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War Is Good

From my new autobio series: 

Conversations With Myself

12 civilians killed in US-assisted bombing in Yemen



A Dialogue In One Act

by William Thomas



War is good. Anyone who says otherwise hasn't done the math. All that destruction. Look at Aleppo. Syria in ruins! 




They're saying four-billion for reconstruction. A nice piece of cash! Think what it costs to ‘rubblize’ cities like Aleppo, Raqqa, Mosul, Fallujah. Or entire countries like Palestine and Yemen. Then fix them up. Bankers don't call this 'urban renewal' for nothing.

Urban renewal?



Forget peace. Money traders say there’s no making money without movement.

What kind of ‘movement’?



You know. Wars. Manipulated currencies. Oil spills. Meltdowns. Natural disasters. The illness industry. False flags, including the biggest con: 9/11.





Check the futures trades the day before the U.S Air Force stand-downs. Then tell me where all that gold in the basement of the WTC went. And which court records and evidence of financial treason and fraud were lost in the take-down of Building 7.


Now you’re going to tell me there were bombs in the buildings.



Not me. New York’s finest firefighters reported that.


I suppose you’ve written books about Black Tuesday.





All this ‘movement’ must be why your Deep Pockets financial insider was beside himself with glee after the towers were hit.



‘Nice fireworks display,’ he told me, explaining that our costs are someone else's profits.


That’s sick.



That’s why he quit.


You’re saying manufactured crisis are…



Opportunities. Look what happened after the ‘New Pearl Harbor’ called for by the PNAC neo-“cons”: Constitutional rights shredded. Detenion with charges. Torture and gulags. Countries invaded and trashed as trillions of dollars were poured down the rathole of national insecurity. Like they say in Chicago, that ain't chump change.


Who says that in Chi-town?



It's an old gangster expression.


You're saying the people profiteering from the industrial-scale destruction and slaughter FOX and CNN call, 'America’s Wars' are gangsters.



Does that bother you?


Of course, it bothers me!



Then why are you complicit? Why don't you speak up?


Why are you so crazy?



Because acting normal in times like these is insane.


Leave my family out of this.

You backed your daughter in joining the organization that obliterated every city “worth” incinerating in defeated Germany, Japan and North Korea. Where is she serving now?





Flying drones.


Sensor operator.



Lots of shooting in Florida. Which neighborhoods is your daughter targeting with Hellfire missiles?


She says she can't tell me.



What does not telling you tell you?


She's probably blowing up terrorists in Africa. Or Yemen. Afghanistan. Wherever.



And you're down with that? Blowing apart families going about their lawful daily business without warning from the sky? What’s that make us?


Better to take out the people who mean us harm over there than here.



'Take out' makes it sound like burgers from McDonalds.


You know what I mean.



You mean, 'kill', 'maim', ‘displace’, 'traumatize for life'. Mostly little kids and their moms, neighbors and elders in their own neighborhoods and homes. Right?


Sometimes unfortunate things happen in war.



You mean, killing millions of distant strangers is unfortunate. Except for the fortunes made off it: $2.3 trillion so far, ZeroHedge reports, from those perpetually profitable quagmires in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Well, yeah. I guess.



You guess? It’s well-documented that drone strikes kill 2% of the bad guys they're supposedly aimed at. The other 98 out of a hundred drone victims are guilty only of living where they were born and not being white.


I must’ve missed that on the nooz.



Since WW II, ground and air attacks produce more than 94% civilian casualties. While the bankers remain immune from prosecution. Recall their cynical profit-taking during the Second World Slaughter – traitorous traders-with-our-enemies like Ford, Alcoa, Coca-Cola, Standard Oil, IBM, Prescott Bush’s Harriman Bank. Funny how war movies never menton this.


Business is business.



The business of killing has become a nonstop war crime! More than two-million civilian deaths in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. More than one-million civilian deaths from bombing, direct fire and prolonged blockades of food and medicine in Iraq. Each victim dying in terror and agony for no reason other than corporate profits and stomping on our own shadows.


Projecting our dark side onto others, you mean. You think America needs a shrink?



Would you call your own daughter’s murder by American occupiers one too many? How about turning impoverished nations into failed states? The Independent is reporting more than eight-million people facing famine from America’s vicious proxy war in Yemen, where hundreds of thousands of starving children are stricken with cholera. How many more people fear and hate us for this? 

More hyperbole. War involves killing, not murder.


When you put someone in a drone's crosshairs without trial or positive identification, or invade a country using genocidal weapons like depleted uranium, mass starvation, bombed sanitation facilities, and medical sanctions with the intent to kill innocent people wholesale, wouldn’t you call that premeditated murder?

You put it like that...



How would you put it? You'd channel Madelaine Albright and say, “It's worth it"'?


You just said it was.



No. I said war is extremely profitable for the corporations addicted to it, politicians elected waving their fists, and a military that keeps seeing its annual budget balloon. Also, for all the nice folks being paid to make endless bombs and bullets, fighter jets, aircraft carriers, tanks, overseas base PX’s and A&Ws, and those nifty uniforms…





Even though all these permanent war workers represent only a small fraction of the people who could be paid with the same money to improve lives and infrastructure at home and abroad. What if instead of napalm, cluster bombs, white phosphorous, radioactive uranium and Agent Orange we started dropping medicine, blankets and food?


Why would we do that when we can just threaten them or blow them up?



Gosh, I don’t know. How about because endless aggression morally and monetarily bankrupts the aggressor? Do you really think forcing countries to comply with policies against their interests makes for loyal allies? How are you enjoying living in a looted, disintegrating nation loathed and despised for its atrocities, bullying, self-deception and broken promises?  

