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Look familiar? Explosion on the outskirts of Damascus after Western strikes reportedly hit Syrian military bases and chemical research centres in and around the capital  -AFP

Updated April 19, 2018


by William Thomas


Warplanes and vessels of the US and its allies launched over 100 cruise missiles and air-surface missiles on Syrian civil and military facilities. The strikes were conducted by two US ships stationed in the Red Sea, with tactical air support from the Mediterranean and Rockwell B-1 Lancer bombers from Al-Tanf airbase in Syria’s Homs province. Syrian government sources said their air defenses intercepted about 10 of 30 incoming missiles.


Trump’s unhinged tweets – including one threatening that US missiles ‘will be coming’’ – forced the hand of his national insecurity team and made some type of strikes inevitable. “Once the President tweeted what he tweeted we have to go forward,” a senior administration official explained.

Trump favoured bombing Russian and Iranian targets in Syria, before Pentagon chief James Mattis talked the US leader out of it. -Wall Street Journal

Moscow has harshly criticized the US-led strikes, with Russia’s Foreign Ministry saying that Damascus came under attack at a time when Syria was returning to peaceful life. "A strike was carried out on the capital of a sovereign state, which for many years has been trying to survive under the threat of terror.” -Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova.

Regarding the alleged chemical incident used to justify the US, UK, French attack:

"On the ground the intelligence is non-existent, we don't have an embassy there anymore, we don't have any kind of official or formal presence there anymore, and... what the military collects remotely can only go so far." -former CIA analyst, John Kiriakou


“We're still assessing the intelligence — ourselves and our allies.” 

-U.S. Permanent War Secretary, Jim Mattis  (Reuters) April 11, 2018


The US-led intervention in Syria comes just hours before the UN’s Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) experts were scheduled to visit the Damascus suburb of Douma to determine whether chemical weapons had been used there last week. -RT

Syrians Not Impressed



(updated Apr 16)


Ms Fida Bashour, economist from Damascus:

“I was scared when I woke up but now things are better. I went out to the city center in the morning and just came back home. Things are actually fine and yes, we will win!”


Mr Essa Tahhan, engineer from Aleppo:

“This morning people gathered in Saadallah Jabri Square to condemn this assault … and they support the Syrian army, which confronted it.”

Dr Hiam Bashour, medical doctor working and living in Damascus:

“I am very angry after the night of horror that we had to live through. It all makes me feel furious… After seven years of lies being spread against Syria.  In spite of everything, Syrian people are resilient and will continue to love the country, fight for the country, and unite for the country.

Mr Fadi Loufti, hairdresser in Damascus:

“I was awoken at 4am hearing a very loud sound of an explosion. My house was shaking terribly. I immediately checked FaceBook and realized that we were under attack. Trump is such a fool to think he can destroy us. He can attack us again and again, but we will not surrender.”

Ms Rana, 21-year-old Syrian student from Damascus:

“We were horrified when we heard the explosions last night, but we have faith in our army and in our leadership and as we all know now, the Syrian army succeeded in shooting down most of the missiles. We consider this to be our victory. And we see it as a humiliation of the attackers “


Mr Majd, student from Homs:

“Today is a day off for most Syrians but we are all out in force, to show our support to the army and to our government. We do not fear their missiles and we will always shoot them down if they come. Syria has gone through a horrible war for the last seven years, and now this latest attack would definitely not manage to break our spirit.”

Andre Vltchek, journalist who conducted these interviews:

“Instead of falling on their knees, (as the West expected them to do), just a few hours after the attack Syrian people flooded the squares, parks and avenues, dancing on the streets, waving their national flag and celebrating.”


Refugees fleeing U.S. bombing in Raqqa



US President Donald Trump (R) holds a defence sales chart with Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, March 20, 2018 in Washington, DC. Mandel Ngan : AFP

Trump holds arms sales brochure to facilitate genocide in Yemen. Saudi  Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (L) is  urging the overthrow of Assad -Mandel Ngan / AFP Mar 20/18

cholera-infected child receives treatment at a hospital in Sanaa, Yemen. © Mohammed Mohammed: Global Look Press

U.S. media silent: cholera-infected child at hospital in Sanaa, Yemen. -Mohammed Mohammed/ Global Look Press


