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Why I Write Longer Stuff

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by William Thomas



Since the earliest campfire chatter on the nighttime Serengeti, we hominids and the world we create emerge from the stories we tell ourselves. 

     Today's sabre-toothed tigers have morphed into the deranged drumbeats of social media and the corporate networks’ incessant false alarms. No wonder we’ve become stimulation junkies, hooked on outrage and the outrageous, our attention competitively snared by the most disturbing notifications that allow us to feel a delicious sense of threat. Death got someone else. I’m still safe!

     News Flash: Life is going to kill you. Everyone dies. In most cases, sooner than we expect. Nobody needs reminding how this story goes:

Riiiiip! The veil between worlds suddenly rends and we’re...

Blown away like dandelion seeds scattered by a hurricane,

a blip off civilization’s radar screen,

a falling cherry blossom






The Buddha never tired of reminding us of this all-too-sudden transition from a warm, sensing someone into a cold anonymous corpse.

     Who wants to think about that?


What if we aren’t our bodies?


What if our chances of catching an invisible virus, no matter how remote, offer an invaluable self-teaching moment? What if COVID and all the other dire threats blared at us 24/7 are timely mirrors in which we can examine our reactions to our own mortality? 

     Facing our own death is the path to liberation. All the wise guys said so. And I’ve sailed with a seawoman (named above) who faced hurricanes and pirates at sea with a steadfastness I marvel at still. 

     What’s the point of this palaver? 

     True freedom! 

     The firstest, biggest, truest and most immutable freedom is freedom from fear. And the biggest, universally unacknowledged fear that constantly sabotages the pleasures and endeavours of our miraculous existence is our fear of our own death. Every media-hyped MENACE FROM HELL!!! keeps us all on that particular launchpad. Unless...


What if we don’t die?


What if Einstein was right and e = mc2? This deceptively simple equation proves that energy and matter cannot be created or destroyed, but are transmuted one into the other with an energy equivalent to the mass under consideration, times the speed-of-light squared. 

     E = mc2 suggests an energetic lift-off when we finally exit our own body and our personal mass is recycled back into universal energy at 34,596,000,000 miles-per-second. (Seatbelts may be required.)

     Ask the next question:

     What if your beyond-body consciousness persists within the consciousness that informs the entire universe? The consciousness that imbues you with ever-greater clarity the more you sit quietly and tune in.

Try that again. 

Then ask yourself:

What if there is more to me than the daily preoccupations of starring in my life? What if I really am a hu-man “spirit person” having a temporarily embodied experience in order to enjoy the delights of the flesh, while getting the lessons I keep arranging for myself? 

     Every time we invite these fundamental realizations to enrich rather than curtail our everyday lives, we become more appreciative. And much more deeply alive.

     Even better, each time we turn the fear merchants’ latest freakout into a teaching moment by facing the inevitability of our physical passing  while realizing the complete security of this moment right now  we deflate the phantom bogeymonster constantly pumped up in our heads by all those endlessly repeated, scary memes. 

     Plus, staying with this practice allows us to throw off the self-imposed chains that keep us from embracing all the amazing things we came here to learn and do. 

     Best of all, the moment we view our death as taking off a tight pair of shoes, we free ourselves from everyone’s fear-control manipulations.

      These notions go waaay back. And are worth frequent reflection.


We’re 32 paragraphs in and rolling like a downhill train. No bullet points yet. No clickbait. Instead of yet another distraction, quickly replaced by the next until internal dialogue becomes unintelligible cacophony – these sentences are worth pondering if they help lead to realizations that prove transformative, rather than merely transitory.

     Sure, my posts take longer to read and consider than those others constrained by tiny screens and a junkie’s attention span. But as I trust you’re finding, this style of journalism is often the only way to access information that most matters.

     With more to follow on subsequent pages and posts, you’ll have to decide if staying engaged is worth your time and attention. Instead of glomming onto something more comfortably transient. Especially when this writer starts leading us both onto more challenging terrain.

     A few outrageous bullet points, if you’re feeling deprived:

·      One in three Canadians participating in the last federal election actually voted for a law-breaking boy Prime Minister who walked around wearing the only mask in the most recent G7 gathering. (Even worse, instead of standing his ground, he quickly took it off.)

·      Joe/Harris isn’t “President” because the last U.S. election was demonstrably and massively rigged.

·      For years, Anthony Fauci lobbied hard and controversially for gain-of-function viral “enhancement” of SARS. When Obama outlawed such risky research, this lying bum personally diverted NIH funding to a leaky Biolevel 2 lab in Wuhan that whipped-up SARS Cov2 in the equivalent of your dentist’s office. Guess that happened.

·      Bill Gates has zero medical training or qualifications. And a nasty agenda.

·      While clearly dangerous – like falling off a ladder or a car wreck – with a .03% mortality rate, compared with the flu’s 1% (but with a higher low risk of longterm debilitation), the hugely exaggerated COVID “pandemic” is still being deliberately and grossly inflated through misapplied PCR testing run at excessive cycle thresholds to panic, split and condition entire populations into bleating for the digital totalitarianism required to enslave “save” us all.

·      Untested mRNA “vaccines” that turn human cells into toxic spike-protein factories are a profitably perilous medical experiment with widespread adverse effects and known longterm complications – that convey far less-proven preventative and treatment efficacy than Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and vitamins C and D.

·      America's military government and mass media cohorts are already priming us for the next false flag: Unknown Invaders From Outer Space! Kill the space aliens! Quick, we need to militarize near-space and the moon! Even though the Pentagon is unable to control itself, it’s threat-obsessed funding fulminators still desire Full-Spectrum Dominance over everyone everywhere all the time now!

·      People who say these things are dangerous enemies of the only permissible narrative and should be taken offline and put into camps.


Hearsay, not heresy, is the biggest Heffalump trap. 

     Problem is, all the countervailing information in the world is not going to change minds already made up. In fact, neuroscience has found that the more resistant to refutation, the deeper documented facts drive people into their go-to beliefs.

     The only way out of this panicky morass is to stop the fear tapes playing incessantly in our noggins. We do this by turning off the fearmongers and the media they’re riding in on. And by staring down our fears. (see above)

     Another way through the tangled thickets of contradictory mainstream media lies and social media bloviating is to follow an award-winning pathfinder, whose work has been published in 50 periodicals in eight countries, with translations into French, Dutch and Japanese  who always leaves enough breadcrumb-links for you to find your own way.

     The dude you’re reading now. 

     Long-form journalism requires more time and attention, of course. Especially for a reporter distilling reams of data, who is acutely aware of the damage he can cause if I get Big Things really wrong. Or if I shy away from stories blocked or spun into opposite meaning by disinformation trolls and corporate media mesmerizers. Or dismay my readers without providing timely and empowering work-arounds.

     Taking weeks to assemble the best available information in a single, well-illustrated, easy-to-read format  so you can peruse a single synthesis (instead of reading its dozens of sources)  is, I trust, worth your time and attention.

     And here we are, you and me. Still together after 1,358 words.  


Thank you,

William Thomas

June 15, 2021

Electra homeward bound from Jedediah -Will Thomas photo (2016)

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