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Ukraine & Beyond: Updates & Outlook

Russia prepares to present biowar lab evidence to UN Security Council 

UKRAINE AND BEYOND: Updates & Outlook

by William Thomas 

Mar 12-24

America, You’re About To Be Poor—So Please Don’t Lash Out At Us -Gonzalo Lira                    14:51

Crosstalk on Ukraine: Uncertain Future                                                                                                                                   26:11

Mar. 9-12

Crosstalk On Ukraine: Failing State. Superb roundtable discussion on this new bipolar world                                25:15

Fascinating and pertinent discussion of a woeld in freefall -CrossTalk with Michael Hudson

Mar. 8

1710 PST

British MI6 spy chief says war in Ukraine is about LGBTQ rights.


Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree blocking certain exports and raw materials from leaving Russia until December 31, 2022. These banned goods and raw material exports will specified shortly.

The move comes in response to Biden cleverly declaring a total ban on Russian oil and gas imports to punish the United States over Russia’s incursion to disarm and “denazify” nuclear-weapons-seeking Ukraine. The Kremlin had warned Biden’s oblivious handlers that sanctions against Russian oil and gas would unleash “catastrophic consequences” and lead to $300 a barrel global oil prices. 

Russia is also the world’s leading wheat exporter — combined with Ukraine accounting for nearly 30% of global wheat exports. Wheat prices have skyrocketed to their highest level in 14 years. So far. Russia is also a top 10 exporter of other grain crops, including barley, corn, rye and oats. 

Additionally, Russia is top exporter of fertilizers. If that material is blocked from the global market, it could cause a “catastrophic” global food crisis. “Half the world’s population gets food as a result of fertilizers…and if that’s removed from the field for some crops will drop by 50%,” Svein Tore Holsether, head of agri company Yara International, told the BBC.

Plus, Russia supplies critcial manufacturing and weapons-grade lithium, aluminum, copper, manganese, cobalt, nickel, palladium, and gases needed to make semiconductors. 

Canada makes Russia's enemies list. “These are the countries that are going to get hit with sanctions from Russia. These countries are seriously going to get hurt.” -Gonzalo Lira

Anti-war protest is held in central Moscow, Russia, on March 6, 2022. -Sputnik

Anti-war protest is held in central Moscow, Russia, on March 6, 2022. -Sputnik

Mar. 7

Anti-war protests broken up across Russia

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Russian cities on Sunday to demonstrate against Moscow’s ongoing military offensive in Ukraine. The fact that the protests were unauthorized resulted in thousands of arrests, the Interior Ministry said.

… Some 2,500 protested in Moscow, according to police.  

The protesters were hardly carrying any placards or banners, instead chanting “No to war!” and “Ukraine is not our enemy!”

(If unable to access RT, use VPN to “move” to another country)

Russian Support for Kremlin Still Surging

The first, and so far the only Russian poll to have been taken on the operation itself and published on March 5, shows  84% public support for the army, the highest level ever recorded; and 71% approval for the operation in the Ukraine.

Human Cannon - Ukrainian Refugees Strike Europe

by John Helmer, Moscow

On March 7, 142,000 Ukrainians crossed into Poland as war refugees, A total of 1,027,603 refugees have entered Poland from the Ukraine between February 24 and March 6,

     The cross-border movement in the past two weeks far exceeds the refugee flow through Turkey into Poland from the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya. 

     “This is the largest migration crisis in Europe since World War II,” said Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

     Over the weekend the Ukrainian refugee movement to all European countries reached 1.7 million.

     “An additional 96,000 people moved to the Russian Federation from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions between 18 and 23 February.”

Civilian casulaties are mounting as the Ukronazis so many are cheering on have closed Russia’s humanitarian corridors, while continuing to use Ukrainians and foriegn students as human shields.

