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Then They Came For Me

arrest them both!


Video & Narration

by William Thomas

(inspired by pastor Martin Niemöller)


First, they said keep your distance and do not approach anyone, anywhere for any reason closer than 6-feet or you might murder them, or they you. And I didn’t speak up because I thought this made perfect sense. 

Then they said don’t wear a mask because you will make yourself sick. And I didn’t speak up because who wants to catch covid from themselves? 

Then they said, if you get sick stay home and go the hospital where you will be put on a ventilator. And I didn’t ask why covid patients with low hemoglobin die on a ventilator, because doctors know best.

Then they said lock yourself inside and don’t go out for three months while we install 5G everywhere. And I didn’t speak up because continuous smart phone surveillance, domestic violence, suicide and despair are preferable to catching a disease most people will never know they had.

Then they said, you can go out if you wear a mask, and I didn’t ask why this is okay now when it wasn’t before, because I was so happy to leave my room without being arrested.

Then they said you will be fined if you attempt to walk through an empty park or along a deserted beach, and I didn’t speak up because fresh air and sunshine kill coronaviruses. And that’s murder.

Then they said don’t let your kids go to school or play outside because little Betsy might carry germs that kill grandma. And I didn’t speak up because traumatizing my daughter made more sense than keeping her away from grandma.

Then they said, seniors who are sick must stay in crowded rest homes with elders who are not sick, and I didn’t speak up because everyone knows that’s where old people belong.

Then they said go back inside until we have a vaccine. And I didn’t say it’s impossible to vaccinate against 15 strains of a mutating retrovirus, because injecting the virus into my own bloodstream will soon be mandatory.

Then they said it’s okay to protest in crowds of thousands because to not do this is worse than catching covid. And I didn’t ask if this was a contradiction because I didn’t want to be called a covidphobe and a racist.

Then they said kneel before the oppressed and apologize for the sins of your forebears – but only if you’re a white male. And I didn’t ask if all sentient lives matter because I didn’t want to be lynched.

And then they came for me, and by that time it was too late. 

For everyone.


The Black Panthers taught me*

that Fear & Division

are how the very few

exploit the rest of us.

Don’t grovel - UNITE!

END CLIP (7 sec.): Dr. Fauci emphasizing don’t wear a mask.

*As a student leader for (successful) black student integration at Marquette U. and an end to the genocide in Vietnam, I marched in solidatory with the Panthers and attended a closed meeting in which the Milwaukee leadership discussed their intention to provide nutritious lunches for young black children who would otherwise suffer cognitive and motivational deficiencies from daily malnutrition. That radical agenda brought the Man’s hammer down! 

                                    BLOCKED BY YOUTUBE   June 10, 2020                         3:31


“A vast array of symptoms and long-term effects among those who suffered severe infections: scarring the lung tissues, kidney failure, inflammation of the heart muscle and arrhythmias liver damage, cognitive impairment, psychosis, mood disorder and much more.” -Independent

This so unnecessary! We know this coronavirus targets people with vitamins C & D deficiency.

(Dark-skinned people with poor nutrition who do not spend hours in sunshine are especially at risk.)

De-militarize police training & their war machines

No more hiring of former military personnel

No more brutal Israeli training of police

Divert excess "enforcement" funds to social programs & expertise

Follow Camden, New Jersey model to restructure police & policing

Detroit spent $294 million on police last year, and $9 million on health.

Adults with severe mental illness account for 1 in 4 people killed in police encounters

6 Steps Toward Building Trust Between Black Americans And Police

by Corey Brooks 

Based on my experiences as a pastor and community leader on the south side of Chicago, I propose the following meaningful reforms:

Police officers should strive to become part of the community. 

Don’t treat the black community as the “enemy.” 

Provide more police training in de-escalation.

Require the use of body cameras for police. 

Make the police disciplinary records public. 

Stop rehiring bad cops after they get fired. 

What about US, UK & Canadian sanctions brutally targeting millions of families of color?

What about America’s Only Occupy Others movement?


In the U.S. alone, 44 million people have applied for jobless claims over the past 12 weeks. Over that same time period… the Nasdaq 100 powered to brand new all-time highs…

So, what to do about it?  You become more resilient:

Save money

Trim expenses

Fire up alternative income streams. 

Build up a deep pantry and start a garden. 

Dedicate more of your waking hours to doing things with and for your neighbors

Just in case.  -Chris Martenson


“The public wants a Green New Deal. The public wants green stimulus. The public wants to address inequality. Linking climate policy with social and economic reforms makes climate action more popular with the public.” -researchers

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