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Why Trudeau Won’t Back Down

Why Trudeau Won't Back Down

Interview by Stew Peters with Dr. David Martin

Transcription & Notes by William Thomas

Feb. 11, 2022

Updated at 1447 PST

Patent investigator extraordinaire, national intelligence analyst, and financial adviser to more than 16 governments, Dr. David Martin explains how “Canada controlled the mRNA platform and was going to be enriched by Moderna and Pfizer’s BioNTech partner.”

Dr. David Martin with Stew Peters

Dr. David Martin with Stew Peters

“A lot of people” are confused by Trudeau’s intransigence, Dr. David Martin told Stew Peters, host of one of the most viewed shows in this galaxy. “Isn’t it constitutionally assumed that when citizens have a complaint, there is a right to redress? I mean, that’s kind of heart and soul of the way we think of modern democracies.”

    “Unless,” Dr. Martin added, “it’s about monopoly rights for corporations and their criminal conspiring government… This is a situation where the illogic of his statements, where he says he’s not even going to consider complaints about the mandates, kind of falls on its face as implausible — until you realize this never was about injecting people for their health. 

    “This was about maintaining an illegal monopoly… because it’s price-fixing. 

    “And the fact of the matter is Arbutus [Biopharma] and Acuitis Pharmaceuticals, the two companies derived from the University of British Columbia’s research that developed the lipid nanoparticle which makes mRNA work (by slipping it past the body’s immune defences) — those companies both received the technology from Canada. Without Canada, there is no injection.

    “And the fact of the matter is, they [the racketeers running the Canada’s government for personal gain] get paid from both cookie jars.”

    These are, in the words of a patent expert who has litigated against major corporations,“felony violations.” 


Stew Peters asked if Trudeau can be arrested and “held criminally liable for these actions”? 

    “That’s part of the reason why this is such an important conversation today,” Dr. Martin responded. “Right now, courts are meeting on both sides of the border to enforce his despotic commands, as well as provincial commands, to try to rein in these people who are peacefully protesting. 

    “The problem with both of those things is the courts are being now railroaded into the participation in the criminal conspiracy. But the fact of the matter is these felony violations of the law. This is domestic coercion, which is a felony. And any law enforcement — the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, any administrative court anywhere in Canada can arrest him. He is actually committing crimes. And the reason why we need to have this conversation now is because courts are going to make weekend judgements on whether truckers have the right to have their redress considered. And right now, the courts are tilting towards the criminals, not towards the peaceful democrats.”

Patriotically Correct Radio Host Stew Peters

“Patriotically correct” radio host, Stew Peters


“What will it take to reverse that?” Peters asked. 

    “Things like these conversations,” Dr. David Martin replied. “The fact of the matter is, we have been advocating for the people in Canada. And by the way, people here in the United States who are thinking of doing similar actions.” 

    Convoys are already underway in Alaska and across the Lower 48. Trucks and their supporters are also rolling in Canberra, Wellington, London, Paris, Helsinki, Brazil, Belgium and the Netherlands.

    “We’ve been advocating that we do not relent on the point. It is in fact the conditions of democracy that are at stake. And so what it takes is people sharing the word, people getting this information distributed as far and wide as possible — and directing it specifically towards prosecutors and towards courts. This is a very targeted campaign. This message has to land in the hearts and minds of people who may still have a modicum of morality and decency.”   



“So you don’t see Trudeau bending, breaking, negotiating, capitulating at all?” Peters asked.

    “Well, kind of the way I didn’t suspect that Capone was forecast to capitulate,” came the reply. “The reason I use the Capone analogy is this is organized crime. That’s what our statutes on competition, that what our statutes on fair commerce are all about. 

    “And the fact of the matter is, when you tell the world in April of 2020 that a license that dates back to 1998 — and for the fact-checkers out there that want to follow the thread on this, the University of British Columbia, Tekmira Pharmaceuticals, Inex Pharmaceuticals all of which are rolled up to the Moderna and the Biontech licenses for what is now licensed through Aquitus [Biopharma] and Arbutus Pharmaceuticals, the two companies that are the main distributors of the holding vessel — the lipid nanoparticles for the injection — those companies have been in commercial ventures benefitting Canada since the first license was signed in 1998, amended in 2001 and 2006 and ultimately in 2007.”

    “When Moderna [which had never brought a product to market until anointed by Gates, Fauci and Trudeau] was launching their campaign after Trudeau’s comment, they were vigorously trying to get the Canadian patent in turn, so they could infringe them… And ultimately Moderna lost and had to pay the license.

    “To say that Canada [but not Canadians] gets paid for every shot, that’s not hyperbole. That’s court records.”

