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COVID-19 Outlook From April 22 To… ?

I miss you forever!



By William Thomas



People everywhere say they are fed up with lockdowns and overzealous cops, when really, they are impatient with a virus that could not care less about anyone’s angst.

     As Quick-Fix Nation prepares to finally end a month-long pause that has not refreshed, the USA reports over 2,700 brand-new covid corpses in a single day.



The karma collectors appear to be calling on the world’s leading hotspot for a virus its exceptionally nasty president first ridiculed, then weaponized by imposing even harsher sanctions against sick and starving children and their families in places like Venezuela, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Iran and Cuba – who proudly refuse to do Washington’s bidding. 

     As of April 22, 2020, the Excited States is hosting one-third of the world’s confirmed covid cases. Or four-times as many as the other two current outbreak epicenters in Italy and Spain combined.

     Of course, nobody has the faintest clue how many people grapplng with their present embodiment are actually infected with someone’s diabolical tinker-toy. But since most of them will never know they had it, the heavy betting is that it’s lots.

     Which means the death rate must be much lower than the experts, who have been consistently wrong in their projections, are telling us.

     Problem is, while pandemic-deniers are shouting, “told’ja!” – with billions of hominids living cheek-by-jowl in mega-cities, the total bill will end up like any compounding credit card debt, no matter how low the rate.

     Well, not quite the same.

     If 0.35% of everyone in a country dies, Aussie epidemiologist Meyerowitz-Katz calls this “a catastrophic outcome.”

     What about 0.31%?

     How many people who horribly suffer and die alone from COVID-19 is “okay?”

     Who decides?

     State militias?

     Your grandmother?

     Your hungry neighbors who did not prep like you?


This latest spike in fatal cases in the USA comes as 20 states counting nearly 40% of that nation’s population move to rescind stay-at-home orders allowing: businesses to reopen after taking on additional bankrupting debt, panicking providers to return to work (sort of), and spouses having to deal with each other and their out-of-school kids to not go completely nuts. With state governors each making their own call, most say they intend to reopen by the end of April or early May.


SPECIAL BULLETIN: The virus does not care. (see above)



Meanwhile, “we are seeing an alarming explosion in the number of newly confirmed coronavirus cases in Singapore, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Peru, India, Brazil and Russia,” enumerates Michael Snyder on April 22. With at least 18 months to go for the first ineffective vaccine to be fast-tracked for the select, everyone else would be better advised to begin boosting their immune-system with vitamin C and other supplements shown to blunt covid's "crown" of thorns.

     “We are still in the early stages of this crisis, but most people don’t seem to realize that,” he continues. (Possibly referencing the multi-year recurrence of the last big coronavirus pandemic in 1918.) 

     Thing is, even after locking down much of the world to the brink of open revolt, the fabled Global Curve has not “flattened” to anywhere near, you know, an actual plateau. When that finally happens for real, smoothing the highest hump of this particular pandemic will be celebrated like the end to a long-reverberating global war. Even though it will be the same as seeing your bathtub tap set to its peak-flow… and walking away, telling yourself it won't overflow.

     Denial cannot avoid anything bad enough to be real.

     Including the next hand of pandemic poker.


herd immunity


Legendary “herd immunity” occurs when enough people are immune to a disease to stop its spread in the population. (Infection rate less than 1.)


Fauci and Bill expect to cash in on COVID-19 vaccine. But first, lots of people have to be infected - and scared.

Fauci and Bill expect to cash in on COVID-19 vaccine after enough people are frightened and infected. 


According to the Big Pharma-Bill Gates-embedded WHO – whose performance ever since urging everyone to travel and disdain masks early in the outbreak has inspired worldwide condemnation and outrage – only 2 to 3 percent of the entire global population has developed antibodies for this virus.

    That figure could be low, since 4% of L.A. County adults have just been found with antibodies for COVID-19. Meaning, their immune systems defeated this bug without costing the Kleptocrats a dime of loot.

     Don’t get too excited. If exposure confers immunity lasting longer than a single season, it will be a medical first in the long history of coronavirus infections. So your “OFFICIAL COVID-19 SURVIVOR’S PASSPORT” (or Gates’ “quantum dot” tattoo) may not be worth much during the next go-around.

