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Who Are The Real Terrorists?


Ask the “Enemies” Killed By The USA’s Paranoid Projections

Edited by William Thomas


This what happens when an over-militarized country projects its profit-making shadow-side onto innocents, who live out of sight, out of mind - and who are not white. Put yourself in these pictures as a parent and ask yourself, “How would I feel toward the United States?” 

Does any American worry about karma?

Does any American worry their nation will reap the misery it sows?

9 yr old Nabila done drawing

                                                 Circling drones terrify children, who refuse to play 

                                                   outside on sunny days. Drawing by 9 yr old Nabila. 

                                                   Trauma this deep is a lifelong injury.

'Blood was everywhere'- Villagers in Ashira dug the bodies and survivors out of the rubble with their bare hands. The house is said to belong to Mohammed al-Nakaya, a tribal leader

        'Blood was everywhere’ followng U.S. drone strike. Villagers in Ashira, Yemen dug the bodies and survivors

        from the rubble with their bare hands. The house is said to belong to Mohammed al-Nakaya, a tribal leader.

        What does it mean for Americans when their drone operators refer to people blown apart by Hellfire missiles 

        as, “Bugsplat”?

A father mourns his son who was killed in air strike on MosulYoussef Boudlal:Reuters

Father mourns his son killed in March 25, 2017 U.S. air strike on Mosul that killed 200 civilians. 

-Youssef Boudlal/Reuters

A father reacts after his son was killed in an air strike in MosulThaier Al-Sudani:Reuters

Another father reacts after his son was killed by Mosul air strike -Thaier Al-Sudani/Reuters

boy sits near carts loaded with bodies of civilians killed in air strikesThaier Al-Sudani:Reuters

Carts loaded with bodies of civilians killed in Mosul air strikes -Thaier Al-Sudani/Reuters

Angry Over Mosul -© Thaier Al-Sudani : Reuters

Outrage over Mosul mass murders carried out by the USA  -Thaier Al-Sudani / Reuters

Survivors Describe Aftermath of U.S. Airstrike on Mosul

Father son surge, Iraq

                                                       Father with son hit by U.S. fire in Iraq

not impressed

         Not impressed by U.S. slogans... 

How it feels as a peace activist to to be hunted by drones

AFG dead children

Afghan chidren killed in U.S. air strike. What if these were your kids?

Casualty of USA aggression

                                                     Another casualty of U.S. aggression in Iraq  

Depleted Uranium Baby.1

                                One of thousands of Iraqi babies poisoned by U.S. radioactive munitions

Le Van Can's son is 31 years old. His father and his mother were exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War -Brendan Wilcox

                             Le Van Can's son is 31 years old. His father and mother were exposed to Agent 

                             Orange spread by U.S. air force. Vietnam red Cross estmates 3 million Vietnamese 

                             persons are suffering from Agent Orange. At least 2 million civilians in Vietnam, Laos and 

                             Cambodia were killed by U.S. forces. -Brendan Wilcox photo

Benghazi, Libya. © Esam Omran Al-Fetori : Reuters

Hillary Clinton, then Secretary of State, did this to Benghazi and the Libyan people. -Esam Omran Al-Fetori / Reuters

US Kills 8 yr-old Yemeni, Nawar-Al-Awlaki

8 yr-old Yemeni was Pres. Trump's first “kill” at the hands of USN Seals -Nawar-Al-Awlaki

8 Stories of Family Members Killed By U.S. Drone Strikes In Yemen

My children! My children! Your drone!

                                                  This mother is crying, “My children. Your drone!"

Iraqi child, killed in an air strike Mar 2017 Aris Messinis:AFP

Iraqi child killed in another U.S. air strike, Mar 2017 -Aris Messinis/AFP

Father son surge, Iraq

Father with son, who bled to death during U.S. attack in Baghdad

Dead children in Liberated Fallujah

                                                U.S. marines examine their handiwork in Fallujah

                                          One-year-old Eman lays in a hospital bed, her hands tethered 

                                          to prevent her from scratching her wounds following U.S. drone 

                                          strike in Sana’a, Yemen -Mohammed Awadh photo

DU-Baby -Dr. Jenan Hassan

Another DU-baby in Iraq -photographed by Dr. Jenan Hassan 

Another dangerous “terrorist” killed by a U.S. drone

Why did Americans kill my mother?

Nabila Rehman, 9, holds up a picture she drew depicting the US drone strike on her Pakistan village which killed her grandmother. -Jason Reed/Reuters

These are our children.

Destroying their lives, we destroy ourselves.

By showing compassion towards all children everywhere, 

We release ourseles from the delusion 

That their well-being is seperate from ours.


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