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Trends ‘23

 China logs hottest August since records began -spacedaily.com

 China logs hottest August since records began -spacedaily.com


Choices & Showdowns 

by William Thomas

“Maybe the new year will be all unicorns, rainbows, talking gerbils, and candied violets,” suggests James Howard Kunstler. Before admitting, “it’s hard to contemplate 2023 without spiraling into nausea, tachycardia, and cold sweat.”

     Sounds like a vax reaction, Jim. I’m just a simple seaman who keeps one eye on the weather horizon. Ignoring approaching typhoons is not optional. Neither is panic.

     Preparedness is vital. So for anyone unafraid to take a clear-eyed look at world-changing trends already in play six days into 2023, scroll through the following headers for any incipient heavy weather that catches your attention. 

 Primate of Russian Orthodox Church celebrates Liturgy at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour -mospat


George Soros is pissed at Putin for spoiling the globalists’ hegemonic ambitions with adroit diplomacy and massed artillery and missile fire. As Soros sees it, Russia’s belated intervention to protect her borders and fellow Russians in Donbass is a fight to the death between “two systems of governance that are diametrically opposed to each other: open society and closed society.” The former is embodied by a Christian Orthodox Russia. The latter by the an ever-wilder West pursuing the WEF’s freedom-cancelling “reset”.

     “Russia is now the main obstacle to totalitarian US global power,” Batiushka writes in The Saker’s garden column. The only way to preserve the globalist agenda is to “defeat Putin as soon as possible,” Soros sputters, proving her point.

     From the Russian perspective: “A NATO Ukraine with Cargill-Monsanto-Blackstone-Black Rock-owned land, anti-Slav biolabs, potential nuclear arms, US missiles on the border with the Federation, genocide in the Russian East and South, Western globalism and its escaped covid experiment with bioweapons helping it to destroy Russia and so set up its World Dictatorship, became more and more abhorrent.”

     In a report overlooked by CNN and the BBC, Batiushka describes how “Americans from Texas, Detroit, Minnesota and other states have come to fight on the Russian side against globalism and Nazism. The Americans declare that: ‘Russia is the last place on earth which is fighting against globalism, liberalism and for a New World Order, which America is destroying… Guys, this is the last battle for the world’.”


While Russia takes on their longtime oppressors and the self-infatuated West ignores the 85% of the world backing Russia, a multipolar majority is turning away from 70 years of a wannbe hegemon’s bombs and bullying to foster free and friendly trade in the biggest global power shift since the end of World War II.

     If you haven’t heard of BRICS+, OPEC+, SCO, ASEAN, APEC, INSTC, EAEU, RCEP, JCPOA or GEP — welcome to the cooperative Fair World Order. Unfortunately, the prerequisite to stay out of each other’s internal affairs disqualifies American involvement in the world’s biggest combined trading bloc.

     In 2020, the first-ever free trade agreement to include China, Japan, South Korea and the 15 member states of the ASEAN and RCEP bloc represented roughly one-third of the world’s population and gross domestic product, notes a Russian analyst writing under the name, Moon of Alabama.

     In 2021, an historic peace and cooperation initiative signed in Teheran “will totally upend the prevailing geopolitical landscape in the West Asian region that has for so long been subject to U.S. hegemony,” clarified Chinese state media. The “long-gestating” Iran-China agreement climaxed 50 years of official diplomatic ties with “a multi-decade diplomatic, military and economic pact of peaceful cooperation,” writes chief Press TV correspondent, Ramin Mazaheri. This “multi-decade diplomatic, military and economic pact of peaceful cooperation” that “promotes peace” in the region, Iran did not give up sovereign independence for a business deal, Mazaheri mentions. 

     In signing the 25-year deal, China proposed that by “advocating mutual respect … both sides should uphold the international norm of non-interference in others’ internal affairs” and “oppose arrogance and prejudice,” while “accelerating development cooperation.” 

     In 2022, Pepe Escobar reports, “18 nations accounting for roughly half of the global economy were represented at the most recent ASEAN summit.”

