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Fork In The Perpetual War Road

 2020 budget for a "Bitter America" with billions more for weapons and wars than for discarded Americans. -up


by William Thomas

“There’s a battle brewing for the future of national security spending,” write William Hartung and Ben Freeman. “On one side, there’s a growing bipartisan consensus that the coronavirus has fundamentally changed the way we should think about national security.” 

     We have to rethink the orientation and priorities of our government, advises Ben Rhodes, former deputy national security adviser to drone-prone Obama.

     “It makes no sense,” Rhodes remarks, “that the Pentagon budget is 13-times larger than the entire international-affairs budget, which funds the State Department, USAID,” and other global programs aimed at averting highly profitable wars.

     “We’re going to see enormous downward pressure on defense spending because of other urgent American national needs like health care,” agrees Kori Schake, director of foreign and defense policy studies at the right-wing American Enterprise Institute.

     But the free-money-addicted Military-Corporate-Congressional-Entertainment complex isn’t giving up its terminal war addiction without a fight

     “Through their droves of lobbyists, the revolving door between the Pentagon, contractors, and Congress, and the promise of providing jobs to every Congressional district, Pentagon contractors have kept the defense budget artificially inflated for years at the expense of funding for things like the Centers for Disease Control and other agencies that can help fight disease outbreaks,” observe Hartung and Freeman.

     “And, in this new coronavirus era, they’re using the same playbook once again.”

Do we shoot lockdown violators or what?

Do we shoot lockdown violators or what?

After the fake Budget Control Act was enacted in 2011, runaway U.S. military spending was to be capped at just $5.4 trillion over the next decade. But Washington has already blown $5.7 trillion on weapons that offer zero defense against pandemics and climate change already killing hundreds of millions. Many of those exotic, high-tech nightmares – like the subsonic F-35, problem-prone Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier, and just as costly inshore LCS Littoral Combat Ships with their cracked and corroded hulls – don’t work.

     “We’ve got the least capable 3,000-ton warship in the world,” concluded defense analyst Norman Polmar, regarding the useless Little Crappy Ships”. 

     “We’re committed to 52 LCS’s,” doubled-down Captain Danny Hernandez, chief spokesman for the chief of naval misappropriations operations.

Another ultra-costly F-35 burns after attacking itself. -worldwarwings.com

“Pentagon contractors continue to thrive, even as much more pressing priorities than bomb making demand our attention. Instead of protecting contractor profits, Congress must choose to protect the American people from the very real threats that are killing thousands of Americans as we speak,” Hartung and Freeman point out.

     But the budget caps imposed by the Budget Control Act have proven effective in further degrading U.S. military readiness. By 2017, nearly two-thirds of the Navy’s F/A 18 strike fighters could not fly, “most because there isn’t enough money to fix them,” Defense News reported.

     More than half of all naval aircraft – including 1,700 combat aircraft, patrol, transport planes, and helicopters – couldn’t either.

     Nor was there “enough money to fix the fleet’s ships. And the backlog of ships needing work continues to grow,” with some subs reportedly out of service “four years or more,” and many dockside facilities “in failed condition – awaiting repair, replacement or demolition.”

     Worn out by decades of urban slaughter and increasingly effective resistance on multiple fronts, with the U.S. military “in a terminal state of disrepair,” writes the ever-sagacious Saker. 

     “If we can give up war during a pandemic, why can’t we just give it up altogether? asks Medea Benjamin. “When the pandemic is over, let’s insist that the U.S. honor the UN Charter’s prohibition against the threat or use of force, which wise American leaders drafted and signed in 1945, and start living at peace with all our neighbors around the world.”

With Angela Merkel soon to step down, the next German coalition has already agreed to cancel orders for a U.S. warplane, and ask the U.S. to remove its nuclear weapons from German soil within a decade.

     In another signal that Europe is ready to unhitch from America’s many military adventures, on March 27 France abruptly withdraws from its six bases in Iraq. The Czech forces are also pulling out. A large contingent of British forces has already left, and the USA is also drawing down some of more than 100 bases in that shattered country.

     The coronavirus is but a stress-test on whole societies that have become hollowed out by excessive militarism and the corporate capitalist superstructure it serves,” observes Finian Cunningham.

     “Coronavirus is offering an opportunity for the world to detach itself from US dominance and reshuffle alliances, observes Middle East regional correspondent and analyst Elijah Magnier.     

B61-12 being prepared for Nevada test -SSgt. Cody Griffith USAF

B61-12 selectable-yield nuclear weapon being prepped by civilians. -SSgt. Cody Griffith USAF


The Pentagon’s top weapons procurer, Undersecretary of Defense Ellen Lord has already funneled an extra $3 billion in early payments to shoddy weapons makers. 

     Asked how much would be need to insure Washington’s Merchants of Death from any losses due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Lord replied, “We’re talking billions and billions on that one.”

     But for Washington during this pandemic, priority #1 is wholesale lots of “low-yield” nuclear bombs that can be detonated on adversaries when America’s provocations finally trigger a massive response and its high-tech conventional weapons fail.

     “Massive financial resources that are desperately needed to save lives and rescue millions of workers from poverty are instead being poured” into nuclear bombs, missiles and mass death.

     In a conference call informing Lockheed Martin shareholders of first-quarter earnings, CEO Marilyn Hewson boasted that the corporation’s “portfolio is broad and expanding” and “cash generation” is strong during the first quarter of covid. She added that the gigantic weapons company is looking forward to supporting more wars.

     With a current $144 billion backlog in orders, Lockheed Martin completed a $1 billion stock buyback to pump its share price in the midst of the corona crisis.  The war-boosting New York Times was quick to inform predatory investors of COVD-19’s new “Opportunity in the Military-Industrial Complex.”

     Praising the projected $741 billion 2020 Pentagon budget the Times enthused: “That combination of federal dollars and corporate heft may represent an opportunity for investors who don’t mind profiting from warfare.”  


How many more dummies will follow this dummy caught in 1995 Nevada atomic test? -Lifee

 How many more dummies will follow this dummy caught in 1995 Nevada atomic test? -Life


The staggering pre-pandemic $1.2 trillion national perpetual war budget explains why “key federal medical structures were underfunded or disbanded” under Trump, “undermining the actual security of the country,” Mandy Smithberger further observes.

     “That kind of disproportionate spending helps explain why the richest nation on the planet has proven so incapable of providing even the necessary personal protective equipment for frontline healthcare workers, no less the testing needed to make this country safer.”

     “It never made any sense, as Trump’s 2021 budget had initially proposed, to increase spending on nuclear weapons by $7 billion while cutting Centers for Disease Control and Prevention funding by $1.2 billion,” writes conservative Washington Post columnist Max Boot, a long-time supporter of increased Pentagon spending. “Or to create an unnecessary Space Force out of the U.S. Air Force while eliminating the vitally important directorate of global health by folding it into another office within the National Security Council.”

     “Continuing to prioritize the U.S. military will only further weaken the country’s public health system,” comments Mandy Smithberger.

     And further Magic Money Tree (MMT) printing to buy still  more planes, ships, missiles, nukes and bombs will take down the USA, just as a previous ill-fated adventure in Afghanistan bankrupted the Soviet Union.

     Isn’t it time for a new post-covid paradigm? Will the imploding U.S. empire have any choice, if broke and angry Americans decide they’d rather not become the sequel to ancient Rome’s demise?

Russian Petrovich9 response to U.S. nuclear threats. -Getty 



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