“The United States is determined to see the monster who dropped chemical weapons on the Syrian people held to account.” -U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley


Haley declared “her country reserves the right to militarily hit Syria – with or without a mandate from the Security Council. This is tantamount to proclaiming a prerogative for lawlessness and unlimited aggression. The US and its allies are flouting international law to openly perpetrate the supreme war crime of aggression.” -Finian Cunningham, former scientific editor for the Royal Society of Chemistry in Cambridge veteran editor/writer The Mirror, Irish Times and Independent


“The United States has not backed up its own claims with anything other than a recitation of accusations made by rebel groups opposed to the regime of Bashar al-Assad. -Scott Ritter, former Marine Corps intelligence officer who served in the former Soviet Union implementing arms control treaties, in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm, and in Iraq overseeing the disarmament of WMD



The US and its allies "don't have evidence" that the Syrian government was to blame for the chemical attack in the Damascus suburb of Douma.-U.S. Defense Secretary Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis


The US-led intervention in Syria comes just hours before the UN’s Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) experts were scheduled to visit the Damascus suburb of Douma to determine whether chemical weapons had been used there last week. -RT


"Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and "smart!" You shouldn't be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it! 


"The tweets from President Trump is undoubtedly the most disturbing statement ever made by any US president and calls into question the very sanity of the person issued it." -former British MP George Galloway


"I hope he realizes very profoundly as I did, and as other presidents have done that any nuclear exchange could involve catastrophe for all human beings." -former U.S. President Jimmy Carter speaking of the Donald




“Since joining the Chemical Weapons Convention under a deal brokered by Russia in 2013, the UN watchdog, Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has repeatedly confirmed Syria’s full compliance with its obligations to dismantle and remove its chemical stockpiles,” Tyler Durden reports.

The OPCW report on the first inspection (February 26 to March 5, 2017), confirmed, “the inspection team did not observe any activities inconsistent with obligations under the Convention” - while noting that Damascus had provided unimpeded access to the inspectors “to all selected areas.”


A follow-up inspection carried out in November 2017, did not find any evidence of Syrian government chemical weapons. The March 2018 OPCW report reiterates: “As stated in previous reports, all of the chemicals declared by the Syrian Arab Republic that were removed from its territory in 2014 have now been destroyed.


Militants in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta have been “preparing a provocation with the use of poisonous substances in order to blame the government forces of using chemical weapons against civilians. - Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria, Feb. 2018

canisters lined up against the walls in several areas of the lab, contain chlorine : Shelves and cupboards of chemical substances are dotted around the facility's upper floor © Sharmine Narwani

      Plastic jerry cans full of different chemicals are seen in a secret workshop run by militants prior to their defeat

      in al-Shefounieh town, Syria’s Eastern Ghouta, on March 12, 2018. -SANA


“The Syrian Foreign Ministry pointed out that more than 40 tons of poisonous substances were found on the territories, liberated from terrorists.” -Igor Kirillov, the commander of Russia’s Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Forces (MSN)

al-Nusra Front chemical warfare lab in East Ghouta -SANA

al-Nusra Front chemical warfare lab in East Ghouta -SANA

“On Mar 13, 2018 Syria’s official news agency SANA reported that the clandestine workshop was uncovered near al-Shefounieh town recently-liberated from the Jaish al-Islam Takfiri terrorists.


“The plant consists of a two-story building with a basement located between Douma, enclave’s largest town, and al-Shefounieh... It included a lab for making toxic chemicals containing equipment of 'Saudi origin' and materials and protection gear of 'Western origin'.


“The lab contained vials for mixing chemicals as well as vats and mixing and heating equipment, in addition to a variety of materials used to make lethal chemicals and explosives, including substances containing chlorine, as well as Saudi manuals and booklets with the Takfiri logo.