     This year's epochal geopolitical realignment will continue flipping centuries of Western geopolitical dominance on its noggin. “Awakening to its own massive economic potential,” Iran is also negotiating a Free Trade Agreement with the EAEU. After Teheran signed a $40 billion deal with Gazprom, bypassing the USA’s lethal sanctions to develop two gas fields and six oilfields. As more than a dozen countries queue for expedited BRICS+ membership, Escobar relates how insult-weary Riyadh has “performed a stunning 180-degree maneuver against Washington via OPEC+. Soon, SWIFT may be completely bypassed by the Global Majority,” Escobar exclaims. So will US-dominated sealanes, when direct rail links between India, Central Asia, Russia, China and Turkmenistan are completed this year.


Divorces don’t get any bigger than this widening East-West fracture. While Russia-bashing EU leaders talk wistfully of returning to cheap and reliable “Rooski” gas to replenish depleted reserves in time for winter ’23, that gas is aleady heading East. Burgeoning gas exports to China via the 3,000 km Power of Siberia gas pipeline will continue in 2023, even as  Moscow and Beijing move ahead with another major pipeline through Mongolia.

     After decades of spurned security overtures and broken treaties by the reliably duplicitous West, the Russians have realized the impossibility of dealing with “agreement incapable” Washington, London and Brussels. But neocon reaction to NATO’s looming defeat in a weaponized and sacrificed Ukraine could go ballistic. 

     “If Russia wins, which is more than likely, and the hostilities do not escalate into a full-blown nuclear conflict, we should not look at the coming decades as a time of dangerous chaos in the West,” warns Professor Sergey Karaganov, honorary chairman of Russia’s Council on Foreign and Defense Policy. 

     Despite the Empire of Lies & Chaos’ unipolar aversion to mutual cooperation, peace and prosperity, “not only Global Majority countries, but Western countries can live quite happily,” in this emerging, fairer world, Karaganov offers. “The West will simply lose the opportunity to plunder the rest of the planet.” Even worse, “they will have to live within their means.”

Golden rice fields in Vietnam under threat -vietnamlocalpicks.com


The EU’s suicidal sanctions against their primary supplier of oil, gas, grains, fertilizer and strategic minerals — coupled with NATO’s destruction of Europe’s vital Nord Stream pipelines — have reduced Europe's flows of natural gas to a long sigh. Since up to 70% of fertilizer costs is determined by the price of its natural gas feedstock, unaffordable LNG means less fertilizer for chemically neutered soils — and looming food shortages for 2023 on a biblical scale. “Within the EU there is already talk of food rationing,” comments Dr. Vernon Coleman. 

     “Two-thirds of European fertilizer production has already been shut down,” Michael Snyder underlines. “Global weather patterns continue to be completely crazy,” while   “bird flu” drives the cull of “millions upon millions of chickens and turkeys all over the planet.”

     Good luck finding eggs in London. 

     Meanwhile, indigent and indignant nations having to import food in US dollars must grapple with a soaring dollar and relentlessly rising fertilizer prices that could slash global grain production by an eye-watering 40% this year. 

Fertilizing rice field with urea -scarlettxu1.blogspot.com

    World rice production will similarly shrink. “Rice feeds half of humanity and underpins political and economic stability across Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa,” zerohedge reports. 

     “By summer, the projected harvests all over Western Civ will be inadequate to feed the existing populations,” Kunstler figures. “The price of food will soar throughout Western Civ, aggravating other economic crises that will amount to metastasizing poverty. Populations will get very restless.”

     “Take away the nitrogen fertilizer and there’s only enough food to feed half the current population. The other half starves to death. That appears to be the goal,” Mike Adams observes. 

     As Europe’s biggest veggie farms are shuttered by government decree across in the Netherlands, and Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction gathers momentum, climate-concerned billionaires guzzling gourmet meals aboard their carbon-spewing private jets urge the unwashed to stop flying, quit driving and “eat insects.” Problem is, we’ve already wiped out more than 1/4 of Earth’s bugs needed for healthy soil and pollinated crops.  

     No bugs = no us.

