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Panic - A More Dangerous Contagion?

This one’s for Misha…

Gun store in Cuver City, CA -AP

Gun store in LA. March 15, 2020 -AP




By William Thomas


Just now, a call came in from a close confidant in BC’s capitol, Victoria – reminding me that “panic is a dangerous, virally-transmitted infective disease.”

     Even as I started scribbling notes, I mentioned the long lines forming outside gun shops across the USA. Mostly comprised of folks who are telling reporters, they “never thought of owning a gun.” And who have zero notion of how to safely handle firearms. 

     Meanwhile, police from Philadelphia to LA are being ordered not to arrest housebreakers, thieves and vandals, greenlighting looters in what is about to become a growth occupation as supply conduits run dry. 

     Now take all this mounting internet hysteria and media-fuelled panic from so many unqualified, opinions-as-fake-news presenters – add it to cascading official decrees viewed by many as sensible and necessary and many others as draconian precursors to total government control forever – and this cannot end well.

American Rescue Vehicle

     Whipped-up 24/7 by mainstream corporate media, “this form of violence will go to physical violence,” she predicted.

     If it does, that bloodshed will be on them, I responded. The perpetrators of fantastic Facebook fables. The mass-media mesmerizers defaulting to their never-fail, #1 profit-maker:



     “Except this time,” I supplied the punch line, “people can’t go out and consume!”

     She laughed. But briefly. “Wouldn’t you rather listen to the medical establishment, instead of an anchor telling you how soon you’re going to die?”



Corona crown beer

Additionally, my long-distance phone pal expressed concern that “the entitled crowd who refuse to take directions” are another Big Threat – who will soon be joining the herds even now beginning to stampede.

     “I’m talking about all the Americans who think they’ll get the corona virus if they drink Corona beer,” she clarified.

     “Eighty-three percent,” I said.


     Among those polled, 83% “believe” in the covid-beer link, I confirmed.

(loud expostulation)


10x undetected doubling every 14 days until... BOOM!

My interlocutor (always wanted to use that word!) started to argue with publicised infection and death rates. I cut her off.

     Since most covid cases – and necessarily, the bulk of recoveries – remain undetected, I advised, “disregard all box-scores. Instead, watch the trends. Keep your eye on those graphs. Are they going up, flattening out or starting to come down? This is all we really need to know.”

     In addition, we both agreed, to the locations of the closest confirmed cases.

panic graphic -Matt Wuerker cartoonistgroup.com

-Matt Wuerker cartoonistgroup.com

“Don’t play into their hands by repeating their agenda,” my caller cautioned me more than once, referring to those seeking to exploit this latest crisis  which was war-gamed as “Event 201 in October 2019, just before it appeared in Wuhan.

     “I’m working to expose them,” I assured her. “And while I feel a strong obligation to shout FIRE! in a burning building, I take great care with what I write. Because I feel an even stronger responsibility to point to the fire-extinguishers.”

     My guideline in submitting an article for publication in the local paper, and before posting anything online material: Is it helpful? Does it contribute to the conversation?

     Corollary: No matter how dire the information, my conscience and my calling demand that I report it. I will not fudge the facts and pander to denial.

     I had embarked upon my coveted profession at Marquete U. in 1966. And my long-respected caller seemed down with that. But she went further, suggesting a “30-day quarantine to stop the viral spread of misinformation.”

     Great, I said. Who decides?  I was already thinking aloud of the very same people who are currently unmasking themselves through screamingly obvious shadow-side projection and common-sense-defying hype. At least to anyone with a functioning brain.

     “Yeah, but,” she yeah-butted. “People in fear cannot reason.” 

   Or deep denial.

Partying down! Spring Break 2020 in South Padre, TX. Don't go home and hug your mom!

Partying down! Apocalyptic rave during spring break in South Padre, TX. Don't go home and hug your mom!


