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Aviation Regulators Violate Aviation Regulations

Josh Yoder with Del Bigtree


On A Wing And A Vax Part 2.

by William Thomas 

Further disclosure: This writer decided to forego the jabs after surviving two heart attacks, one while out on the water alone in my solar-electric outrigger canoe. I’m now gatefully and fully inoculated after contracting Covid

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After declaring, “participation in medical trials is not considered compatible with aviation medical certification,” Transport Canada nearly snapped its neck looking the other way. Not to worry. The FAA insists its new 48-hour “No Flying” restriction for pilots getting “clot shots” has nothing to do with the mandatory injections.

     Joshua Yoder says the FAA has been aware of pilots suffering vaccine injuries since at least December 2021, when its CEO —  along with the heads of DOJ, DOT, all major US airlines and their insurers — received a hand-delivered letter of liability from the California-based Advocates for Citizens’ Rights warning, in part:

  • Federal regulations [Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations, §61.53] that prohibit pilots who have received non-FDA-approved medical products, such as COVID vaccines, from flying are being violated.
  • Vaccinated pilots potentially are flying with abnormal health conditions that may be exacerbated by flying at high altitudes. These include heart damage and blood clotting, which could lead to stroke or cardiac arrest.
  • The health risks to pilots from the vaccines may lead to a catastrophic event such as a plane crash, with multiple fatalities and significant legal and monetary liabilities for the government, insurers and airlines.

Flight surgeon and aerospace medicine specialist, Dr. Theresa Long, and Dr. Peter McCullough, a cardiology consultant for the FAA, signed the letter, further warning:

  • “The risk of ‘post-vaccination myocarditis not trivial.’
  • “The ‘aviation population is comprised of individuals with demographics that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and FDA established (on June 25, 2021) was at greatest risk for developing post-vaccination induced myocarditis.’”

FAA letter signatories

This warning shot was additionally signed by well-informed attorneys Robert Kennedy, Jr., Mary Holland and Reiner Fuellmich, as well as some seriopusly credentialed doctors and medical practitioners. Advocates for Citizens’ Rights attorney Leigh Taylor Dundas was lead signatory of a letter reminding regulators that products authorized under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) are not approved by the FDA. Under the EUA’s own rules, the Covid-19 cocktails cannot be mandated.

     With US airlines, their insurers and regulators now on written notice, likely compensation resulting from a vax-induced crash will be $2 million to $3 million per passenger and person on the ground, the letter helpfully pointed out. Plus perhaps, prodigious punitive fines assessed by the DOJ. (I couldn't resist.)

Cody Flint speaks out -theepochtimes.com

Cody Flint speaks out -theepochtimes.com


Mississippian Cody Flint also signed the letter. As previewed above, Flint strapped on his crop duster two days after taking the needle. “Immediately after taking off, I knew that something was not right with me. I was starting to develop tunnel vision, and my headache was getting worse,” he testified before a Nov. 2, 2021 Senate hearing on Covid vaccine injuries. 

     “I pulled my airplane up to turn around and felt an extreme burst of pressure in my ears. Instantly, I was nearly blacked out, dizzy, disoriented, nauseous and shaking uncontrollably. By the grace of God, I was able to land my plane without incident — although I do not remember doing this.”

     As Flint’s own condition nose-dived, his doctors told him that in the absence of major head trauma, “only an adverse reaction to the vaccine could have caused this much spontaneous damage.” 

Cancelled flights -scpr.org


On an average day, global flights post 329 cancellations. But between June 18 and 19, 2021, there were 3,533 fight cancellations over Friday and Saturday. Still, that’s only a 580% increase.

     Southwest delayed or cancelled hundreds of flights, blaming a computer glitch and “weather” — but not weekend “sick outs” among employees angered by the mandates. Not to be outdone, American announced it would be cancelling hundreds of flights through mid-July, presumably because of anticipated bad weather. Not to mention pilot shortages exacerbated by management. After boasting that 85% of its employees were vaccinated, British Airways joined in, cancelling hundreds of flights.