 Why so many heatwaves around the planet in 2022? -zephr.newscientist.com


Last summer saw the worst drought in China’s history. As Europe struggles with its worst drought in 500 years, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne called it “the worst ever recorded.” Italian farmers now say half of their crops could be wilted by high temperatures. 

     Despite recent rains, the western USA is enduring the worst multi-year megadrought in at least 1,200 years. After winter wheat planting in the midwest was flooded out, look for widespread US crop losses for 2023. And a lot of hungry livestock.

Canadian harvest scene 2017 -youtube.com

     Up north, Canada's August ’22 lentil, chickpea and soybean harvests were down from the previous year. Though corn exports were up, canola oil exports were 19% below the three-year average. Dry pea exports were the smallest in at least 13 years. These trends are expected to continue through next August’s harvest.


France is arming up 3,000 new “green police” to arrest and prosecute climate criminals. Not coincidentally, Schwab’s favorite regime is constructing a “climate crimes” prosecution and interrogation facility in Winnipeg to spy on farmers and ranchers. A cattle cull is coming. Along with a mandated 30% reduction in fertilizer use on Canadian farms. (Alberta’s notorious Tar Sands get a free pass.)

     Already, “four million European farms have shut,” Dr. Coleman notes, “encouraged by EU regulations designed to destroy farming and make the way for laboratory food”  — whose availability will be linked to citizens’ Social Credit compliance scores.

Vancity's carbon footprint tracker linked credit card -bcrise.com


Vancity is the first Canadian financial institution to offer a credit card that calculates a user’s carbon footprint from their credit card purchases. The nifty new “carbon credit card” is being rolled out in collaboration with Doconomy, the Swedish financial tech company behind a credit card with a carbon footprint limit. The elite need not apply. 


Within months, almost every region on the planet will face a danger of a diesel shortage," Bloomberg and zerohedge warned in December. If this happens, the economic aftershocks will be insane. “Anything and everything that gets moved in our economy, diesel is there,” remarks Mark Finley, at Rice University's Public Policy institute. 

     Chevron CEO Mike Wirth confirms that US diesel inventories have reached their lowest levels ever. So naturally the WEF’s White House branch has halted Russian diesel deliveries that fuel much of the eastern seaboard’s heating and transportation. 

Meanwhile, the EU’s ill-advised insistence on paying less than market prices for oil is completing their self-imposed de-industrialization as angry OPEC and Russian producers turn away. Thanks to the WEF-led total war against Bad Oil, there will be little Western oil exploration and no new refineries built in 2023. As intended by the global resetters, who do not undertsand the term, “managed transition.” (Chevron CEO Mike Wirth -Chevron photo)


In less than two years, the US central bank has expanded its balance sheet “by nearly $5 trillion and flooded the economy with more money created out of thin air,” sniffs a perpetually appalled Peter Shiff. “The price of bitcoin has plunged by around 73%.” And “the air is coming out of the stock market.”

     As seasonal flu “disappeared” and media-driven alarm kicked in over an illness with a .02% flu-like fatality rate... on a per capita basis, Canada led the world in corporate bailouts and stimulus money printing. October 2020 saw a “massive surge in money printing” by Canada’s central bank, “far outpacing comparable nations on a relative basis,” reported Spencer Fernando, even as central banks cranked up the presses around the world during “pandemic” lockdowns that came just-in-time to prevent financial collapse. Canada’s budget deficits were on track to gobble 20% of GDP by year end, the IMF warned. 

     And here we are. Gobal debt has now risen to $300 trillion,” Coleman calculates. Not counting the quadrillion or so in tottering junk derivatives. “Barbados, Lebanon and Sri Lanka have all gone bankrupt. As, of course, has Argentina.”

     With the endless US corporate weapons grift approaching $1 trillion/year, and a disarmed NATO hurrying to re-arm for some final showdown — western spending on health, education and social safety nets will continue being shredded in ‘23. 

