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How To Cancel Covid

(An abridged version of this article appeared in the March 19 Islands Grapevine.)




by William Thomas



Just when it seems the “news swirling around the coronavirus pandemic couldn’t get any worse, it’s just gotten a whole lot better.

     With COVID-19’s genetic sequences identified, powerful practices and prophylactics are immediately available to defeat a stealthy plague whose slow start and exponential compounding is best characterized as: case… case… case… cluster… cluster… BOOM!


#1: Prevent community spread and COVID-19 can’t go boom. Despite awkward separation, rampant pandemic-shaming and massive job losses, “social distancing” is the most effective firewall to cancel covid. This means: staying home if sick or elderly, except to take frequent walks if you can on a nearby beach or in other natural settings. Sunshine and fresh air are powerful disinfectants, which is why “Open Air Therapy” proved so effective during the 1918 Influenza outbreak. 

bourbon street parties down Mar 15 2020

 Not smart! Potential covid-carriers partying down on Bourbon Street in New Orleans during Spring Break, Mar 15, 2020

     It’s also wise to avoid crowds and maintain at least 6-feet of separation in face-to-face situations, disinfect often, get tested if exposed, and call your local clinic if you become ill. (Red flags: persistent dry hacking cough; shortness of breath.)   

hand-washing in Africa

#2: Washing hands and often-touched surfaces frequently with plain soap and water or homemade sanitizer (see recipes online) destroys the fatty lipid layer on COVID-19’s outer shell, causing the virus to disintegrate. And since it’s nearly impossible to avoid touching your face, wear disposable gloves and/or clean your face with hand-wipes when away from home. Use paper-towels to open restroom doors. Clean home doorknobs, toilet handles, faucets, steering wells, etc. with hydrogen peroxide, 70-90% isopropyl alcohol or Chlorox wipes. Click here to learn the coronavirus-infection latencies for 12 surfaces.


Pauling, "C" and coronaviruses

#3: “Abundant clinical evidence confirms vitamin C's powerful antiviral effect when used in sufficient quantity,” reports researcher Andrew W. Saul. “Symptoms are usually neutralized when a dose of about 90% or more of bowel tolerance is reached.”

     If you become ill, call the doctor and follow qualified medical instructions. When self-isolating, Saul recommends dosing every 10-minutes with “C” until you get the runs. Then back-off slightly. (High-doses  cured his pneumonia within days.)

     The coronavirus releases free radicals that are “easily eliminated by massive doses of ascorbate. This is a matter of chemistry,” MD Robert F. Cathcart concurs. “Just 200 mg/day vitamin C given to the elderly resulted in improvement in respiratory symptoms in the most severely ill, hospitalized patients. And there were 80% fewer deaths in the vitamin C group.”

     Get the kind with added zinc, another powerful free radical scrubber.

     After successful clinical trials, the government of Shanghai officially recommends 4,000 to 16,000 mg/day of intravenous vitamin C to treat active, confirmed COVID-19 infections in hospitalized adults.

     “I have found the value of bolstering immune function with vitamin D to be incredibly powerful,” adds preventive medicine specialist, Dr. Jeffrey Allyn Ruterbusch.


2.4GHz & 5GHz Dual Band 300Mbps Wireless-N Router

#4: Remove the batteries from your wireless gadgets, and unplug routers and cordless phone cradles. Treat all unseen microwave and 5G millimeter-waves like a typhoon onboard a cruise ship! Peer-reviewed studies show how, in addition to suppressing immunity, wireless radiation opens cellular membranes that might otherwise block the coronavirus. Pulsing at 75-100 billion times every second, 5G networks easily open the blood-brain barrier and all your trillions of electrochemically-secured cell walls.

     In 2017, Electro Bio Med confirmed that nearly ubiquitous 2.45 GHz microwave exposures from everyday emitters – including cell towers, cell phones, portable phones, smart phones, smart meters and wi-fi routers – release “storms” of oxygen-gobbling free radicals, while suppressing free-radical-scrubbing antioxidants. Since a primary test for the presence of COVID-19 infection is detection of dangerously low blood-oxygen levels, prior and ongoing oxygen loss from wireless radiation exposure is definitely something to avoid.

     Don’t just take my word for it. More than 143,661 medical doctors, scientists and engineers from 207 countries have signed a petition expressing “serious concerns” regarding our increasing exposure to cell-choking electrosmog generated by so many wireless gadgets – before COVID-19 and the worldwide 5G roll-out. Don’t wait for them to be ignored.