Attorney Leigh Taylor Dundas stated that widespread flight cancellations and protracted delays in late 2021 up to the present — frequently blamed by major airlines on “bad weather” that did not seem to affect other carriers — were connected to pilots opposing the career-ending mandates, those calling in sick, and those who quit while their internal organs were still flying in close formation. 

     Pilots were telling Dundas they wanted no part of the mandate: “We see our colleagues dying and or stroking out or having cardiovascular events that they are not recovering from. And so, we quit rather than sacrifice our health or possibly our lives.”

     Many of these unvaxxed ex-airline pilots are now flying private charters, where the Covid injection is not required. They’re certainly busy. Executive jet bookings have soared. Especially on all those runs to climate change conferences.

Darren Harrison (R) with Robert Morgan -homegardenusa.com


On May 10, 2022, 64-year-old Kenneth Allen was flying two passengers out of the Bahamas when he lost consciousness from what his surgeon later described as “a hole in his aorta.” Despite having zero piloting experience, passenger Darren Harrison was able to take over and land the turbine-powered Cessna at Palm Beach International by following instructions from flight instructor, Robert Morgan on the ground. “Before I knew it, he was like, “I’m on the ground. How do I turn this thing off?’” Morgan recalled. 

     Allen survived, vaccination status unreported. 

     What if he’d been alone over a city?

Covid-19 survival rates without treatment remain unchanged -CDC


A May 18, 2022 another letter arrived at the Federal Aviation Administration. Signed by a worldwide alliance of aviation and medical professionals representing thousands of pilots, along with over 17,000 physicians and medical scientists, it read in part: 

     The undersigned pilot advocacy groups, scientists and doctors are hearing daily from vaccine injured airline pilots. These harms include cardiovascular issues, blood clots, neurological and auditory issues, to name just a few… 

     “Many of our pilots have lost medical certification to fly and may not recover the same. Others are continuing to pilot aircraft while carrying symptoms that should be declared and investigated, creating a human factors hazard of unprecedented breadth…

     “Mandated COVID-19 vaccination for aviation workers must be discontinued. Thorough and objective aviation medical screenings of pilots and cabin crew need to be a high priority. These should focus on high prevalence harms which are now showing up in the general public and in our flight crews.” 

     Pilots from more than 30 airlines complain that regulators “ignored their own safety recommendations against unproven, unapproved drug use or medical trials for flight crews. Transport Canada simply removed this online guidance the week following numerous pointed, written questions on… unproven, unapproved drug use or medical trials for flight crews.”

     “Thousands of pilots,” they go on, “were coerced into vaccination to provide for their families.”

     Many of those “thousands” of pilots remain at the controls of big jets and regional airliners. But “pilots who report their injury face possible loss of licensing, income, and career,” the letter observed. And so — with flying their only profession and families dependent on their income — an unknown number of vax-injured pilots are going to their offices in the sky today with chest pains. 

     Heart failure is not the only risk they face. The written notice delivered to the FAA referenced “a mere sample” of reports from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) involving pilots who sustained severe injuries following their jabs, including:

  • Heart attacks
  • Atrial fibrillation
  • Pericarditis
  • Brain swelling
  • Elevated intracranial pressure affecting the spinal cord and brain stem
  • Sub-arachnoid hemorrhages (brain bleeding)
  • Blindness 


US Freedom Flyers is currently “teeing up lawsuits for all the major airlines, with thousands of potential plaintiffs on our plaintiff lists,” reports Cody Flint, who is now one of them. “The FAA has created a powder keg and lit the fuse,” Flint declares. “We are now seeing pilots experiencing blood clots, myocarditis, pericarditis, dizziness and confusion at rates never seen before.


In February 2022, FAA director Steve Dickson abruptly resigned, citing an urgent need to see his family. 

Air ambulance pilot Andrew Rhoden -mercyflights.com


Fit to fly?” asked the Global Aviation Advocacy Coalition on June 17, 2022. 

