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AstraZeneca Cratering?

So far so good! UK PM Johnson signals he's still okay after 1st AstraZeneca dose. -indianexpress

So far so good! UK PM Johnson signals he's still okay after 1st AstraZeneca dose. -indianexpress

AstraZeneca Cratering?

by William Thomas

March 23/21:


If you think AstraZeneca sounds like an Aztec sacrifice…


One day after proclaiming to the world that an “extremely thorough and credible study” had shown its jab to be 79% effective at preventing COVID – and 100% effective at preventing serious cases of the virus-caused disease – U.S. officials are expressing concerns the company used “outdated information” to present fake news of its efficacy.

     AZ now admits that is, ah, correct.

     Which is to say, incorrect.

     The “70%” efficacy rate AstraZeneca first reported averaged wildly divergent readings of 62% and 90%. Whatever the “new” efficacy number is, it should probably be flushed down the nearest medical waste chute.

     Tony Fauci, head of the NIAID promoting the worldwide “vaccine” experiments, still insists that, in all likelihood, the extremely profitable experimental jab is “very likely a very good” vaccine. Probably maybe.

     “Stick a fork in it,” advises ZeroHedge, pointing out that “rare blood clots isn't the first safety issue to mar the jabs reputation.”

Bill Gates has zero medical training

It’s no surprise that the now notorious AZ shot “is a linchpin of the WHO's effort to inoculate poorer countries” via the “generosity” of amateur eugenicist Bill Gates who has wreaked havoc among his previous vaccine victims in Africa and India.

     Turns out, AstraZeneca also “neglected” to mention trial participants who went on to develop “severe COVID”.

     “The way they handled their data early on, AstraZeneca basically shot themselves in the foot,” Julian Tang, a virologist at the University of Leicester, helpfully remarked even before the latest “Astranomical” scandal.

     Additionally, trial data did not account for a “manufacturing mistake”. And also failed to include enough participants over the age of 65. Moreover, U.S. authorities suspended the US trial for 6 weeks last fall “for mysterious reasons that were never fully explained,” ZeroHedge reports.  

     On Feb. 8, the South African government said AstraZeneca's jabs are useless against Africa’s mutant coronavirus strain – and halted distribution.

     European nations have also bailed.

     Canadian provinces are dispensing the Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZeneca treatments. 





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