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Canada Governor General Overwhelmed with Calls Demanding Trudeau Be Removed 

Gov. Gen. Mary Simon

Gov. Gen. Mary Simon

Canada Governor General Overwhelmed with Calls 

Demanding Trudeau Be Removed 

Since the beginning of the Freedom Convoy, Canadians have been peppering the Governor General’s office with calls to dissolve our federal government, and to remove Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from office.

     The first Thursday of the Truckers Protest in Ottawa, calls to Governor General Mary Simon’s office received demanding that a “Prime Minister” sounded like continuous alarms.

     Which they were. 

     As reported in the National Post, “Rideau Hall’s call centre normally receives between 25 to 50 calls a day. Since the truckers convoy began the number has exploded, with more than 1,500 on Wednesday and over 4,600 at one point in the afternoon on Thursday.”   READ MORE

     As Joe Hoft reports on the Gateway Pundit, “It’s an unprecedented development in what has become an unprecedented society. The vehemence by which a segment of our population want Justin Trudeau gone has fired-up to white hot levels. The situation belies a deep-rooted fragmentation in society.”

     The “in crowd” privileged class and those seized by media-promulgated mass psychosis vs. the social outcasts — including the truckers who put food on our tables and supply everything else we need and use in our daily lives.

     “The protesters’ calling campaign is all for naught as there is no way the Governor General could ever acquiesce to any of their demands,” explains Daniel Béland, director of the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada. 

     “In Canada, a vote of no confidence is a motion that the legislature disapproves and no longer consents to the governing Prime Minister and the incumbent Cabinet. A vote of no confidence that passes leads to the fall of the incumbent government.”

     “If a vote of no confidence passes, the Prime Minister is required to submit his or her resignation to the Governor General of Canada, who may either invite the leader of another coalition/party to attempt to form a new government in the House of Commons, or dissolve Parliament and call a general election.”  

     As Hoft points out, Canadians don’t get to vote for a Prime Minister — only our local MP — how can we impeach one?

     There is no mechanism in Canada for citizens to remove a sitting prime minister,” he writes. “For a maximum of four years, the status of a PM is subject only to the House of Commons.” 

     Oddly enough, there was a time when the will of the majority influenced government actions. 

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