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As the movies say, inspired by actual events...


by William Thomas

These are odd times. Weirdness is ascendant. Everything seems askew. You drive to the ferry, but the sailing’s been cancelled because of “crew shortages.” So you stop by the tire place to have snows put on. But they’re “short-staffed” and can’t take you for another three weeks. 

     Might as well get lunch. But with only one haggard waitress on duty, wait times are an hour. “We’ve been hiring for the past four months,” Carly says. “No takers so far.” 

     When you drop by the hospital to see your granddad, his hip surgery’s been post-poned again. There are only two nurses on the entire floor. “Burn out,” one of them explains, looking ragged herself. “No doctors,” says the other. 

     At the supermarket, there’s still food on the shelves. Some food. On some shelves. Most prices appear unchanged from a week ago. But portions continue to shrink. 

     At least the videos you ordered should be in. But back home, you are again disappointed to find your mailbox empty. Has Bezos run out of robots? Amazon deliveries that used to arrive in four days are now taking 10. “Not enough truck drivers,” you recall someone telling you. 

Meanwhile, billionaires winging home from the Davos climate celebrations in squadrons of luxury Longitude and Gulfstream private jets tuck into leftover filet mignon as they discuss how to persuade the Übermensch to eat worms and maggots. “Mayday! Mayday!” someone calls in, demanding the emergency grounding of all airliners — to “fight climate change.” Too late, Air Traffic Control radios back. “Even if all emissions are stopped, global mean temperatures will continue rising for centuries.” 

     Your best friend's flying commercial and should be arriving in a few hours. But then they call to say the airport is bedlam. Half the flights are cancelled. And ticket agents aren’t entirely joking when they ask disgruntled passengers if they know how to fly a plane.   

     You check your emails. PayPal has canceled your account because you made a $10 donation to a peace organization. But your bank is reinstating you after determining you did not attend a recent mass rally protesting hyper-inflating energy sanctions. Also, your insurance agent wants to know if you’re vaxxed. Not wanting to lose your coverage, you’re tempted to lie. 

     Instead, you email back: No.  

     The auto-response is nearly as brief. They’re not cancelling your policy.

     Relieved, you make a sandwich and flip on your Smart TV to see what the heck is going on. The local anchor’s replacement looks like a Barbie doll. Without visibly reacting to her alarming script, she reports that farmers are taking a year off.

     “There’s no fertilizer,” one young guy wearing a faded John Deere cap informs the steadycam. “Leastways none anyone can afford. Not unless you want to pay six bucks for a potato.” 

     Lettuce and tomato curdle in your mouth when you learn that many growers are still awaiting parts to fix idled machinery. Not that it matters. Seems that fields every-where are either “frozen, flooded or fried.” 

     Cop shops across North America are nearly as vacant. Just like the military, police recruitment has collapsed. “Fortunately, crime is also way down,” the news reader intones. “Some experts believe this could be because shoplifters, muggers and carjackers are no longer being charged.”  

     She stumbles over the word, ‘carjackers’. 

     “An anonymous source has told News 7 that everything is perfectly normal,” the sleekly packaged voice resumes without inflection. “Just a few minor glitches that will be foxed when enough hammers can be found that are safe and effective.” 

     Teleprompter must be haywire, you think. Never seen that before. That’s when you notice that whoever or whatever you’re watching, doesn’t blink.  

     Your phone buzzes. Hot tip, your broker texts. Funeral homes.

Ancient Hopi Rock Art of the American Southwest -Tumblr

You remember going to hear a Hopi emissary speak, what, thirty years ago? Seems like another lifetime. Maybe another planet. 

     He said his mission was to remind anyone who will listen that when crime and wickedness are admired and emulated and persons of integrity regarded as fools, when perversion is seen as normal and normalcy as perverse, when ‘reality’ is whatever anyone says it is (until they change their minds)... you will know you are in the End Times. 

     Other signs: weather everywhere going crazy, animals acting deranged, “cobwebs” crisscrossing the sky — as the ancient prophecies foretold. The barefoot shrubbies seated around you in that community hall had shifted uneasily. But the guide reassured everyone that those who maintain a pure heart would be “protected”. 

     Be nice. 

     Or pay the price. 

     “Great Purification” sounds disturbingly like the “Great Dying”. It’s for the best, the emissary had emphasized. Though having triggered this karmic edit through our own complacency and complicity, we will definitely not enjoy the ride. The spokesman for one of the world’s oldest spiritual traditions finished by revealing that he’d been sent to deliver a single urgent message: 

“Save the seeds.”


Talk about prophetic. Today, non-GMO seeds are increasingly hard to come by. And backyard veggie gardens are being outlawed. Don’t look for Hopi ambassadors on the 6 o’clock fake news. 

     Are all these converging calamities by design? If so, what is the goal? You gave up on The Great Reset when Schwab started sounding as whacky as those hate-spewing technocrats knocking over Western civilization’s building blocks like petulant four-year-olds. 

     Turns out they’re all acolytes of the same Transhuman Grand Wizard. Which must be how WEF became WTF.

Insanity must be the new abnormal. Otherwise, why are so many sleep-walking through the Sixth Mass Extinction glued to their screens? 

     Too much wireless radiation, you decide. Too much soma. Too much fear. Could this drastic disconnect between the cacophony of our obsessive distractions and the quiet hum of Creation connecting every-one with everything explain why nothing works? 

     “Where’s the LOVE!” you shout at your TV, which listens attentively before relaying your latest outburst. That seldom used four-letter word reverberates in your ears. You don’t hear many kind expressions anymore. Certainly not from America's political pied pipers, whose most oft-repeated utterances are “kill,” “killing,” and “killed”. Along with their latest favorites: “dirty bomb” and “limited nuclear war.” (All those aerosolized U.S. depleted uranium munitions warping wombs in places like Basra and Kosovo are AOK.)

     So many questions nobody’s asking. So little time. Have we forgotten that “hu-man” means “spirit-person”? 

     Are we our own worst projectionists?

Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu must have been a waterman. This wise guy suggested that since we never step in the same stream twice, we’d better watch where we place our feet. 

     He also advised that those who fight the river Tao will end up swallowing a lot of water. 

     If everything is vibration, like the physicists and yogis say, and the thoughts to which we give the most emotional charge are the ones that manifest — shouldn’t we also be much more careful of what we think and say? 

     Perhaps this is a good time to revisit the notion: As within, so without.

     Thank the corporate-government propagandists for their punching bag named Putin. Without him, we would have to point those accusing fingers at ourselves!

     But none of this answers your original question.

     Where have all the people gone?

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