Ambassador "Freedom" Bridge blockade Feb 11, 2022

Ambassador “Freedom Bridge” blockade Feb. 11

Australia’s Solidarity Convoy descends on capital, Canberra Feb. 11


To suppress protest across Canada, Parliament is meeting in emergency season tonight, Feb. 11, to pass a law making it illegal to block a road or highway anywhere in Canada — “with perhaps a $100,000 fine for anybody doing that.” 

    Another court is currently hearing a case “with respect to the Freedom Bridge to see whether or not it’s legal to have an intervention to force people to move the blockade of the Freedom Bridge. And the reason why that’s important is because right now, 25% of the trade between the US and Canada” goes over the Ambassador Bridge.

    “And it turns out that if courts rule in favor of criminals, rule in favor of Trudeau and his henchmen, the people are going to lose. This campaign of democracy is working. We cannot allow the courts to cover for the criminals.”

    “We can’t go away. We are at the point of no return,” Stew Peters interjected. “This is a pivotal moment in world history right now. I mean, are they going to fine everyone a hundred thousand dollars? And what if they can’t pay it, are they going to jail everybody?”

    Good luck with that. In Melbourne, a mother and her daughter have each had their fines overturned for allegedly attending a mass gathering. And they are not the only ones to have their fines annulled by the courts.


(Covid survival rates are higher than this with proven early treatment)


“All of us have within a God-given ability to sense evil. We have a God-given ability to sense when something is clearly corrupt,” Dr. Martin agreed. And when that happens, oftentimes we rise and take action. And a huge number of the truckers, a huge number of Canadians, and a huge number of people across the world are standing in solidarity with this movement. But very few people understand the exact precise nature of what is wrong.” 

    And what everyone can do with conversations and posts like this one is “making sure people understand that the reason for the irrationality — what is not being met with integrity in Ottawa or anywhere else in the world — is there is a cover-up of financial crime, which Trudeau knew he was committing on April 2020, when he told us that we would never have a world return to normal without a vaccine.” 

    Certainly not FDA-approved Ivermectin, which has done no harm in 40 years of worldwide use, costs pennies, and crushed Covid in Utter Pradesh, Japan and Indonesia.

    “He knew he was lying. He knew he was lining his pocket. And he knew he had a criminal conspiracy supporting him.” And now is the time that we use this world-renowned PhD’s precise documentation when insisting, as he puts it: “This crime must be met with accountability.”

    This is not about two sides both saying they’re right. 

    “The facts are the crime that’s been committed,” Dr. Martin declared, “for which the truckers are rightly standing for the rights of people.”

    This isn’t the first time lawlessness has prevailed, he went on to note. If Trudeau is not held accountable by the police and courts, “what we will have is a disruption of the status quo.”


A no confidence vote turfing Trudeau — and no votes at all for any Member of Parliament who refuses to defend children and our Charter Rights and Freedoms — could quickly lead to a nationwide general strike and shopping holiday. Then see what happens. After all, no one can make you work. Or buy stuff.

    The Constitutions of both neighbouring countries are at stake, Dr. David Martin insisted. By going viral around the world, his interview with an alternately grim and outraged Stew Peters “is putting the public sector on notice that we the people have tried every form of redress. We have pointed out the crime. Which is not our problem. That’s what law enforcement, that’s what intelligence agencies, that’s what bureaus of investigation are about. 

    “That’s what in Canada the RCMP is supposed to do. They have failed to do the job to protect citizens. We the people have stepped into that gap… taken the time to put them on notice.

    “What we’re doing is the right thing because the right thing is ask for accountability at every level. And if at every point we are turned down, then the US Constitution is very clear on the next step — it’s time to declare the government no longer a servant of the people and people need to establish something that works.”

    Any police officer or Canadian Forces soldier or hired “security guard” who uses force against Canadians, is “guilty of war crimes, because the abrogation of the oath of office that every single service member takes, on both sides of the border, is to uphold and defend the Constitution. Not to uphold and defend despotic, criminal commercial conspiracy.” [Which is why this writer resigned his USNR commission during the slaughter in Vietnam.]

Nuremberg defendents before many were executed


But, Stew Peters asked, if the courts and Parliament pass laws, can’t enforcers claim they are acting in accordance with the law? [Just as German courts made it legal to exterminate 6 to 8 million Juden. Which worked perfectly for the perpetrators of those horrific atrocities. Right up until Nuremberg.]

    “History is also filled with accountability for those decisions,” Dr. Martin observed. “And the fact is, emergencies do not in any instance set aside the Constitutions. Judges on both sides of the Supreme Courts on both sides of the border have made it abundantly clear that an emergency does not the Constitution suspend.” [True.] 

