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Mosul massacre


#  “Broken Souls” In Mosul

#  U.S. Rushes Into Raqqa To Cover-Up War

     Crimes As Airstrike Deaths Nearly Double

#  USA Has Normalized Bombing Civilians

#  U.S. Hit Syrian Populace With White


#  US, UK, Saudis Kill 50,000 Yemeni Kids

#  Depleted Uranium Use Persists

#  USA Killing More Civilians In Raqqa

#  US airstrikes Could Be Violating

     International Law -UN

A van carries dead bodies of children killed in a U.S.:NATO airstrike at a village in Logar province, south of Kabul, Afghanistan on June 6, 2012.

Dead bodies of children killed in a U.S./NATO airstrike on Afghan village

#  Saudi Must Pay For Yemen War Crimes

#  USA Opts For Genocide In Yemen

#  US Drones Leave 'Pieces Of Bodies'

# Mosul Bloodbath

#  US Bags Another 80 Civilians In Mosul

#  US War Crimes Causing Refugee Crisis

# 1 Million+ Civilians Killed By USA Ignored

#  Airstrikes ‘R’ US

#  US Bombing Massacre In Mosul

#  USA Bombs Used In Vicious Saudi Attacks

#  US/Saudis Starving Yemen People

God Is Love

#  SEAL Team 6 Atrocities

#  The Trauma Of Refugee Children

#  Exterminating Yemeni Children

#  U.S. Steps Up Killing “Foreign” Children

#  Radioactive Weapons Still Killing Iraq

#  US DU Crimes In Syria

#  Depleted Uranium Contamination Still

     Spreading In Iraq

#   Fallujah DU Scoiurge 12 Years On

#  DU Use Persists

#  Washington's Bloody Role In Yemen

#  Nearly 90% Of People Killed In Recent

    Drone Strikes Were Not The Target

US spread hundreds of tons of aersolized radioactive Depleted Uranium throughout Iraq, where a new mother’s first question is not, “Is it a boy or girl”, but... “Is it normal?” Shame on us.

Silence Is A War Crime -Yemeni Woman
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