Striking South Glamorgan ambulance drivers on picket duty look on -alamy.com 

     Across the Pond, with heating costs zooming past $2,000/month for a typical German household, ballooning food and petrol prices are stressing EU and UK families trying to decide between the two. The sanctions-driven inflation surge is also seeing an escalating crisis within the U.K.’s National Health Service. “Strikes by ambulance drivers and nurses are killing people and the grieving relatives are furious. Their focus is on the failure of the Tory Government to keep their loved ones alive,” writes former CIA officer, Larry Johnson.

     Ironically, if not catastrophically as 1929 Austria and Germany showed, while walk-outs are intended offset crushing inflation, each pay raise will further compete for diminishing goods and services — resulting in more inflation. 

China’s social credit AI auto-deducts points & fines -Telecoms.com 


Crashing the world’s economies is a prerequisite for mandating Central Bank Digital Currencies backed only by computer keystrokes. With more than 100 nations hurrying to release their own CBDC, a test in Brussels last October showed that Central Bank Digital Currencies can move seamlessly across borders using existing financial infrastructure. 

     CBDC’s are NOT simply digital forms of existing currencies.

     “I think a CBDC is very dangerous, because it would enable a central bank or government to monitor, control, and record every exchange made with the currency,” cautions Charles Steele, chair of the Dept. of Economics, Business and Accounting at Hillsdale College in Michigan. “If, for example, a government decided it did not want citizens buying, say, firearms, or perhaps donating funds to a political candidate, the central bank could prevent the transaction. Alternatively, it could have a permanent record of a citizen’s purchases and use these to establish a social credit score for the person. In this way, a CBDC could become the ultimate tool of social engineering and tyranny.”

Central Bank Digital Currencies feature:

  • Negative interest rates on savings. (The longer you refrain from spending, the more interest is deducted from your savings.)
  • Ability to add or remove funds remotely by central authorities. (Depending on your daily compliance with increasingly onerous restrictions. Or like the digital yuan, your unused CBDC may simply expire.)
  • Transaction-level tracking, profiling, blocking and taxation.
  • Programmability over where and how your digital funds are spent. (Consider what Trudy and Freeland did to the freedom truckers and their supporters a dry run.)

     How convenient is this? And for whom?

     Of course, nobody is crazy enough to go along with seeing their remaining freedoms permanently deleted. Except nearly two-thirds of polled European, Asian and US adults, who say they would “likely use” these convenient digital handcuffs; 33% intend to convert their savings into CBDC within a month of successful launch.

     The good news for sane Earthlings in ’23: “No nation or central bank outside of China is anywhere close to actually deploying a national Central Bank Digital Currency that is capable of doing these things,” Tyler Durden concludes. “In practical terms, nobody is ready.”


Energy Consumption of 5G, Wireless Systems and the Digital Ecosystem - Environmental Health Trust -ehtrust.org


“If the Cloud were a country it would have the fifth largest energy demand in the world,” Greenpeace grouses. Put starkly, 5th Generation wireless is a “power-guzzling mess,” concurs Michael Koziol. “A 5G base station is generally expected to consume roughly three times as much power as a 4G base station.” 

     But many, many more short-range 5G transmitters are needed to cover the same area. As a result, 5G could increase power consumption by 61 times from 2020 to 2030

     5G’s primary purpose is in facilitating zero latency for “m2m” machine-to-machine communication across an interlinked surveillance web of Bodies and Things. All to Get Putin   Save The Planet   Improve Internet Speeds   Surveil Everyone Everywhere.

     5G’s voracious power demands will also cripple mobile phones by draining batteries super-fast.

     Unhappily, the energy needed to produce one semiconductor is “up to 6 orders of magnitude above those of conventional manufacturing processes.” 5G’s interconnected everything will require billions of these sensor nodes and microchips — each requiring thousands of energy and pollution-intensive semiconductors. And these instantly obsolete digital technologies must be replaced every 1-3 years, as the wireless tech race sprints cliffward.

     Curiously, the same sponsoring governments claim they want to reduce carbon emissions and waste.

5G networks are a planetary and totalitarian threat -morethanshipping.com

12. 5G v. EARTH

If all goes according to the current psychosis, in a dystopian near-future “20,000 satellites in low- and medium-Earth orbit will blanket the Earth with powerful, focused, steerable beams.” These ubiquitous millimeter-wave transmitters are being hurled by the bushel into Earth’s magnetosphere, to which every life is delicately attuned. 