    “And we will not let that happen again. Now, will it happen? The answer is corrupt judges exist on both sides of the border. And could it happen? Well, there’s all kinds of influence that goes through the judiciary. You know, here in the United States, the Department of Justice has refused now [to rule for] two years on anti-trust cases I’ve filed that go back to March and April of 2020.

Limbs amputated after covid shots formed blood clots

Limbs amputated after covid shots formed blood clots

Young lives destroyed for no medical reason by covid shots

Young lives destroyed for no medical reason by lethal injection

Nuremberg Trial 2.0 is in Preparation

Now they’re targeting 5-year-olds, who like all kids, are at zero risk from covid


“They have failed the public many many times. But that does not mean that in the long story they will be able to ultimately be vindicated. Because these damages will come back. And we are very actively involved now, Stew, in bringing the first criminal charges out of a state against the federal government — an initiative we’ve just started this week. We are beginning that process. And accountability will be had.

    Just as the last surviving ministerial framer of Canada’s Charter, former Newfoundland Premier Brian Peckford, has recently filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court against Canada’s federal government for numerous violations of that Charter. 


(multiply by 50 or higher for more accurate count)

EudraVigilance to Jan 29, 2022

(In US and EU many reports are never filed. Canada doesn't count.) 


“The media is the head of the beast here,” Stew Peters continued as Dr. Martin nodded. “They are the problem. Hundred percent. Because these criminal acts are not being exposed on every network.”

    Just like the Canadian doctors who challenged federal “health” officials in Ottawa this week, stating that every time they pointed to specific, medically-documented “vaccine” failures and dangers in a court of law, they have been answered by government experts repeating: “I don’t believe that’s true.” 

    Interestingly, those evidence-based courts have consistently rejected the “feral”  government's unsubstantiated “hearsay.”

    After Dr. Martin protested being smeared by an Associated Press reporter earlier this week for “allegedly making misstatements about the drug companies,” the reporter did more “fact checking” by asking both Canadian drug companies if what was said against them were true. Which was kind of weird, Dr. Martin pointed out, “giving a criminal the right to opine on the criminality of their crime.”

    The patent expert and financial investigator provided the AP scribe “with all the evidence” — including “the language straight out of the investor materials that say, without question, the University of British Columbia is in fact the licensor of this  technology… It’s written in the Securities filing.” 

    When the Vancouver and Burnaby-based companies assured the “reporter” that everything Dr. Martin said was false, she went with their undocumented claims. 

    “It turns out that she lied about Trudeau. She lied about the companies. She lied about all the stuff where I allegedly had my facts wrong.” But, Dr. Martin added, she wouldn’t “put one score on the board for integrity.”  

    “She’s part of the criminal enterprise,” Peters pointed out.

    “Exactly,” his guest agreed.

    “And thereby,” Stew Peters continued, “she’s contributing to the unnecessary deaths of those who are led to this injection.”

    “That’s exactly right.”

    Having already paid more than $2.5 billion in fines, the repeatedly convicted Pfizer criminal enterprise is now spending $1.8 billion in media ad revenues to preserve its more than $50 billion in this year’s deadly covid injection profiteering. And with Trudeau paying the CBC and other Canadian propaganda outlets another $600 million to push his inoculations and censor qualified counter-narratives without consulting taxpayers, and Big Pharma paying the CDC $12 million, and that same pharmaceutical mafia paying $24 million to FDA “consultants” to approve their illegal injections... how many reporters fall — emphasize “fall” — into promulgating such lethal lies? 

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Guide to Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms 

(issued by the Government of Canada)


“This isn’t just about the physical truckers that are there,” Stew Peters emphasized. “There are hundreds of millions of global citizens that are behind this. They’re not alone up there.

    “That’s evidenced by more than 10 million dollars in less than a week to GoFundMe… 

    “So I hope that they hold their ground. I pray that the court does the right thing. And I hope that the people who have the contact information… will put the pressure on these courts — and then on law enforcement. Because it only takes one. One director the RCMP, anybody administratively to say, ‘No no no. This crime will not be committed. Not here. Not now. Not under this Constitution.’ Period.”

View the entire interview here.

Dr. Martin thanked Peters for transmitting the truth of Trudeau’s criminal motivations and the Canadian freedom movement. “Because they’re standing for what is right. They’re standing for what is true… And they are on the right side of history. And I am grateful that you’ve taken the time to make sure this message gets out.”

    Stew Peters’ reply echoes my own: “At times like this, I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

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