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What You Can Do To Fight Climate Change






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February 2017



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March 2016



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From William Thomas:

This is an information war. So after taking steps to reduce your own carbon and energy footprints, this reporter’s picks:


Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper suggesting that if everyone looks out the windows, they will notice that the wings are coming off.


Sound off at your local cable station, which used to be required to carry a certain percentage of “local content” by law. Lobby broadcasters to bring scientists like James Box, reporters like Dahr Jamail, or geoengineering expert Dane Wigington on local radio and TV.


Don’t wait for the people causing these problems-for- profit to cease and desist, because as everyone knows by now, stopping polluting “costs money”. As if watching everything collapse won’t bankrupt the entire globe in every way that matters, while ramping up renewables is already bringing major, life-affirming employment to millions of “workers” in Europe, China Colorado and other clued-in U.S. states.



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