“For the past several years, the flashpoint enclave, home to some 400,000 people, has been under the control of multiple foreign-backed terror groups, particularly the so-called Jaish al-Islam outfit and the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham Takfiri terrorist group, formerly known as al-Nusra Front... which have used civilians as human shields against the government’s liberating forces. -Press TV / SANA (Syria’s official news agency)

US Equipment In Terrorist Chem Weps LabUS-manufactured Hill-Rom air or gas compression unit on the lab's main floor : © Sharmine Narwani

US-manufactured Hill-Rom air/gas compression unit on the lab's main floor -Sharmine Narwani photo


Raqqa, Syria, August 19, 2017 -Zohra Bensemra:Reuters

Raqqa, Syria following air strikes, August 19, 2017 -Zohra Bensemra/Reuters


The "key determinate" to attacking civilians is "weakness" when the government is "losing in battle when it looks like the regime change is imminent. The structural conditions in this scenario are the exact opposite. “Assad is not losing, he is winning... the civil war is no longer in dispute... the regime is not at all desperate. Why would the Syrian Arab Army intentionally not only attack civilians but basically violate the taboo against WMD by using chemical weapons.” -Max Abrahms, specialist on terrorism and political violence, and professor at Northeastern U.

*    *    *

"There is no proof yet of a Syrian government gas attack… We are talking about a direct confrontation between the two nuclear superpowers. Why would the U.S. risk nuclear war over dubious chemical weapons claims?"        -Veterans for Peace President Gerry Condon.


*    *    *

“You’re President of Syria, civil war starts, you nearly lose. But now you are about to win. Only one thing can go wrong, international intervention happening only if you use chemical weapons. You use chemical weapons.

-Justin Barrett tweet

*    *    * 

The chemical attack reports spread "just as Trump was seeking a withdrawal from Syria and just as Assad was approaching victory in Douma. 

-journalist Caitlin Johnstone


Friends in terror -Marwa Osman photo

"Odd how every time Trump suggests he might leave Syria or back off, Assad (who would love the US out) suddenly inexplicably uses chemical weapons and screws himself. How convenient for the players who are desperate to get the US more deeply involved." -freelance journalist Danielle Ryan

*    *    *

“Shortly after the Syrian government resumed its offensive against Douma (and after the opposition forces publicized their allegations of Syrian government chemical weapons attacks), the rebel resistance inside Douma collapsed, with the fighters agreeingto be evacuated to Idlib. The Russian military was able to dispatch units to the sites of the alleged chemical weapons attacks and conduct a survey. According to the state-run Russian news, no evidence of a chemical weapons attack was discovered. Representatives of the Syrian Red Crescent who claim to have worked in Douma stated that they have seen no evidence of any chemical weapons use there, either.” -Scott Ritter, former Marine Corps intelligence officer who served in the former Soviet Union implementing arms control treaties, in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm, and in Iraq overseeing the disarmament of WMD

*    *    *

“It seems to be utterly ludicrous for the military that is in the process of taking over an area to go and do something with chemical weapons, which will draw the wrath of the larger enemy down upon them… I am not willing to accept tweets. We need to see incontrovertible truth about what has happened there and make a decision on that basis. -Lord Alan West, British Royal Navy officer (retired)


“Makes ‘totally sense’ that Assad launches a chemical attack days after Trump says he wants to leave Syria thus forcing Trump to be there longer... Right? The attack is obviously from interests who want the US to in Syria where it weakens Assad. How stupid can u be not to see it? -Russian citizen Yossi Gestetner tweet

*    *    *


“So just after Trump says it’s time for US troops to leave Syria, and directly following the Syrian government fully liberating Eastern Ghouta, Assad decides to unleash chemical weapons that he doesn’t even have? -Sarah Abdallah tweet

*    *    * 

"All the geniuses tell us that Assad killed those children, but do they really know that? Of course they don't really know that. They're making it up. They have no real idea what happened." -FOX News host Tucker Carlson

*    *    *

"I don't think Assad is in the least worried that the inspectors will find out his guilt – he is probably not guilty on this occasion. We have to engage our brains as well as our emotions here, not be stampeded by those videos which are described as being unverified, but which by dint of being repeated over and over again come to acquire a spurious credibility.


We have to ask ourselves what are the sources in this stampede to war?


The correct response is obviously to get inspectors on to the alleged sites of the alleged offences. Based on previous experience, we can see that we cannot take on face value what the so-called intelligence experts tell us.


In August 2016, [the Jihadis] mounted a chlorine gas attack on civilians and they tried to make it look like a regime operation. Mark my words, [the jihadis will make it look like the regime did it] and it will get the warmongers coming to tell us that Assad is defying us and we must go in more heavily into Syria… What the jihadis have done is jerk our leash.


