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Yo, Dude! A Few Late-Night Aphorisms

It's Simple. You Have A Military-Industrial Complex! -M. Wuerker:Politico



A Few Late-Night Aphorisms

By William Thomas



*  Humans are the only species that considers the 

    Earth money.


*  Stop abusing reality!


*  Life is not a simulation. Reality trumps virtuality

    every time. Hell, reality trumps Trump every time.

*  Even before it was immolated from above, 

    Dresden's karma was the ongoing mass murder 

    of so-called "defectives" and "drooling idiots" in a

    "special institute" on the outskirts of that 

    doomed, refugee-crammed city. 


*  I used to think of myself as a holy fool. Until I 

    realized being holy wasn't part of it.


*  Congratulations! We've conquered Earth. And now

    she's dead.


*  It's just words. Until you act.


*  After my heart attack, I discovered it’s the firing

    squad that misses that really concentrates the



*  Good Americans keep their mouths shut. Good

    Americans look the other way. Like the Good

    Germans did.


*  We are all walk-ins. Look at any corpse. So who’s

    walked out? And where have they gone?


*  Pay attention. Take care. Honor the details.


aphorisms turn on lights

*   The biggest illusion: This and Not This.


*  “The hippo won't believe you.” -African warning 

    regarding good intentions.


*  "Aim at the Jew. Fire." -instructions given on a

    civilian handgun shooting range in the USA.


*  This wine isn't bad. It tastes better than battery

    acid. Though maybe not vintage battery acid.


*  Everyone has a story.


*  "The existing social order is a swindle, and its

    cherished beliefs mostly illusions." -Orwell


*  "Ready for more action? Things are heating up!” 

    -USA movie ad


*  In a single seat fighter, flying upside down is not

    an "unusual attitude". Not to the airplane. Just as

    a small trimaran sailing a thousand miles offshore

    does not care whether it's night or day.


*  Are you crazy? Fighting onboard a tippy, leaking 

   lifeboat surrounded by the cold irradiated vacuum

   of deep space?


*  Climbing a mountain is either rape, a conquest, or

    an act of love.


*  The United States started its long slide when it

    switched from Life to People magazine.


*   Five monolithic multimedia multinationals only  

     feed you what you’re willing to swallow.


*   Sex and death. That just about covers it.


*  What if we're all insane at the same time?


*  Nothing is for free. Especially self-respect.


*  The Chinese know they're going to have grand-

    children. Americans eat their children every



*  Another 14 hours checking links, typing into a

    screen. Another day surrendered to the computer!

*  "Land ho!” Planetfall, 3600 days out from Earth.


*  So I'm sitting here scarfing down a warm veggie

    sandwich with a nice Portuguese red watching

    Solar Max on the widescreen. We're in Cozumel at

    those Inca ruins and I gotta say, those sure look

    like geoengineering aerosols with feathery edges

    being laid in characteristic rows with that big “X”  

    directly overhead. Seein’ as it’s too hot and dry for

    contrails. And lies.


*  It’s time every child is accounted for, respected 

    and loved. Or at least not bombed, strafed, 

    poisoned by depleted uranium, droned or 

    traumatized for life by crucifix-waving maniacs  

    delivering that message of torture and mayhem

    from their bloodthirsty God.


*  “We are going to end up with really bad

    outcomes.” -Thomas Homer-Dixon


*  Oops! Hit the blooper buzzer.


 “No, I’m not fetching your…"



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