     What does “herd immunity” even mean when some “cured” patients are becoming re-infected ? (Some are experiencing a return of their covid symptoms up to 70 days later.)


improvements in slaughtering -theprovisioner.com

"Improvements in slaughtering" -theprovisioner.com


“All of this is simply nonsense,” helpfully points out Gideon Meyerowitz-Katz, the aforementioned epidemiologist working on chronic disease Down Under. “Herd immunity without a vaccine is by definition not a preventative measure.”

     According to former pathologist, Dr. Chris Martenson, for COVID One-Niner, so-called “herd immunity” will block further outbreaks when 80% of Americans (or other populations) are exposed to the virus through infection or injection.

     With most citizens mostly sequestered, and up to 5.6% of the U.S. population (for example) possibly acquiring antibodies so far, we are probably not going to get any herds coralled from covid by April 30.

     Or even mid-May.

     This year.

Midtown Bowl bowling alley days before the phased reopening of businesses and restaurants from coronavirus disease (COVID-19) restrictions in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. April 21, 2020. © REUTERS:Elijah Nouvelage

 Midtown Bowl bowling alley days before reopening in Atlanta (April 21, 2020) -Elijah Nouvelage/Reuters


While many penned-up Americans are gnawing their restraints, confirmed cases in that country have doubled in the past two weeks, topping 856,104

     (Of course, the actual number of infections is multiples of that number. But who’s really counting? Outside of Italy and Germany, of course.) 

     Rampaging through the most pillaged and derelict public health system on this space colony, will this exponential trend in new infections double and double again?

     (Let’s get everyone back together and find out!)  

     Right now, confirmed cases in Georgia are “soaring” like a raptor, as that tenaciously rebellious state moves to end Washington’s draconian fascist unconstitutional and otherwise burdensome restrictions.


We want infection now! People take part in a protest for "Michiganders Against Excessive Quarantine" at the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing, Michigan on April 15, 2020.  (Photo- Jeff Kowalsky:AFP via Getty Images)

As armed militias and other maskless folk crowd each other in six state capitals demanding to become infected liberated, Massachusetts authorities warn the death toll there will likely double “in less than a week.”

     Even with every neighborhood cellblock allegedly still “locked-down”.

People chat and drink in Stockholm Apr 8 -Andres Kudacki:AP

Happy-go-lucky, non-elders spread infection and sacrifice seniors in Stockholm (April 8) -Andres Kudacki/AP


What about Sweden, a nation that left its schools, gyms, cafes, bars and restaurants open throughout the pandemic – with the tough proviso that its citizens act intelligently.

      “The country has suffered fewer than 2,000 deaths, and has only confirmed 16k cases, and the strategy has proved broadly popular: Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven is now one of the most popular leaders in the modern history of Sweden,” ZeroHedge reports. After furloughing some 20,000 Swedish employees, Volvo will resume production on April 27. 

    Too bad, their elders took the hit. “In only three days, the total fatalities in Sweden due to the current epidemic rose from 477 to 881,” reports Marcello Ferrada de Noli, Swedish professor emeritus of public health & epidemiology and former research fellow at Harvard Medical School.

    Among all Scandinavian countries, “Sweden’s stats are among the worst.” Sweden has the most fatalities per capita and a death toll higher than all other Nordic countries put together. By April 10, Sweden had 86 Covid-19 fatalities per one million people, USA 47, Denmark 43, Norway 20, Finland 9 and Russia 0.5.

     The virus devastated seniors in nursing homes, as Sweden’s elderly minority were deliberately sacrificed so that everyone else could enjoy life as if a worldwide pandemic had nothing to do with them.

     And Sweden is the model end-the-lockdown’ers point to!


Chinese women wear protective masks as they stand outside closed shops and restaurants near the Forbidden City in Beijing, China on April 19, 2020. (Kevin Frayer:Getty Images

Chinese women stand outside closed shops and restaurants in Beijing (Apr. 19, 2020) -Kevin Frayer/Getty


“Licking COVID-19" might be the wrong boast for the Celestial Kingdom. As the coronavirus continues to spread in hospitals and residential compounds in northeast China’s Harbin city – as well as in Beijing’s Chaoyang district – internal government documents admit “the outbreak in Harbin is in an aggregated, explosive situation.”

     You gotta admire that more precise, “aggregated”.

     And yes, 14 day quarantines there are back in effect. Except this time, user pays.


