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Defund The Bioweaponeers, Now!

Chinese lab experimented on 'highly pathogenic viruses' days before COVID-19 outbreak.                                                                  19:18


An Introduction to “Covid’s Long March”


by William Thomas


The problem with creating new plagues in biolabs is that if something like COVID-19 ever got loose, “nobody could predict the trajectory,” warned virlogist Simon Wain-Hobson at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. Even as a schizophrenic White House spasmodically cuts off “gain of function” super pathogen creation funding every time there’s another lab accident at Fort Detrick, or its co-funded labs in Beijing and Wuhan – before turning the money spigot back on.

     Behind the smokescreen of “developing cures” for horrific diseases that would never exist outside the labs that make them, is gene tinkering that risks the world. Preventing outbreaks and producing effective vaccines is not on the bio-weaponeers’ agenda. Instead, the focus of these recombinant genetic experiments is to come up with never-before-encountered pathogens against which there is no natural immunity and no readily identifiable defense. 

Let me repeat that...

These secretive “bio-defense” BSL-4 / BL-4 laboratories are not protecting us from world-shattering contagions like COVID-19. Instead, even as I write (and I’ve been reporting on bioweapons over the past 19 years), the bioweaponeers are endangering everyone onboard this whirling blue space colony by reshaping pathogens collected from increasingly-disturbed jungles into the very plagues they’re studying. 

(The highest-level germ labs equipped with the most elaborate negative air pressure and waste filtration points-of-failure are designated BioSafetyLevel-4, or simply – and more accurately – BL-4.) 

     All this mad science to vie for chest-beating primate “prestige” among that exclusive club of nations able to indulge in the kinds of bacteriological pot-stirring that has resulted in disease outbreaks among humans and other livestock since the 1950s.

     Why not take a bow over COVID-19 – the bioweaponeers most “successful” pathogen – and quit?

     Don’t listen to me, as exercises in extinction tend to make up upset. Check in with Richard Ebright, one of a few eminent scientists who dare scrutinize the globe-girdling U.S. biowarfare network, when he declares this is “not ‘vaccine research.’ Not research that provides information useful for preventing or combatting outbreaks. Just reckless pseudo-scientific Indiana-Jones adventurism with high risk of infection of collector, and from there, infection of public.”


Was the emergence of COVID-19 another screw-up in a leaky Wuhan lab? Or a deliberate release under cover of military games in that city by a collapsing superpower desperate to derail a fast-rising rival? Even for a nation whose legacy includes deliberate biowarfare conducted against its original inhabitants  followed by infectious attacks against North Koreans, Africans and Cubans  deploying germ agents risks blowing back on Americans, just as the latest dengue fever attack on Cuba ending up killing people in Florida. 

     Certainly the same American “leaders” who deliberately exposed their own cities to nuclear fallout from atmospheric atomic tests to tabulate their cancerous effects, would never conduct live, “open air” biowarfare experiments against their own people. Except, of course, for the hundreds of instances in which they did.

     Because it’s nearly impossible to identify a biological attacker, in a dying empire seeking  to cull Kissinger’s “useless eaters” (who require resources, yet produce nothing” except the wisdom of hard-earnered experience), what could be more tempting than unleashing a stealthy, fast-replicating, highly-infectious virus that almost exclusively kills the elderly, obese and infirm? 

    I’m certainly not saying that winnowing the weak and geezers like me are the intent behind creating COVID-19. I am only pointing out that this is occurring. Though as vrious strains of COVID-19 continue to mutate, up to half of the most recent diagnosed cases in some regions are 35 years of age and younger. 

     If you think creating pandemics in secretive, leak-prone BL-4 biolabs is utter madness, hundreds of outraged scientists agree. Yet the media-mesmerized public slumbers on – through recurring outbreaks of bird flu, swine flu, anthrax and other experimental pathogens tied directly to U.S. military experiments. And China, too.

