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Swami Beyondananda, cosmic comic, pundit, and uncommontator

“We need to change our political climate from dominate-or-bedominated to we’re-all-in-it-together,” advises Swami Beyondananda, cosmic comic, pundit, and uncommentator. “Can we undo the doo-doo that has been done, or will the done doo-doo be our undoing?”


It’s time for an evolution! “We need an evolutionary upwising to overgrow the system, the wise swami (aka Steve Bhaerman) says with a wink. “Only by standing together… will the peeps outnumber the perps.”


Someone must be listening. Because on December 10, more than 143 were arrested as 1,000 young members of the Sunrise Movement lined the halls of Congress and lobbied outside congressional offices demanding congressional backing of a proposal to shift the USA to a zero-carbon energy system by 2050 in order to save the planet from irreversible climate catastrophe, Julia Conley reported for CommonGround.


Many T-shirts advertised a simple message: "We have a right to good jobs and a livable future."


“I'm happy to hear from them,” tweeted Democratic Whip Rep. Steny Hoyer tweeted: During his 20-year career in Congress, Rep. Hoyer has been even happier to receive over $250,000 from fossil fuel executives, lobbyists, and PACs.


“The Green New Deal would create 10 million jobs in the first decade by putting Americans to work building a green energy infrastructure that would be sustainable for decades and centuries to come,” Conley wrote.

At least 23 Democratic lawmakers now support a Select Committee on a Green New deal.




“Global investors holding $32 trillion in assets called for world leaders to commit to greater action to address the climate crisis,” chimes in by Andrea Germanos


A statement signed by 415 investors at the COP24 climate summit declared:


"The full implementation of current Nationally Determined Contributions would lead to an unacceptably high temperature increase potentially in the range of 2.9 to 3.4°C relative to pre-industrial levels. This is of great concern for investors, as global warming impacts global economies and investment portfolios. Policy makers need to close this gap urgently.


"The global shift to clean energy is underway, but much more needs to be done by governments to accelerate the low carbon transition and to improve the resilience of our economy, society, and the financial system to climate risks."


U.S. attempts to push coal as the go-to global fuel at the U.N. climate conference was met with laughter and chants of "Keep it in the ground!"


"The transition to a low carbon economy presents numerous opportunities to create value, and investors who ignore the changing world do so at their own peril," added New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli, who's responsible for the state's $207 billion public pension fund.


Thousands march in the anti-Trump protest in London © Simon Dawson : Reuters

 Thousands march against the U.S. President and American policies in London -Simon Dawson/Reuters


“A lot of people are troubled by civil disobedience,” Howard Zinn once told a large audience. "As soon as you talk about committing civil disobedience, they get a little upset. That’s exactly the purpose of civil disobedience: to upset people, to trouble them, to disturb them. We who commit civil disobedience are disturbed, too, and we mean to disturb those who are in charge of the war.”

“After starting in the United Kingdom just months ago with a mere 10 members dedicated to pressuring their elected officials to urgently confront the climate crisis, the Extinction Rebellion has quickly ballooned into a global movement spanning an estimated 35 countries – a testament to the growing disaffection with the deadly climate status quo and hunger for transformative change among the world's population,” Jake Johnson writes for CommonDreams.


The goal is of the Extinction Rebellion to build up to a massive international day of action next April 22, Earth Day.


An open letter signed by Naomi Klein, Noam Chomsky, Dr Vandana Shiva, Bill McKibben, the Lakota Nation’s Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Guy McPherson, Dr Paul Beckwith and around 100 other prominent international progressives call on "concerned global citizens to rise up" and join the Extinction Rebellion appeared in major newspapers across the globe.


Climate Emergency: An Open Letter to Concerned Global Citizens:

“In our complex, interdependent global ecosystem, life is dying, with species extinction accelerating. The climate crisis is worsening much faster than previously predicted…


“Political leaders worldwide are failing to address the environmental crisis. If global corporate capitalism continues to drive the international economy, global catastrophe is inevitable…


We further call on concerned global citizens to rise up and organize against current complacency, including indigenous people's rights advocacy, decolonization and reparatory justice – so joining the global movement that's now rebelling against extinction.

In response, the State Department insisted, “The United States has not endorsed” reality. Therefore what’s happening cannot be happening because we say it isn’t.

"The fact that a group of four countries were trying to diminish the value and importance of a scientific report they themselves, with all other countries, requested three years ago in Paris is pretty remarkable,” observed Alden Meyer of the Union of Concerned Scientists. "It's really an embarrassment for the world's leading scientific superpower…"


“We are an unserious nation, engaged in trivial pursuits, in a deadly serious world,” writes Patrick Buchanan.



Populations of vertebrates monitored worldwide have declined in abundance by 60% globally. Even more dire, insects are vanishing. The flying insect population has dropped by a staggering 76% over a 27-year period.

hundreds of thousands of dead starfish washed up on British beaches -thescottishsun.co.uk

Hundreds of thousands of dead starfish washed up on British beaches -thescottishsunco.uk

Until recently, starfish were the top predators of the nearshore. But in 2014 more than 20 species from Alaska to Mexico suffered up to 99% losses – a die-off scientists call, “unprecedented in geographic scale.”

Their disappearance will undoubtedly have cascading impacts, not unlike the vanishing of the insects that form the base of the food chain on land,” writes Subhankar Banerjee for Information Clearing House.


Concurrent with the disappearance of the starfish, another “unprecedented” seabird die-off continues along the Pacific coast, as well as the UK. Cassin’s auklets, thick-billed murres, common murres, fork-tailed petrels, short-tailed shearwaters, black-legged kittiwakes, and northern fulmars are all departing this planet thanks to "runaway human consumption” and growing climate chaos.



“To mitigate the crisis, to save life itself, would require not merely the replacement of carbon-dirty fossil fuels with renewable forms of energy, but a genuine re-evaluation of modern life and its institutions. In other words, to save the starfish, the piñon, the birds, and the insects, and us in the process, has become the most challenging and significant ethical obligation of our increasingly precarious time, Subhankar Banarjee concludes.

3 Reasons For Right Action In The Face Of Mass Extinction

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