122mm D30 howitzers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to draw Russian counterbattery fire into Severodonetsk

biohazard symbol is seen at a bacteriological laboratory at the Lvov Regional Laboratory Centre in Lvov, Ukraine, November 9, 2020 © Getty Images : Markiian Lyseiko

Bacteriological lab at Lvov Regional Laboratory Centre in Lvov, Ukraine, Nov 9, 2020 -Markiian Lyseiko/Getty

American bioweapons labs in Ukraine

Mar. 6

МОСКВА, 6 мар — РИА Новости. Москва получила от сотрудников украинских биолабораторий документы, подтверждающие, что на Украине, в непосредственной близости от территории России...

Translation: MOSCOW, March 6 - RIA Novosti. Moscow received documents from employees of Ukrainian biological laboratories confirming that components of biological weapons were being developed in Ukraine, in close proximity to Russian territory. This was stated to journalists by the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Major General Igor Konashenkov. "In the course of a special military operation, the facts of an emergency cleansing by the Kiev regime of traces of a military biological program being implemented in Ukraine, funded by the US Department of Defense, were uncovered. 

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Mar. 5

Ukraine Was Working On Nukes, US Knew About It

Sergei Naryshkin, the chief of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), claimed that the SVR had gotten information indicating that Ukraine was engaged in developing its very own nuclear weapons. President Volodymyr Zelensky’s warnings to quit the Budapest Agreement, according to Naryshkin, were “not an empty promise.”

Mar. 4

We are happy Russians came! 

54 seconds ago

My friend in Paris call me today , to make me listen the phone call from Ukrainian friend.
I did listen. She was saying we are so happy that Russians came to liberate us! And she said, that she is calling because, she wants to warn , not to listen lies that are spreading in West!

She was talking very long and repeating over and over we are happy Russians came! That Zelensky is corrupt and working for Americans! That no one can trust one word he says! She was very nervous about it ,

I am just telling you dear locals community, we people share the truth! Like the fire wich shall not be gone, but to exist as eternal flame! 

Julian Assange is in jail in imperial central, never forget that! He is god send angel to this unjust world to fight with the truth!  -The Duran Locals


by Patrick Armstrong


We are seeing the collapse of post Cold War triumphalism, “end of history”, “unilateralism” and all the rest of it. Reality is biting, and biting hard. All you have to do is watch CNN’s parade of talking heads and “experts” speculating about how crazy Putin is: they don’t understand, therefore he must be nuts. For the West, as it has been, it’s over. The confusion, the bullshit, the boasting, the hysteria, the bans: the West has nothing left in the locker. Pour Russian vodka down the toilet, fire a singer and director, change the name of a drink or a salad, ban cats or trees, sanction a Russian plutocrat and steal his yacht, wear a blue and yellow t-shirt. Pathetic. And don’t, under any circumstances, allow a Russian outlet to tempt the sheeple with “disinformation”. Just like the USSR but stupider. And who thought stupider was even possible?

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Ruble loses 25% of its value. Russian Government pledges to keep ATM machines fully stocked. -afrotherians.org.uk

Mar. 3, 2022

"Nuclear Threat” Shifting From Missiles To Global Finance

The heightened threat of this conflict “going nuclear” has receded for now, with all sides reining in their riskiest rhetoric. The Pentagon has asked for a special hotline to be established with the Russian military to avoid any “mistakes” or “misunderstandings” that could lead to an unintended nuclear escalation — and it has been provided. However, it remains likely that NATO member Poland will be used as a staging ground to funnel arms to the Ukrainian Army. Putin has warned that if those weapons are used against Russian forces, the nations supplying them will be targeted. Which may or may not give NATO members pause. 

