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Fauci’s “Optimal” Treatment - Ivermectin!

Fauci mourns the "vaccine" money he's losing to  Ivermectin's stunning success in India. -wnyc.org


by William Thomas

Somewhat overstepping his authority, on May 4 Fauci demanded a nationwide lockdown across India. He also wanted vaccines officially responsible for more than 3 million serious injuries and deaths in the U.S. and EU injected into Indian people on a large scale, insisting that “India should first start vaccinating as many people as possible” so that “in future also people will be safe from getting the vaccine.”


On August 6, Fauci was asked about his ideal pill for COVID-19. He happily listed the characteristics of his “Optimal Profile”. Here’s his dream drug:

  • oral, not injected
  • a pill that blocks viral replication
  • virtually zero toxicity 
  • minimal interactions with other drugs
  • 7-10 days treatment for full recovery

Two-faced Fauci pointed out that these magical, Ivermectin-mimicking tablets should be taken “early in the disease.” 

     Because “if you can keep that virus from going down into the lungs and other organ systems” (targeted by the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and the Wuhan Institute of Virology, whose gain-of-function human crossover he helped fund in violation of President Obama’s stateside ban), “you can change that disease to a common cold approach. We only need to knock out the virus for 7-10 days.” (“Instead of treating with my recommended Remdecivir, which destroys the kidneys, resulting in renal failure and death,” he forgot to add.)   

     He must have gotten a phone call. Because on August 29, Fauci once again warned against taking Ivermectin to protect against COVID-19. The cheap, stunningly safe and effective drug has been shown to swiftly and completely cancel COVID-19. And even worse, unlike the mRNA jabs, does not cause sterilization

     “Don’t do it,” Facui pleaded. “There is no evidence whatsoever that it works.” 

     Except in India, of course. A rather large place. And throughout the suspiciously non-white, underdeveloped free world.

     “It’s tragic, because you don’t want to see anybody, regardless of what their position is or their ideology, you don’t want to see anybody get sick and die, particularly as a physician and scientist,” Fauci said, presumably referring to experimental and still-unapproved mRNA “vaccines”.

     “Seriously, y’all. Stop it,” the FDA helpfully tweeted its professional medical advice. Ivermectin is too cheap, too safe, too long-proven and too effective. And our Big Pharma owners don’t like it!


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