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Earthquake Highlights 2018 & July 2019


Mother Earth is constantly rolling over and elbowing her deeply slumbering sleepers. The US Geological Survey calls any terrestrial restlessness of 4.5 magnitude or higher, “significant”. 

     Did you feel the 7.7 way up off Hadai Gwaii in 2012

     How about the 2.7 nudge just south of Ucluelet on March 25, 2018?



53 "significant" earthquakes rumbled around the Ring of Fire like pinballs on Super Sunday, August 20, 2018 

     * A magnitude 7.3 jangled an already shaken Venezuela.

     An 8.2 – the second-largest “deep focus” quake on record – could have wrecked Tonga and Fiji if its epicentre had been close enough to the surface to trigger tsunamis.

     Still recovering from an August 5th earthquake that killed more than 430 people, the Indonesian island of Lombok was struck again on August 20th – this time by a 6.9.

     “Where will the next one strike?” plaintively asked Michael Snyder in late August 2018. “The crust of the Earth has been shaken by 144 major earthquakes over the last 7 days” he moaned. “They are happening so rapidly right now that it is difficult to keep up.”

     As wide swaths of this planet rebound from beneath massively melting ice sheets, Snyder concludes, “We appear to have entered a time when the crust of our planet is going to become increasingly unstable, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this is going to have very serious implications for the future of our society.”



For seven days in July, not so terra firma rings alarm bells more than 677-times every day.  

     On July 8, a 5.7 earthquake 6 miles down jolts the townsite of the first oil well in Iran and the Middle East. Mistakenly located on major seismic faults, Iran averages an earthquake a day on average. (“In 2003, a magnitude 6.6 earthquake flattened the historic city of Bam in southern Iran, killing 26,000 people,” documents the Vancouver Courier. “At least five aftershocks were recorded, and tremors were felt as far away as Kuwait.)

     During eight days in July, 123 “significant” earthquakes of at least magnitude 4.5 shake this restless planet; 84 tremblors measuring 6.0 or greater have gonged the globe so far this year. All but seven have occurred in the Pacific Ring of Fire, a necklace of 452 volcanoes encircling the Pacific Ocean.

     “That’s more than 3-times above normal,” Snyder reports. “Our entire planet is being greatly shaken.”

     Yet few are stirred.


Interim Earth Changes from earthquaketrack.com:

July 5: A magnitude 7.1 and major aftershock entertains southern California with the two biggest earthquakes in more than two decades. Epicentred in “remote areas,” damage is remarkably light.


July 5-12: 10,303 tremors shake California and adjacent Nevada.


July 12: A 4.6 near Seattle is felt in Kelowna. The deeper a quake occurs, the more widely it is felt – and this one is 14 miles beneath downtown. It’s followed by 11 aftershocks, including a 3.5 three-minutes after the main feature. KIRO 7 explains the chances of the Big One are greatest right after the initial tremors, and become less likely with each passing hour.

July 13-15: Major earthquakes are triggered around the Pacific Rim’s primeval “Ring of Fire”. A magnitude 6.1 quake hits Japan, a 6.6 strikes long-quiescent west Australia, and a magnitude 7.3 rings Indonesia like a temple gong. Though no tsunamis result, the largest earthquake ever felt in western Australia stuns locals who have never really felt the Earth move.


July 16: East Java is back in the news with a 5.7.


July 19: People flee into the afternoon streets of Athens as buildings sway to a series of tremors topping 5.1. Though described as “powerful,” there are no injuries. But electricity and cellphone service are knocked out. The last quake here, in 1999, was a 6.0 that killed 143 people and damaged 70,000 buildings.


Birds splash in a fountain during the summer heatwave in Boston, Massachusetts, US, July 19, 2019 ©  Reute

Birds splash in fountain during July 19, 2019 heatwave in Boston -Reuters


(Snowflake Warning! If reality hurts your feelings and you think unshakeable denial is not a species-limiting indulgence, please go back to worrying whether Miss Michigan should lose her title for refusing to try on a hijab  a garment you are otherwise quick to condem as a shroud of repression if worn by Middle Eastern women.)

With insects dying-off, and half of all species fast-tracking toward imminent extinction, carbon and methane emissions continue to set records.

     So are human-driven temperatures, piggybacking on seasonal variation. This month is already the hottest July on record. Sam Carrana reports that it's 2.08 C hotter than the annual global mean  not from pre-industrial times  but from 1980 to 2015! Definitely a yikes.

     Just ask a farmer.

     Back in the alternate reality of government accounting fraud, endlessly borrowing and printing money to pay compounding interest on unpayable crazy debt is pumping up the world’s biggest casino like an overinflated inner-tube to temporarily keep bankers afloat, while we all drift further out toward places we’d better not go.

     When these twinned bubbles finally pop and all those derivatives come due, which will be “soon” given how fast the dollar is being dumped by just about everyone, welcome back to 1929! 

     Just kidding. Greenbacks were a gold-backed currency back then. Which means the upcoming debt-backed wipeout will be much worse for much longer than the not-so Great Depression. Which is totally depressing. And maybe just in time for an overdue return to the simple pleasures of living simply. (Consult an islander.)

      Meanwhile, imploding America is thrashing about in increasing despair and desperation. As nations band together to ignore Washington’s increasingly bizarre and bellicose diktats, continuing provocations in the Persian Gulf by maniacs determined to “settle everything forever” could shortly ignite an all-out missile fest that will delete oil shipments and infrastructure throughout the region. Now there's a world-girdling megaquake in the making!

      Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Syria, Iran and Italy are also on the White House “to do” list. 

      So it might be prudent to lay in some extra Cheezies.

Warmish July 19, 2019


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