Similarly, the Pentagon, Biden and the EU have now ruled out engaging the Russian air force, which “owns the skies” over Ukraine. However, with Western media braying that “Russia is losing” (even as they encircle the Azov battalion and up to half of the Ukrainian army in the East) — and with too many posturing fools in Congress pressing for war against Russia “to get rid of Putin” — Washington could become hostage to its own rhetoric. More immediately worrying for Moscow, the LGBTQ in the USA have pledged their “support” to Ukraine…

Just in: more reliable military casualty figures from a Russian source relayed through Mercouris are 300 Russian dead (including the Russian Army and Donbass militias) and 1,000 Ukranian Army dead. These figures, while highly regrettable and as yet unconfirmed, appear to better reflect what has been up to now low-intensity fighting (as seen from a military perspective). 

Tragically and inevitably, civilian casualties appear to be mounting but are not yet accurately known. Though “traditionally” far higher than military dead and wounded, in Ukraine's case Russian restraint in not launching all-out assaults against Kiev and other encircled cities is sparing Ukraine and the world the horrors of Fallujah, Mosul and Raqqa. Far from a sign of “weakness” as many American pundits insist, such restraint by the power holding the upperhand is a sign of moral strength. And of practical acumen when anticipating post-war relations with Russia’s close cousins — the people of Ukraine.     

Ukraine and China get on well. By refusing to endorse sanctions or the use of force on any side, Xi Jinping’s ongoing efforts to broker a settlement and end the bloodshed have reportedly gained Ukrainian trust. As talks continue in Minsk, President Zalensky’s representatives are now actively discussing abandoment of Kiev’s NATO ambitions, disbanding the “Ukronazis”, and recognition of Crimea — possibly in exchange for a more agreeable accomodation with Donbass. [Mercouris] These are serious proposals being taken seriously. If Kiev agrees, this war could end shortly. 

But Washington is not going to be happy to have its proxy war and propaganda coup aborted. Especially with China increasing its prestige and influence in the region. Expect sabotage. 

Also expect that the next time Washington sidles up to a country and whispers in her ear: “I support you all the way. Let me be your friend...” that nation will run, not walk, the other way. Most likely screaming of attempted molestation by Creepy Joe.    

Highly volatile Bitcoin climbs to $41K - avandemtech.com

While causing so far manageable discomfort for Russians, 20% interest rate hikes and massive cash injections to support the ruble at around 75% of its former value are providing effective damage control during what is now all-out financial war against Russians by the US, UK and EU. Again it's early days. But if needed, China can step in at any time and bail-out Russia with some pocket change. On the other hand, if Russia elects to curtail shipments of food, oil, strategic minerals and natural gas to the West, the pain inflicted on their tormentors will bring down governments in the EU. And quite possibly beyond.

With western leaders apparently never having considered that all nations depend on the same financial and energy systems, already soaring food and fuel prices are rising even faster in the USA and Europe. Canada, too. 

At the same time, the illegal and ill-considered sanctioning and seizure of funds from a G20 (Russian) central bank is freaking out central bankers worldwide, who understand that this could happen to them. Any resulting rush for the exits would be catastrophic for the orderly management of loans and debt. But where might those exits lead?

Targeting SWIFT was also not too swift. It’s becoming disturbingly clear that disrupting this $17 trillion/day international payment system to punish “Bad Russia” is punishing everyone except China, whose recently implemented alternative system of exchange is doing some $40 trillion/day, according to Alexander Mercouris. And the US Government and their cronies will not be able to track those transactions. Talk about losing big again to the Middle Kingdom!

Bankers who warned against this now fear the resulting cascade of bank failures will quickly escalate worldwide as major Russian banks necessarily pull back from fully meeting their foreign debt obligations. Or go under. A major recession or worse appears inevitable by early next year. Or before. 

We were already there when a pandemic appeared in our midst like a magic trick from hell. In the resulting mass hysteria, “make this go away” was easily manipulated by its promoters deploying the most sweeping, sustained and sophisticated psy ops ever mounted in the Age of Screens. Overnight, billions of humans came to accept prolonged lockdowns and the strangulation of nearly all appropriately-sized “small” busineses — the ones that energize nations. Depowering the world economy not only transferred trillions of newly-created dollars (another magic trick) to the backers of this flu scam. Turning everything and everyone off for more than a year also postponed an imminent financial reckoning. 