     Their answer: No.

     Even though First Officers (“co-pilots”) have safely landed jetliners after their captains unexpectedly passed out or away while in flight, Capt. Snow acknowledges that if a  vaxxed pilot suddenly becomes vexxed while hand-flying an approach, they could dive the plane into the ground before the backup pilot could overcome their own “startle factor” and intervene.

     Forget the reassuring redundancy of two pilots sharing flight duties. During takeoff or landing, Dundas declaims, “you’re not on autopilot. You’ve got both pilots fully engaged, but one of the pilots actively has his hands on the joystick and the controls.” Passing through 300 feet or so, “you’ve now got a massive gross muscle unit seizure as [the pilot’s] hand is on the yoke. That’s going to dip a wing and you’re going to have an entire plane full of people cartwheeling down the runway… which the Department of Justice frowns upon.”

     Yoder agrees, saying, “Critical phases of flight such as take-off or landing pose the greatest risk to passengers, should that be the moment a pilot experiences known side effects of these inoculations, such as blood clots, stroke, cardiac arrest or sudden death, which could lead to an unrecoverable event.”

     Nearly half of all inconvenient aviation accidents happen during landing or takeoff.    


Here’s a verified list of airlines with vaccine injured pilots on staff, with whom the pilot advocacy groups metioned above “are in contact”: 

Air Canada 

Air Transat













Air France 


HOP France 


KLM Netherlands 

Additionally, concerned passengers can join U.S. Freedom Flyers — or that organization’s chapters in Canada, Australia, or other countries.    


Result for search term on CDC website: "vaccinated Americans flood emergency rooms”:


Steve Kirsch, founder and executive director of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, is not a happy flier. “Vaccines are the leading causes of coincidences it seems,” he says. “The FAA just telegraphed the fact that a substantial number of airline pilots have had serious heart damage from the COVID vaccine by widening the ECG parameters for pilots.” 


     With an estimated 50 million Americans suffering with “serious heart damage”  following their toxic jabs, on page 4 in their Oct. 24, 2022 revised FAA Guide for Aviation Medical Examinersthe FAA broadened the EKG parameters to accommodate vaxxed pilots

     Seems the FAA had fixed the problem of too many pilots flunking medicals with disqualifying EKGs by raising the max allowable EKG reading from .2 to .3. As in all things pertaining to medicine and aviation, a little is a lot. “This very wide unlimited range accommodates people who have cardiac injury,” Kirsch complains. “Not just a few pilots. A lot of pilots and a lot of damage.”   

     He was so concerned, in mid-January 2023, he called Federal Air Surgeon Susan Northrup and FAA Deputy Administrator Bradley Mims. And learned… 

     “The FAA is not investigating any pilot injury, disability, or deaths if it is associated with the COVID vaccines. They know about the incidents, but there is no investigation. Instead, there is corruption at the highest levels: I’ve spoken to both of them directly. They are doing nothing to fix any of the problems I’ve identified and aren’t interested in talking to the injured pilots.”

     You will not find this information in your in-flight magazine.

Warning! Flight Attendants vaxxed


Today, regional carriers and major U.S. airlines are short more than 12,000 pilots. By May 2022, American Airlines was selling bus tickets for some short routes and a regional airline was asking the FAA to allow pilots with 750 hours to graduate from their training syllabus fully qualified — half the 1,500 required. At least college degrees are no longer needed to sign up. 

     And if you really, really want to fly for the airlines, identifying as a non-white female person will help you get admitted into Arizona’s United Aviate Academy.  And put you ahead of more qualified applicants at airlines like Southwest and other majors.  



