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What Trump And The GOP Say They Intend To “Accomplish"

Hillary to the dump



A Partial “To Do Before Eating Your Lunch” List



·      Deport 11 million people

·           End Consumer Protection (allowing payday loan scams, etc. to flourish.)


·      Repeal Environmental Laws (sealing fate of US and possibly the world)


·      Speed up crushing unions and shrinking unionized labor


·      Privatize Federal Railway Service (Amtrak)


·      No Change in Federal Minimum Wage


·      Appoint Anti-Abortion Supreme Court Justices


·      Appoint Anti-LGBT and Anti-Obamacare justices


·      Legalize Anti-LGBT Discrimination


·      Make Christianity a National Religion. (“We support the public display of the Ten Commandments as a 

       reflection of our history and our country’s Judeo-Christian heritage.”)


·      Loosen Campaign Finance Loopholes and Dark Money


·      Call for carrying a concealed weapon to be legal in all 50 states


·      Oppose state laws that restrict military-style assault rifles and limit the size of ammunition magazines


·      Allow guns in playgrounds and schools. Arm and train teachers. Hire more gun-carrying guards for 

       child and youth prisons - er, schools.


·      Pass an Anti-Abortion Constitutional Amendment


·      End federal funding for Planned Parenthood


·      Allow States to Shut Down Abortion Clinics


·      Oppose Embryonic Stem Cell Scientific Research


·      Make sex education in public schools, “abstinence” only


·      Oppose Efforts to End the Electoral College


·      No Labeling of GMO Ingredients in Food Products


·      Add work requirements to welfare and cut food stamps


·      Open America’s Shores to More Oil and Gas Drilling


·      Build the Keystone XL Pipeline


·      Expand Fracking and Burying Nuclear Waste


·      Oppose any carbon tax


·      Ignore Global Climate Change Agreements


·      Privatize Medicare, The Health Plan for Seniors


·      Turn Medicaid, The Poor’s Health Plan, Over to States


·      No Increasing Social Security Benefits by Taxing the Rich


·      Repeal Obamacare (“the dishonestly named Affordable Care Act of 2010.”)


·      Give Internet Service Providers Monopoly Control


·      No Amnesty for Undocumented Immigrants


·      Build a Border Wall to Keep Immigrants


·      Support Traditional Marriage But No Other Families


·      Privatize Government Services


·      Require Bible Study in Public Schools (“A good understanding of the Bible being indispensable for the   

       development of an educated citizenry.”)


·      Replace Traditional Public Schools with Privatized Options


·      Replace Sex Education with Abstinence-only Approaches


·      Privatize Student Loans Instead of Lowering Interest Rates


·      Restore the Death Penalty


·      Dramatically Increase Pentagon Budget


·      Cancel Iran Nuclear Treaty, Expand US and “Friendly" Nuclear Arsenals


·      Reaffirm Support for Israel, Attack Sanctions Movement


    [AlterNet July 18/16; AlterNet Nov 9/16; Alternet Jan 22/16]




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