     “5G will result in a massive increase in inescapable, involuntary exposure to wireless radiation,” warns Rhoda Wilson. “The evidence that radio frequency (RF) radiation is harmful to life is already overwhelming. These 5G plans threaten to provoke serious, irreversible effects on humans and permanent damage to all of the Earth’s ecosystems.”

     As millions more fast-vanishing birds die under laser-like beams of 5G radiation, and European scientists and health professionals lobby to stop this life-threatening rollout, telecom executives have testified before congress that they have no independent scientific evidence that 5G is safe.

Criminally bad advice -Times of India


While women deal with wombs wrecked by constant EMF exposures and uterus-targeting “vaccines”, worldwide sperm counts have fallen by more than 62% between 1973 and 2018, with the concentration of sperm among men plummeting more than 51%, to 49 million spermies per milliliter of semen — long before the Covid injections and 5G. Make your own interpolation for ’23.

     Meanwhile, at least 8 megatons of untested, endocrine-disrupting bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalate plasticisers dumped into the drinking water of “advanced” nations every year are also hammering reproduction across the animal phylum — including human demographics aging at government-concerning rates.

     Not to mention (it’s forbidden!) all the women rendered infertile by the spike protein-injections. Spiking still births. And, according to Pfizer, 9 in 10 vaxxed pregnant moms are miscarrying.  

     “We have a serious problem on our hands that, if not mitigated, could threaten mankind’s survival,” declares study co-author,  Prof. Hagai Levine of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. “The trend is very clear,” the epidemiologist emphasized. “There are large numbers of men who today have under 40 million sperm per milliliter.”    

     Speaking of troubling trends… “If the curve of declining sperm counts from the 2017 study continues, by 2045 the median sperm count will be zero,” Rhoda Wilson figures. Is she right? Do we want to find out?


By the end of July 2022, Australia’s 18,973 excess deaths in seven months exceeded the previous two years combined. 

     Ditto across the UK, EU, Canada and the USA.

     In 2021, before most New Zealanders were shamed, threatened and herded into baring their arms over the next eight months, Aotearoa had close to zero Covid cases. Today, “emergency vehicles and helicopters are answering more frequent calls. Hospitals are overwhelmed and unable to cope,” The Exposé reports. “Whistle-blowers among nurses are talking about overflowing cardiac wards. A top UK cardiologist has suggested that the evidence of harm is overwhelming and irrefutable — even as embalmers post pictures of spooky, 22-inch-long rubbery clots removed from vaxxed corpses. The X-Files-rivaling phenomenon is confirmed by American pathologists.

     Further corroboration of epochal deaths by injection is coming from “statistically improbable increases in life insurance claims,” The Exposé adds, as well as outspoken morticians alarmed by the numbers of vaxxed child corpses they’re seeing.

     A new report from New Zealand’s oddly-named drug safety regulator, Medsafe, admits that some people will experience a debilitating illness or drop dead shortly after receiving a Pfizer clot shot. Fortunately, according to this Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority, it’s nothing to worry about.

     With government health agencies throughout the overdeveloped world currently reporting hundreds of thousands of excess deaths every week among the vaxxed, concomitant spikes in vaxxed still births and miscarriages are beginning to line up with repeated calls by globalists like Kissinger and Gates for drastic population reductions. Are you noticing all those stroked out airline pilots and “Help Wanted” signs? The toll of vax deaths and disabilities will get worse in 2023. 

Chest radiograph of adult patient with enterovirus D68–associated acute respiratory distress syndrome -Kristine M. Wylie


The next pandemic is scheduled for 2025. Dubbed SEERS, this sudden “new threat” appears to be a lab-enhanced, D68 acute respiratory distress syndrome first identified in California in 1962.   