Covid vaccination increases risk of severe heart inflammation up to 120-fold -Journal of the American Medical Association

Covid vaccination increases risk of severe heart inflammation up to 120-fold -Journal of the American Medical Association


Airlines and regulators are pushing to have just one pilot in the cockpit of passenger jets instead of two. It would lower costs and ease pressure from crew shortages, reported Angus Whitley in November 2022. Over 40 countries are asking the UN body overseeing worldwide aviation safety to adopt a one-pilot model for commercial flights, Alex Ledsom reported. “The European Union Aviation Safety Agency believes this might happen as soon as 2027.”

Catastrophic Contagion Conference 2022

Catastrophic Contagion Conference 2022, sequel to pre-Covid Event 2022

This timing could be problematic, since the Catastrophic Contagion Conference 2022 has already “predicted” the next pandemic — dubbed SEERS — for 2025. We’re told by the Gates Foundation, their WHO subsidiary, and Johns Hopkins that this much more lethal bioweapon will mostly target children, guaranteeing an even bigger stampede into recession and repression. And a lot more empty airliners.

     I’m guessing that Lucas, an Airbus driver for Qantas and president of the Australian & International Pilots Association, as well as colleagues sharing his more immediate concerns, are more worried about a lone pilot becoming overwhelmed by a rebelling Flight Management System, or doing something so creative it confuses the airplane. Except there’s no one to say, “What are you doing?” 

     “The people going down this route aren’t the people who fly jets every day,” Lucas says. “When things go awry, they go awry fairly quickly.”

     Never mind. Just like everywhere else, we're heading for full automation and vacant humming cockpits. And very possibly, vacant humming airplanes. Unpiloted airliners! What could possibly keep going right?


This is not a simulation. Would you board a commercial airliner flown by a single vaxxed pilot? How about one with both pilots boosted? 

     Many business execs would not. Since Jan. 11, 2023, Josh Yoda’s Freedom Flyers org has been getting calls from CEOs looking for unvaxxed pilots to fly their executives around in their business jets. So are regional airlines.

     In other pursuits, the unvaxxed are also apparently doing well on dating sites.

27 U.S. Air Force pilots resign over Covid-19 vaccination mandate (Sept 2, 2021) -Melissa Lane

27 U.S. Air Force pilots resign over Covid-19 vaccination mandate (Sept 2, 2021) -Melissa Lane


Lt. Col.Theresa Long, MD, MPH, is a board-certified aerospace medicine doctor. While consulting the extensive Defense Medical Surveillance System of reportable medical events, she found a stunning increase in the number of reportable events, spiking from “an average of 226 reportable events a year (2016-2019) to 4,059 reports in 2022.” (A DOD reportable event is “any patient safety event resulting in death, permanent harm, or severe temporary harm.”)

     The Pfizer/DOD vax study with 43,448 military participants began on July 27, 2020. Since then, medical conditions repored to the DMSS showed a massive rise in cases of anxiety, esophageal cancer, breast cancer, female infertility, miscarriages, HIV, acute myocarditis, and Bell’s palsy among service members.

     In May 2021, Col. Long asked senior leaders during what appeared to be a US Army health prevention program: “So we skipped two years of Phase 2 trials, and three years of Phase 3 trials? We only lost 12 active-duty soldiers to COVID — yet we’re going to risk the health of the entire fighting force, on a vaccine we only had two months of safety data on?” 

     This Army brigade flight surgeon recalls the Jack Nicholson response: “You’re damn right, Colonel. And you’re going to get every soldier you can to take the vaccine so I can get enough data points to determine if the vaccine is safe.”

    Say again, sir?

    Unhappily, there is a long and shameful history of medical experimentation on US military personnel, who are virtually hostage to their commands. Including fast-tracked experimental injections. 

     Remember Gulf War Illness and those 250,000 deaths among returning American GIs? I wrote Bringing The War Home for the Desert Storm veterans it follows, as an aid to winning recognition of and compensation for their often scorned “syndrome” of very real synergistic reactions to simultaneous injections of experimental and long-stockpiled vaccine “cocktails", a miserable miasma of oil smoke and talcum-fine sand, stress from chemical alarms, fatigues washed in DEET, a daily PB pill they made sure you didn’t spit out. And then came all those exposures to aerosolized depleted uranium and bio-chemical weapons — capped by Schwartzkopf’s spectacular if ill-considered open-air bonfires of all that captured CBW upwind of allied concentrations.  

