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After 90% of voters approved of independence, Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy said he would control region. - Fotomovimiento

Spanish PM sparks popular uprising after refusing 90% voter-approved of Catalonia Independence- Fotomovimiento


#  Accused Pakistani ‘Liars And Cheaters’


#  Fabled South Pacific Running Out Of Land,

     Food, Water

#  UK Living Standards Collapsing

#  Who Cares About Climate Change?

#  Parisians Threaten Hunger Strike Over 

     Migrant Camps

Find me some oil -Mohamed Alhwaity : Reuters

Find me some oil -Mohamed Alhwaity/Reuters

#  Macron Berats Trum For Scrapping Iran

    Nuclear Deal

#  Crimes Reach Record High In Sweden

     Following Refugee Crisis

#  Massive Spanish Uprising To Defend


#  U.S.-Installed Ukraine Neo-Nazi Regime

     Erects Monument To Butcher Of Jews

#  EU Will Not Be Forced Off Russian Gas

#  EU Will Protect Companies Doing Business

     With Iran

#  Trump’s Iran Double-Cross Boosts EU

#  The BRICs Strike Back

#  BRICs Bombshell

#  “No Go” Zones Spreading Across EU

displaced Iraqi girl cries near BadushReuters

Displaced Iraqi girl cries near Badush. -Reuters

#  20 Million People Facing Starvation Now

#  Why are Danes So Happy?

#  EU Vows Sanctions Retaliation

#  Why Are Germans So Mad Over Sanctions?

#  Berlin Calls For Sanctions Retaliation

#  Refugees Soon Most Populous ‘Country

#  France Declares Permanent Emergency

#  US Folly Brings Russia, Germany Together

Women's march in Petrograd, 1917 "A Free Woman In A Free Russia" - RT

Women's march in Petrograd, 1917 "A Free Woman In A Free Russia" - RT

#  4 NATO Countries Prefer Russia To U.S.

#  President al-Assad Interview

#  Stop Calling North Korea ‘Crazy'

#  USA’s Long Hatred Of North Korea

#  Dutch Kids Are Happiest In The World

#  American Dream Alive In Cuba

#  Suicides Costing Japan $4 Billion/Year

#  Japan’s Population Plunge

#  Rightwing Nationalism Across Globe  

#  Chinese Billionaire Says US Wasted

     Trillions On Wars And Wall Street

 vehicles pass Camp Schwab near Naga, Okinawa, Japan, May 30, 2016. (Photo- Adam Dean : The New York Times)

 Outside Camp Schwab in Okinawa, Japan -Adam Dean/New York Times

#  World Shunning USA -Chomsky

#  Iran, Russia, China Changing The World

#  Germans Protest NATO Buildup

#  Germany Invaded?

#  1 In 30 People Will Be Refugees

 US Special Ops Surge In Africa

#  NATO’s Risky Eastward Expansion

#  NATO Ramps Up Ukraine War

Japan Girds For War  25:00


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