Pro-Russians celebrate in Lenin Square, Simferopol, Ukraine March 16/14 -Vadim Ghirda/AP


#  Putin’s Cure For U.S. Aggression

#  Russia Will Not Fight On Russian Soil

#  Russia Cuts Weapons Spending 25%

#  Putin Welcomes Arctic Melting

#  Russian Trolls Pose As Pro-Trumpers

# Disillusioned Russians Return Home

#  Russian Lives 'Tough And Thankless'? 

#  Russia Threatens U.S. Dominance

#  Russia Fears U.S. Nuclear Attack

#  Russia’s Patience Wearing Thin  -Orlov


#  Let’s Blame Russia For Everything

#  Russian Oligarch Profits From Keystone XL    

# U.S./NATO Trying To Draw Russia Into 

    Confrontation -Putin

#  Facebook Lifts RT Page Block

 14-Yr Old Could Hack Podesta Emails


#  Top U.S. Spy Agency Disagrees With CIA

     Over Alleged Russia Hacking 

#  Putin Tells Russians There’s No Way Back

     To Ideological Monopoly

#  Western Elites Ignore Their Own Citizens’

     Anger And Blame Russia Instead

#  White House Uses Russia Scaremongering

     To Manipulate Americans -Putin

#  Western Capitols Reeling Over Liberation

     Of Aleppo  

Dimitri Orlov

Listen to Dimitri Orlov’s superb analysis of Russia-US situation with host Chris Martenson"Russia's Patience Is Wearing Thin 51:09  (while doing the dishes, enjoying your favourite beverage, or…)    TRANSCRIPT

Mostly Russian Crimean Response To Russian “Annexation"  23:04

US Needs An "Evil Empire" - Putin  2:09

Ukraine/Crimea - The Ground Truth  30:30

Chris Hedges on “Embarrassing” ODNI Report  7:33#

Deep State Hawks Want War With Russia - Pilger  7:07 

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