Now the military action that we are on the point of taking, risking our own safety. What the jihadis have done is jerk our leash… Without Security Council authorization, any such action is illegal in any event.” -ex-British ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford



“The White Helmets claim to be volunteer first-responders saving Syrians caught up in the fighting. They gained traction in the western media and rose to prominence during the Battle of Aleppo in 2016, while working exclusively in the militant-controlled areas of the city and becoming one of the most widely used sources of information and visual materials in the West.


People on the ground in Aleppo, told RT that the White Helmets were working closely with the militants and saving only ‘their own’. Local witnesses also accused the ‘activists’ of looting the humanitarian aid that was coming into the city and of forcingthe locals to read fake anti-government statements on camera, in return for food.” -RT News

Pace Picante @DSBurrito  Staging Aleppo Boy

 Staging “Aleppo Boy” -Pace Picante 

“The White Helmets, a rescue group heavily funded by the US and UK governments. Marketed by a top PR firm, the White Helmets openly advocate for regime change while working alongside Al-Qaeda-linked rebels in opposition areas. Some of its members have participated in atrocities on video, a fact almost entirely ignored by Western media, which is enamored with the group." -Rania Khalek, American journalist based in the Middle East.

Before & After: Remember this photo of a kid laying next to her ‘dead’ parents who were ‘killed’ by 

Assad and this photo went viral and got thousands of retweets and had people crying allover Twitter? -Jad

“All the accusations brought by the White Helmets, as well as their photos… allegedly showing the victims of the chemical attack, are nothing more than a yet another piece of fake news and an attempt to disrupt the ceasefire. -Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria (actually on the ground in Syria)

*    *    *

“We know for certain that between April 3 and April 6 the so-called White Helmets were seriously pressured from London to speed up the provocation that they were preparing… The group, which was a primary source of photos and footage of the purported chemical attack, was informed of a large-scale artillery attack on Damascus planned by the Islamist group Army of Islam, which controlled Douma at the time. -Russian Defense Ministry


Peter Ford, Britain’s former Ambassador to Syria, says he believes the chemical attack in Douma was staged. -BBC Radio Scotland

Raqqa, Syria © Nour Fourat : Reuters

Raqqa, Syria hit by “humanitarian” USA -Nour Fourat / Reuters


UK Prime Minister Theresa May said she had authorized British forces to conduct "coordinated and targeted strikes to degrade the Syrian regime's chemical weapons capability."


“It is highly likely that the regime is responsible for Saturday's attack. 

-Downing Street 


The "correct response is obviously to get inspectors on to the alleged sites of the alleged offences" as opposed to sending off the military in a mindless "stampede to war." -Peter Ford, former UK ambassador to Syria to BBC Radio Scotland


French President Emmanuel Macron confirmed that he ordered French forces to carry out a military action against Syria in coalition with the US.


"All indications...tell us today that chlorine is being used by the regime at present in Syria. I'm weighing my words because as long as we haven't completely documented this we have to stay prudent." -Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian on French television.

Colin Powel with toxic bullshit

 We’ve seen this movie before: Colin Powell waving fake vial at the UN


May I have your credulity? British PM waves fake “Novichok" vial at UK Parliament


"Germany will not take part in possible military action – I want to make clear again that there are no decisions." -German Chancellor Angela Merkel


"We are not looking to be present in Syria." -Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau


United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley addresses the United Nations Security Council meeting on Syria at the U.N. headquarters in New York, U.S., April 9, 2018 -Brendan McDermid : Reuters

United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley addresses the United Nations Security Council meeting on Syria at the U.N. headquarters in New York, U.S., April 9, 2018 -Brendan McDermid / Reuters


“The Russian regime, whose hands are all covered in the blood of Syrian children, cannot be ashamed by pictures of its victims..." -U.S. Envoy to UN 


On CBS, US War Secretary Jim Mattis earlier said civilian deaths in the war against terrorism are merely a “fact of life.” -U.S. Permanent War Secretary, Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis, no doubt referring to mountains of dead family corpses in the rubble of Raqqa and Mosul from relentless US-led heavy bombings. These are war crimes. But who’s counting? Only the dead and those who survive - maimed, traumatized, displaced.