We don’t need anyone. We're the greatest country in the world!



Number one, you mean.


We’re number one! USA! USA! USA!



You’re right.


I am?



We are number one in gun deaths, incarcerations, birth mortalities, fear of our own shadow-side, lethal projection, lack of affordable health care, student debt, national debt, toxic waste, celebrity obsession, spittle-spewing racism, greenhouse emissions…


Enough already!



I couldn’t agree more. Number one in GMO-crops, contaminated drinking water, killing-by-cop, dead cops, rising poverty while a few gazillionaires own most everything. Should I go on elucidating 'Number One'?





Right. Among overdeveloped nations, we're numbah one in illiteracy, as well. And completely clueless about the 96% of the world's peoples living beyond our geographic and mental borders.


Who gives a whatever about some goatherder in Iran?



Have you ever been to Teheran?


Of course not. Who wants to go there? Wherever it is.



Not many goatherds in this vibrant Persian city, as cosmopolitan as Paris or London. How about Bogota? Been there? Any of the great capitols?


Who needs to? They're on boring old videos and HBO.



Which you’re saying is the same thing as being there. Like virtual forests and those fish swimming around your computer screen because the real fish and forests are kaputso. Right?


Close enough.



Have you spent time in Damam, Suva, Tokyo, Amman, Papeete, Swatow, Hong Kong, Hanabuchi, Auckland, Amsterdam, Chang Mai, or fishing villages on mainland China?   


No. Have you?





So what. They don't even speak English there.



How do you know if you've never been?


And the food in those places is gross.



Cheezies, Triple-Cheese Bacon-Burgers and GMOs aren't?


Go ahead. Just keep talking like that.



And at oh-dark-thirty someone will knock on my door?


If they knock.



When the Kuwait secret police (شرطة الكويت) brought me in to ask me what I was doing sending stories to Environment News Service on that ruined city’s only functioning fax machine, know what I said that completely shut them down?


No, what?



"Telling the truth."


They should have thrown you out.



They did.





After I submitted Kuwait’s first Gulf Eco War Environmental Assessment and briefed members of the Royal Family on behalf of Earthtrust. By then, smoke from 900 burning wellheads was oiling Canadian mountains.


What I don’t get is whose side are you on, anyway?



You mean, ‘You're either with us or against us’? And that all criticism, no matter how well-intended, is un-American.





Black and brown babies are worth less than white ones? The refugees we're creating with our bombs and support for brutal dictators should suck it up and stay home with the rapists and death squads?


And solve their own problems.



The problems we keep making for them.


They don’t like it, they should just leave.



And come here.


‘Long as their kids are cage-trained and willing to work in our prison sweatshops for a buck-a-day.





Leave him out of it.



Like you obviously have.


Hey, wait just a minute...



You're Christian, right?


Of course.



I mean, you call yourself a Christian.


Same thing.



Actually, it's not. The first person responds always like the compassionate Christ of folklore running waaay back through two-dozen virgin-born, crucified savior myths. Humanity's oldest and most enduring story is all about personal redemption and spiritual resurrection achieved through good deeds and profound realization. The second is the worst kind of hypocrite. You do go to church every pagan-appropriated Christmas, right?


When I can. When I'm not too hung-over.



Bless-our-hired-killers-for-their-service kind of thing?


Bless our heroes for their service.



Right. And you support the whole killing-kids-is-good-because-it-keeps-us-safe narrative to protect our exceptional way of life.


Yes! I mean, I guess.



Which is so exceptionally great, drug overdoses and suicide are leading causes of death in the USA.


Not my fault if some people are depressed and don't want to work.



You mean 'work' like flipping burgers, lining up at food banks, quieting hungry children, watching glitzy TV ads, or performing other soul-destroying repetitive tasks with zero hope of ever making a better life.


Sure. If that's what the losers want.



Is that what you do?


Me? I'm on Wall Street.



Where algorithms churn markets. How much longer before robots make us all superfluous? If catastrophic climate shift and the nuclear holocaust that man and his handlers keep pushing don't end us first.


You started by saying that war is good and now you're saying it's not?



I began with the observation that war is good for the few who profit from it. Though nuclear war and the fast-escalating climate wars… not so much.


So you enjoy civilization’s benefits, while putting society down.



There are smarter, more sustainable ways to confer the “civilized” part of whatever’s left of Western Civ. As Europe and many other countries and communities are discovering. In the USA, more and more states are committing to zero emissions. Don’t feel too threatened, though. There’s still alot more money being spent to plunder this planet than protect it.     


What I said. You’re against capitalism.



I'm against disaster capitalism trying to make everyone and everything a disaster.


Get a life.



Is that what you call your state of bloodsoaked bondage – a life with meaning? How much do you owe? To whom for what? When you're on your deathbed, what accomplishments will you be able to name? Besides knocking up Mary Jo your senior year and making a hellfire daughter. And devising financial instruments like the evil Dr. Morro to take down the world's economies.


You sound bitter.



That’s what my father said when I finally understood that everything I’d been taught to believe in was a lie. How should I feel? Relieved? Grateful? Nothing?


You're so full of judgement.



Observations. Helpful hints and tricks.


You think you're so special.



Nope. I'm just the one asking questions.


Well stop asking questions!



Sorry. I forgot. Why is not the American Way. Don't ask questions. Just do what you're told and take another food pellet from the dispenser.










Wild applause. Gunshots at the back of the hall. Shouts of “Right on! Shoot him again!”

Author’s Note

I find it of value to engage in conversations like this, whereby a fictional interviewer elicits my spontaneous replies drawn from personal experience and decades of investigative work. I trust you will, too.

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