Horseshoe Bats are immune to the pathogens they carry

Horseshoe Bats are immune to the pathogens they carry



Lest you think this writer should be confied to a misnamed Biosafety Level-4 lab where such dangerous memes can be sequested in a negative-atmospheric chamber, a few quick samples for your repugnant consideration:

The fearsome 1918 “Spanish Flu” that washed over the world in three waves killing up to 40 million people, came out of a sprawling boot-camp at Fort Riley, Kansas.

* Outbreaks of West Nile fever, foot-and-mouth disease, West Nile and Lyme Disease traced to Plum Island for the past 50 years. [Youtube] (My personal favorite, since questioning Plum Island’s proximity to Long Island  mere miles as escaped West Nile-infected crows fly – got me fired as a correspondent for Environment News Servce.)

Martin Furmanski of the Scientist’s Working Group on Chemical and Biologic Weapons and the Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation has documented accidental releases of smallpox in Britain in the 1970s, Venezuelan equine encephalitis in 1995, and foot-and-mouth disease in Britain in 2007 – just “4 kilometers from a biosafety level 4 laboratory.” 

* Furmanski goes on to fulminate: “SARS has not naturally recurred, but there have been six separate ‘escapes’ from virology labs studying it: one each in Singapore and Taiwan, and in four distinct events at the same laboratory in Beijing.”

The swine flu outbreak of 1976 originated at “Fort Dix” near Trenton, New Jersey.

The re-emergence of the vanquished H1N1 pandemic in 1977 was almost certainly “an accidental release from a laboratory source,” states the New England Journal of Medicine. A laboratory release was the most likely origin,” concurs the Scientist’s Working Group on Chemical and Biologic Weapons and the Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation.

* “As of 1999, the U.S. government had deployed its Chemical and Biological Weapons (CBW) arsenal against the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Vietnam, China, North Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Cuba, Haitian boat people, and our neighbor Canada,” Gary Barnett enumerates.

The easily-inhaled powdery spores that killed five Americans in October 2011 were weaponized at the only lab capable of doing this diabolical work at the U.S. Army’s Dugway lab in Utah. Following the 9/11 anthrax attacks, U.S. spending on biowarfare “approximates to about five billion dollars each year, reports Sam Husseini.


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On Jan. 22, 2016, “more than 20 Ukrainian soldiers have died and over 200 soldiers are hospitalized” near the city of Kharkov, reported the DONI News Agency in Donbass, after a “new and deadly virus, which is immune to all medicines” leaked from a U.S. military biolab, “involving U.S. military experts.” This outbreak was followed by a Hepatitis A infection that  “spread rapidly in just few months across South East Ukraine where most of the Pentagon biolabs are located,” revealed investigative reporter, Fabio Carisio.

     Additionally, “as of March 2016, 364 deaths have been reported across Ukraine – most caused by the same strain of H1N1 that caused the worldwide pandemic in 2009.

     And so on. From 2017 to 2019, Pentagon-funded studies conducted at U.S. military bioweapons labs in and around China, collected dozens of new coronavirus strains.

     At least 100 bio-labs funded by the Pentagon for a $ 2.1 billion, are located in Georgia, Ukraine, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa. And the same Battelle corporation involved in the 9/11 anthrax attacks has been awarded some $2 billion in federal contracts to conduct research, development, testing and evaluation of weaponized plagues and pathogens for “a wide range” of US government agencies in Afghanistan, Armenia, Georgia, Uganda, Tanzania, Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam.  

BL-4 lab at the Wuhan Inst. of Virology -Hector Retamal : AFP

 BL-4 lab at the Wuhan Inst. of Virology -Hector Retamal / AFP

“Hundreds of bioterror lab mishaps cloaked in secrecy,” reported USA Today in August 2014.

     “Government regulators have no idea how often laboratories working with some of the world’s most dangerous viruses and bacteria are failing to fully kill vials of specimens before sending them to other researchers who lack critical gear to protect them against infection,” the U.S. Government Accountability Office warned two years later.

     Given the nationwide nihilistic despair currently gripping an imploding super-duper power just south of my hideout, why keep pounding the nuclear/climate shift/outbreak Omnicide buttons? 

     Please excuse this redundant question.


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