Until now.   

Beware mass formation psychosis. It’s right there on your teevee. Turn off your TV. 

“Financial reckoning” for the 99.9% means that if you are having trouble dealing with rapidly inflating food and fuel prices (as I am), plan on inflation going seriously nuts. This precision economic term means you may want to get out of the dollar and into… baked beans. Or perhaps an expanded veggie garden. 

The latter notion is probably a good start to spring, given how weather weirding, water scarcities and Washington seem determined to bring food shortages next year to the USA, Canada, EU and East Asia. And really terrible famines throughout Africa and a Global South, where daily sustenance could become unaffordable for millions, even if obtainable. With the fertilizers needed to feed the world in tight or no supply at any price, slapping sanctions on phosphate exports from Bad Belarus while ensuring that natural gas prices what — double? — is stellar self-sabotage. Even for the United States.

Meanwhile, Russia continues to supply much of America’s needed oil. And Gasprom has stepped up natural gas deliveries to Germany. But given Washington’s bluster and Munich’s recklessly reflexive lunge to enter the war, this too may change. Soon. Everything else is!

Does anyone realize that Russia is essentially debt-free, the most self-sufficient nation on Earth, is sitting on $690 billion in gold reserves, is supporting the ruble against fierce attacks — and can turn up the pain dial on the USA and EU far more than they can reciprocate? Apparently not. The comment I'm most often hearing from observers outside the remarkably ignorant American echo chamber is: “Washington didn’t think of this.” Well, you can be certain Mosccow has.   

William Thomas    

For anyone interested, much of my reporting is coming from these sources:

Andrei Martyanov (this former Russian military officer offers authoritative perspectives) 

Alexander Mercouris (an always insightful historian and international analyst)

Coach Red Pill  (married to a Ukranian, with two young children, Gonzalo vlogs from Kiev)

Scott Ritter (this former USMC intelligence officer and UN weapons inspector is a must)

Paul Craig Roberts (this former US Asst. Sec. Treasury — ditto)

Dimitri Orlov (if you are not familiar with Dimitri’s books and blogs, click quick)

Pepe Escobar (this well-traveled veteran reporter offers unique geopolitical perespective)  

The Duran (features daily correspondents and commentry from Kiev and Greece 

Sign up for free, or visit Duran on Rumble

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Mar. 1 updated commentary:

Is Putin overreaching? Could Russia be facing an Iraq-style insurgency? Gen. Jack Keane - Ukrainian underground resistance will be Putin's Achilles heel                                                              12:30

Here is a “Keane” lesson in how ideology, denial and historical blindless continue to warp US news and analysis, which would be better served by talking to some folks on the other side. Actually, general, it was combat-tested former Iraqi military personnel who reacted to being summarily fired, instead of absorbed by their American occupiers — who formed Iraq’s resistence. With nearly half of Ukraine’s population of Russian ehtnicity and the rest no doubt just as shy of getting shot while ineptly fighting for a petty tyrant in Kiev who has brought their once-prosperous country to economic ruin by siding with neo-Nazis and the West — and who now wants to use their corpses to score international PR points — it’s not likely that a serious, homegrown “underground resistence” will contest the inevitable Russian victory. Like most people around the world, what Ukrainians are saying is they want this entirely avoidable war to end ASAP. Not to be prolonged. 

As for a “backlash at home” toppling the Russian president, Keane’s fantasy founders on the fact that Putin had been losing credibility among his citizenry for not defending fellow Russians in Donbass. They are very much behind “their boys” and their president. It is likely that when this is over, EU governments will fall, the US collapse will accelerate, NATO will disintegrate, and the Ukrainians — on reviewing their disastrous daliance with the West — will pivot towards far better prospects with Russia. -WT



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