Iraqi child, killed in air strike Mar 2017 Aris Messinis:AFP

A fact of death: Iraqi child killed in U.S. air strike March 2017 -Aris Messinis/AFP


Bombing Saddam again? Not true, Mr. Michael McFaul, former U.S. “ambassador" to Russia 

*     *     *

“We’ve made so many sacrifices and now he’s crapping all over us. It makes me sick." -InfoWars Alex Jones weeping online

*     *     *

The strikes “violated all international laws, all international rules” as well as being a direct affront to the UN Charter. -Malik Ayub Sumbal, political analyst and broadcaster

*     *     *

“They did not prove that they were acting under Article 51 of the UN Charter, which is self-defense – the US was not acting in self-defense. They did not get Security Council authorization, and the US Congress did not weigh in on this, so it’s illegal internationally and under US law. We don’t even know that [Syrian President Bashar al-Assad] used chemical weapons this time. Or the last time. So they’re talking about ‘if he does it again.’ Well, how about waiting to find out whether he did it this time? So in other words, they don’t need proof. That is clear.” -Joe Lauria, former Wall Street Journal correspondent, independent journalist 

*     *     *

The timing of the strikes clearly showed that the US and its western allies “didn’t really care” about a proper investigation into the April 7 incident. Finding out who is actually behind the alleged gas attack is “not really their motivation. -F. Michael Maloof, former Pentagon security analyst

*     *     *

“This is a cynical act. It’s illegal under international law, it’s illegal under US law. The administration and its supporters have no plausible story that this act will make anything better.

These are the same three governments who are arming, and facilitating, and participating in the Saudi war in Yemen. The cause of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Millions of human beings on the brink of famine, worst cholera outbreak in human history, millions of human beings suffering from the blockade of fuel, medicine and fuel.


These are the governments that have us believe that this bombing has something to do with protecting civilians. Does anybody in the world actually believe this military action has anything to do with protecting civilians? I can’t imagine anyone would be so foolish to believe such an assertion.” -Robert Naiman, policy director, Just Foreign Policy


Syria torture -Band Annie

Syria torture under Assad -Band Annie


“The Syrian president-for-life is a monster who has perpetrated a vast array of blatant human rights abuses, crimes against humanity, and war crimes,” writes Mehdi Hasan.

Was Assad any less of a war criminal when his ‘indiscriminate bombardments,’ according to the U.N., were destroying ‘homes, medical facilities, schools, water and electrical facilities, bakeries and crops’?”


… when his troops “opened fire during protests in the southern part of Syria… and killed peaceful demonstrators” at the start of the Syrian uprising in March 2011, long before any jihadists had arrived in the country to fight against his regime?


"… when his security forces were literally starving the people of Madaya, an opposition-held town an hour’s drive from Damascus, in 2015 and 2016? Scores of residents died from malnutrition and starvation, according to Physicians for Human Rights; others were forced to survive on soup made from grass and rice.


    Let me be clear,” declared then-U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in 

    January  2016, referring to the situation in Madaya and other regime-

    and rebel-held towns, “the use of starvation as a weapon of war is a war 



Bashar al-Assad -Bing


Or when his soldiers delivered the brutalized corpse of 25-year-old protester Ghiyath Matar — nicknamed “Little Gandhi” for his commitment to nonviolent activism — to his pregnant wife and parents in Deraya in September 2011?


     The mass scale of deaths of detainees suggests that the government of 

     Syria is responsible for acts that amount to extermination as a crime against

     humanity,” declared Paulo Sérgio Pinheiro, chair of the U.N. Commission of 

     Inquiry on Syria, in February 2016.


The Syrian president was an eager accomplice in the Bush administration’s “extraordinary rendition” program… Former CIA agent Robert Baer: “If you want a serious interrogation, you send a prisoner to Jordan. If you want them to be tortured, you send them to Syria.”


     Ninety percent of terrorists from different Arabic nationalities infiltrated 

     Iraq through Syrian territory,” then-prime minister of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki, 

     claimed in 2009.


"The Syrian dictator long ago booked his place in the blood-stained pantheon of modern mass murderers, alongside the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Henry Kissinger, and George W. Bush."

The Hague exhibition of photos of Assad atrocities

The Hague exhibition of photos of Assad atrocities


(Updated April 16)


“Part of the battle for the public’s hearts and minds is to keep people confused. They must be convinced to regard these wars and conflicts as a disconnected array of events and not as the planned machinations of empire.