Wile E. Coyote with  Glucosamine Chondroitin Sulfate -Will Thomas photo

Wile E. Coyote with  Glucosamine Chondroitin Sulfate -Will Thomas photo

#6. Don’t let any coronavirus – including the flu – attach to your cells in the first place. Think of coronavirus as self-replicating energy balls studded with spikes. Like burrs stuck to your socks after a walk in the woods, pointy “spikes” of furin proteins allow COVID-19 to attach to human cells.

     “It is this novel spike protein that make these viruses so infectious, so efficient, to attack and infect human cells,” explains Dr. Marco Ruggiero from Seattle, where the outbreak is compounding faster than credit-card debt.

     Folic acid and glutathione are two of 14 botanicals that “may act as furin inhibitors, and as such, inhibit the formation of the spike proteins of the coronavirus that, in turn, are responsible for the high infectious potential of this virus,” suggests Andrew Saul.

Covid-19 | New Scientist

Covid-19 -New Scientist 

     Cornell University’s just-completed “Structural Modeling Of The New Coronavirus” has identified the positively-charged amino acid sequences necessary for COVID-19 to fuse with our electrochemically-gated cells.

     “If you wish to neutralize something that has a high positive charge, you need something with a high density of negative charges,” Dr. Ruggiero continues. “The biomolecules with the highest density of negative charges in the biological world” are chondroitin sulfate and heparin.

blunt tip graphic

     “Theoretically,” these highly negatively-charged compounds “could bind to the tips of the spike proteins in this new coronavirus” – blunting their barbs so the virus cannot attach to human cells – “and prevent the infectivity.”

     Produced through fermentation, “microbial chondroitin sulfate is three-times more efficient than the animal derived,” this MD notes, greatly reducing inflammation.

     After Trump’s grotesque attempts to buy “exclusive U.S. rights" for a promising COVID-19 vaccination were sharply rebuffed by Germany’s CureVac, insisting their work is “for the world”, Big Pharma USA remains focused on the potentially gigundo profits accruing from a mandatory vaccine that will almost certainly be rendered ineffective by COVID-19’s rapid mutations before it can be developed, mass-produced and widely distributed. The last thing Trump’s corporate backers want is their citizenry popping effective natural supplement. Which is why they’re not testing anything that cannot be patented. 

     “There are no data demonstrating that the chondroitin sulfate works against the coronavirus,” Dr. Marco Ruggiero cautions. “But all previous data accumulated in the past 20 years or so against a number of other viruses seem to point into that direction.”


Don’t panic.

Take care.

Stay well.

The Power Of Social Distancing -Gary Warshaw / Signer Lab

March 19

0848 hours

Exclusive phone update moments ago from from my “Misha Gisha” reporter returning to British Columbia from the USA on the very lightly loaded Coho ferry from Port Angeles. 

She’s asked me to report...

“Unity is good. I am not seeing the Big Fear from people travelling through all these places where I’m on the ground. I came through three Ground Zeros – through Washington, California and Oregon.” (By train.) Please tell friends concerned about me that I am fine and have been taking all precautions. 

     “People are keeping their distance, even backing off if you come toward them. Even the purser on the Coho. I opened my passport and showed it to him and he didn’t touch it.” 

     She added that everyone she talked to in Port Angeles  including “many Republicans”  told her how much they regreted “the last four years”. And as uncaring elites everywhere are forced to show the extent of their callousness, the “deplorables” they’ve so long disregarded “are not going back” to all those wrong choices.

     Forget for a moment how everything from worldwide financial Ponzis to available ICUs and life in the rising, overheated ocean covering most of this waterworld are cratering as I write. Frantic employment inquiries overloading websites across the USA (and throughout the remaining 97% of humanity) alone represent th beginnings of an abrupt phase-transition from which there can be no return to so-called normalcy. No going back.

     When I suggested that “on the other side of this” many millions of Americans who are finally receiving free health care, housing for the homeless, and a guaranteed short-term income are not going to give that up  and that this can only result in new priorities and a massive wealth transfer in reverse – my closest friend agreed that we are in a phase-transition which, after all the suffering and deaths, will result in a transformed world where “people are already coming together.”

    We will see.

    Right now, very bad and very good outcomes are just beginning to simultaneously unfold. And none of what’s going down (or up!) is going to stop soon.  

    Just like New York and so many other places, the west coast of North America is undergoing tectonic shifts. Just know that no one onboard this deep-blue space colony is alone when we choose to confront covid's challenges with consideration, compassion and calm. 


William Thomas 

March 14-19, 2020

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