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’Twas The Night Before Zelenski

Zelenski plays Rudoplh -atlanticcouncil.org

                                 Zelenski plays Rudoplh -atlanticcouncil.org 


 'Twas the Night Before Zelenski

                  Presented by William Thomas

’Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the nation

Many creatures were stirring, hounded by inflation 

The stocks were strung from portfolios without care,

In hopes that another jackpot soon would be there;

The kids were huddled all silent under their beds,  

While visions of crazy grownups bedeviled their heads;  

And mamma in her mask, and I with my 5th vax,

Had just fallen down in our final winter's tracks,

When out on the street there arose such a crash,

I staggered from the floor to see what had gone smash.

Away toward the window I headed as if in a dream,

Unlocked the bars and let out a scream.

For the moon’s lurid glow on the new-fallen snow

Gave midday light to the ghostly departed crowded below,

Then, what to my widening eyes should swoop and appear,

But a borrowed copter and 8 shiny neocons without sense to fear.

With that little pretender, so dimwitted and slow,

I knew in a moment it must be Trudy, ‘Elenski or Joe.

Slimmier than satanic pedos these Resetters they came,

And he mumbled and chuckled, and stiffed them by name;



To the top of the world! And the hubris presaging our fall!

We damn the whole world! Just damn them all!” 

As burnt cities before a thermonuclear hurricane fly,

When Azov meets the army of St. George, shoot 'em or fry,

So up toward the Whitehouse roof these swindlers they flew,

With another load of lies, syringes, and St. Fauci too.

And then, in a twinkling, I heard way up yonder.

The prancing and posturing of each pretender.

As I drew my pistol, and slowly turned ‘round, 

Down the chimney Voldomort Zelenski came with a bound.

Zelenski proudly displays his Swastika shirt

He was dressed in a ragged t-shirt, from head to foot,

And his swastika flag was burnt to ashes and soot;

A bundle of butterfly mines he flung out in back,

To maim the kids in Donetsk wishing after 8 years for slack.

 Zelensky filmé avec de la cocaïne sur son bureau -factuel.afp.com copy

                    Zelensky filmé avec de la cocaïne sur son bureau -factuel.afp.com 

His eyes were glazed and unfocused, how merry!

His cheeks were puffy, his chafed nose red as a cherry!

His pouty little mouth was drawn up in a sneer,

But the stubble on his chin belied that staged leer;

The stump of an odd pipe held tight in his teeth,

Sent acrid smoke into his head without cease;

He had a child’s face and a little round tummy,

That shook, when he cursed, like an unhappy rummy.

He was chubby and short, a worried aging actor,

And I laughed when I saw such an obvious grifter;

But a wink of his unfocused eye and final nod of his head,

Gave the world to know we had plenty to dread;

He mumbled oddly, and bent straight to his work,

Filling a dirty bomb before turning like a jerk,

And laying his finger aside of his nose,

And giving a sniff, up into final derangement he arose;

New Ukrainian Flag

He sprang short of his copter, as his team gave a hoot,

And away they flew, giving him a one-finger salute.

But I clearly heard him whine, as they flew out of sight,



-by Anonymouse 

Imprisoned Ukrainian opposition leader, Viktor Medvedchuk,  tortured -local10.com

Imprisoned Ukrainian opposition leader, Viktor Medvedchuk, tortured -local10.com 

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