The ongoing disinformation narrative about Russian aggression is part of the strategy. Ultimately, Russia (and China) is the real and increasingly imminent target: Moscow has stood in the way of the West’s plans in Syria and both Russia and China are undermining the role of the dollar in international trade, a lynchpin of US power. Most of the public remains blissfully ignorant of the psy-ops being directed at them through the corporate media… The shaping of public opinion is a multi-million-dollar industry… Welcome to the world of mass deception à la Edward Bernays and Josef Goebbels.”  -Colin Todhunter extensively published independent writer and former social policy researcher 



French President Macron's “presidency is reeling from nationwide industrial strikes against plans to ransack workers' employment rights. Macron is so desperate to salvage his political and economic woes that this week he shamelessly pandered to the visiting Saudi Crown Prince to seek more multi-billion-euro arms deals. Banging the drums of war over Syria is music to the ears of the Saudi rulers, and Macron is banging furiously to ingratiate himself. Trump, May and Macron — three politically damaged leaders — are pushing a war in Syria out of venal expedience. Regardless of any proof to justify their aggression...” -Finian Cunningham


“Trump’s rush to judgment on Syrian guilt is being done in a highly politicized environment, coming as it does on the heels of an FBI raid on the offices of the president’s personal attorney. In times such as this, a president is often attracted by the prospect of ‘looking presidential’ in order to offset personal problems.” -Scott Ritter

The president is fighting for his political survival over alleged corruption and pay-offs to his accusers who claim to have had trysts with Trump. -Finian Cunningham


Britain's Theresa May is facing the collapse of her government over the Brexit debacle, which is tearing her country apart due to immense economic uncertainty for Britain after it quits the European Union next year. -Finian Cunningham


"Israel is in a state of panic as a result of the collapse of its special relationship with Russia following its raid on the T-4 airbase and of the growing Iranian presence on the ground in Syria." -Abdel Bari Atwan


“I believe that our Western partners, I mean primarily the United Kingdom, the United States and some countries that blindly follow them, have cast away all decency, they are resorting to open lies, blatant misinformation Worse than a cold war is a real war. It will be the last war in the history of the mankind... Actually, you are cornering Russia. To corner Russia is a very dangerous thing." -General Evgeny Buzhinsky served on the Russian general staff for many years



"A pre-designed scenario is being implemented. Again, we are being threatened. We warned that such actions will not be left without consequences. All responsibility for them rests with Washington, London and Paris." - Russian Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov, April 13, 2018 


“Putting aside the contradictory reports on how many missiles struck their intended targets, they did not cause any military casualties and failed to inflict any serious damage on Syrian military infrastructure. Compared to the recent Israeli air raid on the T-4 base, the result of the April 14 strikes seems rather insignificant… Direct confrontation was predictably avoided, and the whole operation seemed to be no more than a ‘performance’.

“The party that stood to benefit the most from this situation was the Syrian regime and its allies… Last year, the Russian leadership saw the attack on Shayrat airfield as the least damaging solution for the domestic troubles Trump was facing. This year too, Moscow understood that the strikes on Syria are not really in retribution for the alleged use of chemical weapons in Douma and definitely not an attempt to influence the outcome of the Syrian conflict. It was simply a demonstration of force.


“Consultations between Russia and the United States appear to have taken place in the week prior to the US strikes. The fact that Moscow had confidence in this coordination was reflected in the presence of a delegation from the ruling United Russia Party headed by its secretary-general, Andrei Turchak, in Damascus, the day the strikes were conducted.


“In the end, these ‘formal’ strikes against Syria were the optimal solution for both countries to ease tension around the situation with chemical weapons in Douma. Moscow retained the status quo in Syria, and Washington formally fulfilled its promise and took a ‘principled’ position.” -Leonid Issaev, lecturer at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow.


after U.S. airstrikes hit a mosque during night prayer in Al-Jineh village of Atarib district in Aleppo, Syria on March 17, 2017. Photo- Ibrahim Ebu Leys:Anadolu Agency:Getty Images

After U.S. airstrikes hit a mosque during night prayer in Al-Jineh village of Atarib district in Aleppo, Syria on March 17, 2017. - Ibrahim Ebu Leys photo Anadolu Agency/Getty 





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