     Last October’s “Catastrophic Contagion” exercise was the not-long-awaited sequel to “Event 201”. Remember the get together in NYC that modeled the modified Covid-19 super-infectious flu just before it appeared? In their October 2022 vaccine sales and social engineering simulation, Johns Hopkins once again partnered with the Gates-funded WHO to conduct the latest “near future exercise” in bio-engineered catastrophe, reports the ever-vigilant Rhoda Wilson. 

     This time around, the mad scientists promise their that latest repurposed pathogen will be much more lethal than Covid’s wimpy flu-like fatality rate, which ranges from .001 to .03 percent among infected children and elders. No siree! Their bioengineered Severe Epidemic Enterovirus Respiratory Syndrome — or SEERS — will disproportionately target children and young adults. 

     “They are coming for our children,” Wilson warns — even as the most enthusiastically vaxxed countries are already seeing a 691% increase in excess deaths among children aged 0 to 14

     Why are Fauci's formerly outlawed gain-of-function experiments still allowed?  

     Whatever happened to not hurting kids?


The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation, UN Environment Programme, World Health Organisation and World Organisation for Animal Health are collaborating to drive global “transformations,” boasts the One Health Joint Plan of Action:

     Wait. What?

     Tyranny’s latest Trojan horse is being put together by the same Peter Daszak and Tony Fauci who financed the gain-of-function Covid-19 research in Wuhan. Their latest ill-health plan forbids countries from relying on natural infection and inexpensive, well-proven remedies like Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to safely suppress epidemics. Only experimental mRNA injections will be “permitted”.

     Since the target date for completing this fascistic folly is mid-century, there’s still time to oppose this globalist grab in 2023.

WHO's Global   Pandemic Treaty threatens the world for real -nutritruth.org


More than 100 countries have allegedly signed onto the Gates/WHO global pandemic treaty, thereby shifting governance from once sovereign states to the WHO’s newly revised International Health Regulations. Never mind that Bill Gates never graduated from college, has zero medical or public health qualifications, and has never been elected.   

     If ratified and enacted in 2024, the world health mafia will no longer consult with states, or bother verifying reported events, before imposing even more draconian measures than the mandatory vax and lockdown “trial runs”. State representatives would become superfluous if the unelected WHO is allowed to give itself the authority to declare Public Health “Emergencies”. 

     Future quarantine camp inmates should keep in mind that under this seldom-reported treaty, “pandemics” need not be limited to infectious diseases. A declared “obesity crisis” or similar bafflegab will suffice for the unilateral imposition of medical martial law by this megamoniacal Gates-funded NGO. To assure “success” in permanently confining us to within a few kilometers of our homes, the WHO is paying German-based T-Systems to develop a global vaccine passport system linking everyone onboard this planet to a must-have QR code. 

     You have agreed to this, right? 

     Brazil not so much. 

     World Economic Forum (WEF) creator Klaus Schwab has threatened Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro after the strongman refused to sign the World Health Organization‘s (WHO) pandemic treaty. “Let’s also be clear,” WEF creator, Klaus Schwab Brazilian told Bolsonaro in a Twitter video. “De future iz built by us,” Schwab spluttered. “Ve haf da means to impose thees state on da vorld.” 

     The German globalist is choked by Bolsonaro's explicit refusal to sign the WEF/WHO Pandemic Treaty. “Brazil will not get into this. Brazil is autonomous and will not get into this, you can forget that. I’ve already [spoken] to our foreign relations cabinet and if that proposal goes forward, it won’t be with Brazil,” Bolsonaro pledged.

      “Moreover, I was the only statesman that didn’t adhere to the lockdown policies. I said we had to take care of the elderly and people with comorbidities, and today’s studies outside of Brazil especially show that I was right.

     “Check this out: Which state in Brazil locked [down] itself the most? Sao Paulo. Which state had the most deaths per 100,000 people? Sao Paulo.”

     Adding truth to injury, Bolsonaro also questioned the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines, observing how “many who got the second dose are getting COVID-19. In Brazil, many who got the second dose are dying.” 

      Just how happy this New Year will be remains to be experienced. Will more sovereign role models come forward?  

     Stay tuned. 

     Stay strong.

William Thomas

Jan 6, 2023



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