     Just so you know. 

     More recently, for the five years preceding 2021, the annual number of incidents of disease and injury reported to the military’s Defense Medical Epidemiological Database was 1.7 million. Nine months the Pentagon ordered service members to “just get the damn shots” in January 2021, incidents of disease and injury in the US armed forces had rocketed to 22 million.

     No wonder the Army Public Health Command — in the words of Col. Long —  is no longer “tracking, tracing or monitoring adverse events.” Isn’t this dereliction of duty or something? Aren't some of those planes armed?  

     What is this doing for readiness?

Lt. Col. Theresa Long delivers powerful testimony to Senate hearing -forloveofgodandcountry.com

One day, two of five new patients “presented with chest pain, days to weeks after vaccination, and were subsequently diagnosed with pericarditis,” this military officer and medical doctor related. “The third pilot had been vaccinated and felt like he was drunk, chronically fatigued within 24 hours after vaccination.” This person “drank a lot of coffee”  and continued to fly, “until he realized the problem wasn’t going away.”

     Col. Long reported up the chain that in one morning she had to ground “3 out of 3 pilots” due to vaccine injuries. Her superiors responded immediately — cancelling her patients, pulling her charts, and ordering her not to see any more acute patients.

     In February 2023, Col. Long renewed her investigation after learning that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had quietly made changes to the “acceptable” pilots’ electrocardiograms. The FAA did not respond her request to see the research and data supporting their decision.

Attorney Leigh Dundas -tonyortega.org


“It’s known that there’s a 1% reporting rate to VAERS, that there’s 99% underreporting,” Dundas comments. “Military pilots were walking off of flight vehicles, clutching their chests, complaining of chest pain.” But instead of sending the pilots for cardiac MRIs and EKGs, those doctors were ordered to dismiss potentially life-threatening conditions as “anxiety”. Which was likely a self-fulfilling diagosis.

     On the civilian side, Josh Yoder relates how “US Freedom Flyers receives almost daily communication from airline pilots who are flying with symptoms such as chest pain and neurological conditions post-vaccination. Most of them are afraid to come forward and seek medical attention for fear of losing their flight medicals."

     Regarding the current state of air travel safety, Yoder puts it this way: “Every time a passenger flies with a fully vaccinated crew, they are accepting a predictable risk that their pilots have been injected with an inoculation which has known side effects of blood clots, strokes, myocarditis, all of which can lead to cardiac arrest, incapacitation and sudden death.

     Scary stuff! Because it is. But white knucklers still want to know: 

     1. How many injected airline pilots are still flying passengers? 

     2. Why are they still flying passengers?

     3. How many of these pilots are having “vaccine reactions”?

     4. How many of these pilots are having “vaccine reactions” while on duty?

     5. What are airlines doing to remedy this situation before you-know-what happens?

         (For some ideas, see Vaccinated Airline Pilots: Risks & Remedies

 "No evidence vaccinated pilots are dying during flights." -usatoday.com


In addition to experiencing rapture of the air by tilting the earth and feeling levitation through my fingertips, from a young age I logged many hours as a passenger in long-haul prop jobs, jets, and regional airliners of various configurations. I also hitched some memorable rides in military aircraft belonging to three nations. Mostly helicopters. Though not always in danger zones. I still turn to track an aircraft passing overhead. It seems to help. 

     However, after writing on the environmental impacts of commercial aviation for the Royal Society of Canada in the late 1980s, there came a point where I could no longer justify further insults to my dignity and the upper atmosphere. Now I have additional compelling reasons to stick to puddle-jumpers. 

     You’ll have to roll your own dice. 

The author flying a Cessna 172 over Vancouver Isand

The author flying a Cessna 172 over Vancouver Isand

(old time photo)

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