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What a relief! The former Secretary of State who single-handedly overrode her President to turn a progressive, “We’re spending our oil revenues on our people” Libya into a state so failed, all of North Africa was destabilized, ISIS spawned, the bloody Syrian conflict ignited and Europe flooded with millions of refugees the White House now wants nothing to do with – will not be getting her publicly-expressed wish to go for “regime change” in Moscow.

Hillary in defeat before election


The health-challenged candidate who ignored repeated FBI warning to stop conducting personal business with the Israelis while sharing state secrets (a treasonable offense) through an easily hacked public server may yet be indicted. Though Trump has just told 60 Minutes he’ll be too busy hustling jobs from robots and deporting the newly disposed to go after the Clintons – “such nice people.”


Hillary Clinton, whose wealth and privilege, she admitted in campaign emails left her “unable to understand” the Americans she says she has “contempt for”, will not be the next favor-dispensing president to the 1% propertied elite arrogant enough to believe that screwing blue collar, barely white collar and no collar workers through a fifth consecutive administration giving free rein to corporate globalization would not invite equally extreme blowback.



What a freak out! An often sued, four-times bankrupted businessman who proudly does not pay taxes and never served five seconds in the military or in government has just been handed the keys to the strongbox and gun room of the most ignorant, heavily armed and projection-prone nation on Earth. Or what’s left of it.


Eat me, he says

The already gathering corporate rush toward transferring terrestrial carbon into an increasingly chaotic atmos-fear through further frenzied fracking, thousands more miles of frequently-fractured tar sands pipelines, stepped-up mountaintop coal removal and even riskier ocean drilling has already begun. No doubt after gutting the EPA, eliminating environmental protections and cancelling all climate treaties, the Donald’s first acts of violent repression will be unleashed at Standing Rock.


The champion of racism, bigotry, misogyny, bullying, lying, name-calling and giant walls fortifying America’s abrupt retreat from the world it has done so much to wreck has also renewed his pledge as President-elect to immediately round up and jail or deport “two or three million” illegal immigrant “gang members” and “drug dealers” causing trouble and costing taxpayers’ serious coin. We’ll start with the bad Mexicans and Moslems, he assured nervous Americans. Which is like saying, “We’ll start with the bad Jews first.”

Obama Reacts to Trump's RNC speech


Once enough infrastructure and goon squads are in place to break down doors and begin hauling people off by the plane and trainloads, “good” Moslems may be next. (“Good” Mexican workers will still be needed to cut the White House lawns.)


Black people and poor whites will simply be shot in even greater numbers by a now unrestrained police.


Only in “America".


The big question is how the Donald will continue his day job running the Trump Empire, while overseeing the American Empire in his spare time. Of course, both will coincide. You may have noticed the big sign being erected (that word again!) outside his new residence:





Explosive Rates

Trump White House

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