypersensitivity [EHS] “can come on quickly” noted the Standing Committee, and are only abated by fleeing exposure. Symptoms of wireless sickness “include headaches, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, sleeping problems, difficulty concentrating, poor short-term memory, mood disorders including depression and anxiety, dizziness, nausea, and tinnitus.”.”

      “Health Canada should be issuing precautionary directives to provincial education authorities, and strongly discouraging the use of all forms of wireless technology in schools,” stated Malini Menon.

     Countries that have adopted much lower EMF exposure limits (not Industry Canada’s “guidelines”) include Israel, Russia, China, Italy and Switzerland. 

Whole Home Wireless Saturation with GigaSpire


Calix extolls its customers to “have a BLAST” with any of its WiFi 6 (u6) routers. The GS4227 transmits at 6.5 watts. 

     That’s a lot. Cellphones linked to many health problems  are restricted to 2 watts of power. A cell tower transmits through multiple antennas at 10 — 50 watts.

     While wireless energy diminishes with the inverse square of distance, current 4th Generation (4G) frequencies easily penetrate flesh, glass and most walls to enable the connectivity currently experienced on Hornby patios and backyards. 

     Keep in mind that the myriad cumulative damage shown by thousands of EMF studies going back to WWII is measured in microwatts.

Please don't do this!


“Wireless sickness” is real. Fetuses, infants, kids, seniors, pets and the infirm are especially vulnerable.

     Witnesses and many briefs submitted to the 2015 Standing Committee raised the issue of Wi-Fi in classrooms and schools. Martin Blank advised hard-wiring classroom computers, stating, “I particularly worry about the children, because children are sitting in schools six hours a day, five days a week, subject to Wi-Fi that's continuously on. That, I think, is something that doesn't have to be.” 

     Malini Menon wants Health Canada to issue “precautionary directives to provincial education authorities,” while “strongly discouraging the use of all forms of wireless technology in schools.”

     In 2001, Spanish doctors expressed alarm over the disturbed brain activity they were seeing in wireless-exposed children that “will lead to impaired learning ability, as well as psychiatric and behavioral problems.”

     A 2002 study conducted by Dr. Dietrich Klinghart, MD, PhD of the Institute of Neurobiology in Seattle similarly found that electromagnetic radiation “from cellphones and wireless networks” suffusing the sleeping environment of mothers during pregnancy, as well as electromagnetic radiation in the sleeping environment of children “may be the key undiscovered contributing if not causative factors in neurological impairments in children, including autism.” 

Protect wildlife from wireless radiation (short)                                                                                                  1:00

     Perhaps we ought to watch the birdies” avoid  microwaves when they can. Nearly 30 years ago, Canadian researchers found that feathers act as wireless antennas. Ditto the hairs on bees. And your arms.

How to destroy your family -wsj.com

How to destroy your family -wsj.com


Wireless addiction activates the same pleasure centers in the brain as cocaine. In a seemingly terminal feedback loop, corporations are responding to the consumer demand stoked by their enticingly marketed gadgets. As more family members multitask in the home — and more signal-deflecting metal appliances find their way inside — WiFi 6 routers are flexing their muscles to keep up. 

     If you prefer to go with hardwired devices in your living space, a CityWest installer will disable the GigaSpire’s wireless functions and show you where to connect to its 4 ethernet ports to your computer, WiiFi-disabled smart surveillance TV — even hardwire your cellphone with an inexpensive dongle. I am now assured that the GigaSpire’s wireless function will remain off, unless you say otherwise. 

     The Precautionary Principle stipulates that products must not be widely introduced until proven safe. When connecting to fibre, converting clean optical signals into home-saturating, toxic electrosmog may not be the best choice. Are your hardwired neighbours onboard with secondhand EMF? 

Mommy, is this a book? -unitedbrick.com

Mommy, I like books. -unitedbrick.com

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