On the other hand, we both agreed, epidemiologists with decades of experience studying pandemics appear to have a handle on a threat that, while remaining mostly hidden from view, is nevertheless revealing clear trends in the numbers of confirmed cases.

     And those trend-lines are not looking all that great for months to come. Or many years, if you’re referring to the worldwide financial collapse that is fast catching up with a not- coincidental biological mass extinction event.

Feeling the heat in Malaysia -worldofbuzz.com

Feeling the heat in Malaysia -worldofbuzz.com

     “And we don’t know if heat kills the coronavirus,” she added, referring to the notion that this summer will cancel covid in the North Hemisphere.

     “We do know that it won’t,” I corrected her.

     Say what?

    “We’re starting to see the coronavirus pop-up in Malaysia,” I explained, giving a shout-out to Chris Martenson’s latest video post on his Peak Prosperity website. “Not many. Because they haven’t been testing there. But cases are appearing. And we’re talking temperatures right now of 96F.” 

     Maybe they are returning travellers.” 

     “Could be,” I agreed, taking a step back. 

Then this came in:

Oh oh! COVID-19 taking off in summertime equatorial countries  (yellow line): late Jan. - mid-Mar.  -WHO/Peak Prosperity 

     And since I mentioned temperature…

Greta Thunberg, climate activist, stands on a stage during a rally at the town hall market in Hamburg, Germany, on March 1, 2019. Photo- Daniel Bockwoldt:picture-alliance:dpa:AP

Greta Thunberg leads extinction protest in Hamburg, Germany, March 1, 2019 -Daniel Bockwoldt / picture-alliance/dpa/AP


“The climate-change crowd…” my invisible visitor started to rant.

     “Yeah. I was going to mention climate change,” I jumped in. (When I really meant, climate shift or climate disruption.) “We just passed the 2C warming mark a few days ago. Which is well-above the never-exceed…”

     “No, no,” she interrupted back. Not because she was rude, but because she was excited by our back-and-forth. Like me. “I’m talking about the climate-change crowd cheering on the cull of the elderly.”

     “All us useless eaters.” 

     “Don’t Kissinger me,” she joked. “But think of all those pension funds…”


Kissinger's useless eaters

     “I am Kissiningering you,” I rejoined. “There goes all that wisdom and experience we’re going to need now. As for climate change…

     “Never mind who’s ‘right’ or ‘wrong’,” I continued. “Nobody disputes – and satellite-photos confirm – a significant worldwide drop in air pollution” from all those grounded airliners, parked cruise ships and freighters, shuttered industries and methane-spewing fracking wells.

(I could picture her nodding)


“Now the ‘climate change crowd’ you refer to might be cheering this on as a just-in-time interruption in oil-burning, a chance for ‘Mother Earth’ to catch her breath, and an opportunity for us to change (energy) gears. But…”


(and there is always a ‘but’…)


     “They are WRONG if they think this is a good thing.”

     That got my friend’s attention.

     “Because the scientists who crunched the numbers around ‘global dimming’ some years back figured that the loss of all that sunlight-reflecting and refracting pollution would result in an immediate 1C (average) rise in global temperatures,” I went on.

     “Whatever ‘immediate’ means,” I quickly appended. “There go the crops.

(loud silence)

      “That’s the next Black sawn.”


A tough-looking group and their Essex sedan somewhere in Northern California in 1929. From a box of negatives found in a thrift store.

Tough group of locals, somewhere in Northern California, 1929. -from box of negatives found in a thrift store.

“At least,” she finished, “we’re coming into growing season on the islands.”  She meant, of course, everyplace rural where small communities remain strong and their members self-reliant. 


We ended today's conversation in strong agreement that “this is just the beginning” of a tremulous new world starting to unfold.

moral dilemma

One big question remains, dear reader: spiritually and emotionally, how will you step-up and contribute to the best possible outcome for this Fourth Turning? (For some useful approaches, see Martenson’s conversation on my homepage.)


Everything is vibration.



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