Nurse Alessia posts her "viral" selfie to Instagram (bruises from Hazmat mask). -nurse.org


Instagram caption translated from Italian to English:

"I'm a nurse and in this situation, I am facing this sanitary emergency. I too am scared, but not of going buying groceries, I am scared of going to work. I am scared my mask is not sticking properly, or that I touched it with dirty gloves by mistake, or maybe that lenses do not fully cover my eyes and something goes through. I am physically exhausted because personal protective equipment hurts my body, the white coat makes you sweat and after I dress myself I can't go to the bathroom or even drink for 6 hours. I'm psychologically tired, and just like me also all my coworkers, which have been working in this situation for weeks. But this will not prevent us from doing our job as we have always done. I will keep curing and caring after my patients, because I am proud and in love with my job. What I am now asking to whoever is reading is not to make this effort vain. Please be altruistic and stay home, so that you can protect those who are weak. We young people are not immune to the coronavirus, we can get sick too, or even worse, we can make others get the virus. I don't have the luxury of going home in quarantine, I have to go to work and do my part. You do yours, I beg you.

Number of confirmed coronavirus cases, by days since 100th case: USA is pink.  -Financial Times/Vox


Still, everyone except exhausted health care workers with that “thousand-yard-stare” knows this pandemic gripping the world ain’t no big deal.

     Unless, of course, you happened to be standing outside the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s Office last Sunday afternoon when this guy in a Ford pickup rolls up with five or six bagged corpses stacked like cordwood in the back.

     According to witnesses: “The driver got out, spoke briefly to a medical examiner’s employee who seemed unnerved by the delivery, and then climbed onto the cargo bed, walking on bodies that initially had been covered by mats.”

     Errand completed, this “delivery” person sped off for home. Any covid calling cards he tracked inside would have remained infectious for 24 hours. Or longer.

prove me wrong

"Prove me wrong."


How about former skeptic, 60-year-old John McDaniel? On March 15, McDaniel unlimbered his mouse and went after Ohio governor Mike DeWine’s stupid stay-at home order requiring shops, bars and restaurants to close.

     “If what I’m hearing is true, that DeWine has ordered all bars and restaurants to be closed, I say bullshit!” McDaniel’s post reads. “He doesn’t have that authority. If you are paranoid about getting sick just don’t go out. It shouldn’t keep those of us from living our lives.”

     That’s tellin’ it, dude!

     Except now, John McDaniel is dead, dead, dead. Because it turns out the virus does not care about what anyone thinks, hopes or believes. Or how many rounds your AR-15 holds. (see above)

Russian roulette without gloves

Russian roulette without gloves



Still, you know if that spiked red ball drops into your spinning bloodstream, chances are 80% that if you are not obese, older, or already diseased... the wheel will stop on black and you, gentle reader, will survive.

     Define, “survive”.

     In actual statistical fact, even if you don’t cash in your chips, you will likely end up with permanent organ damage, scarred lungs (20 to 30 percent capacity eliminated) – or even more brain impairment than you already demonstrated by not taking care in the first place.

     But, hey, you’re alive, aren’t you?

     “Don’t mock this virus, because if you get hit really hard by COVID-19 it will be one of the worst experiences of your life even if you live through it,” Michael Snyder advises. 

     Plenty of survivors agree. Read what members of Reddit's "Covid 19 Positive" forum are saying about their less-than-positive “recovery”:

COVID Survivors Forum

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired

29 days – keeps coming back

27 Days and Scared

I'm on day 51. Still weak off and on through the day, still have gunk in my lungs. I         cried last night over the kitchen sink because I'm so sick of this. My breathing has been not too bad for the last week, but I woke up this morning feeling shortness of breath, which freaked me out. I thought that that symptom was over and done with.

I started with mild symptoms in the first week of March... about 4 weeks ago where I was struggling to breathe. I'm still getting wiped out just by going for a 30 minute walk outside. Breathing starts getting laboured at that point too, but otherwise I'm fine.



It's exhausting dealing with it. I'm not sure how my wife is handling it because she says I'm looking and acting normal all of a sudden and then after a bit of activity I've got sputum, laboured breathing, and am ready to fall asleep on the next park bench.

ME TOO. I'm 26 years old, healthy BMI, no pre-existing conditions. Week 7 (49 days) since I first got sick… This is getting to the point where it seems ridiculous...


I have been battling this for more than 30 days at this point… These symptoms are unpredictable, weird and relentless.


This virus is honestly the worst thing that has ever happened to me and it's really hard to find the strength to keep going at times… It's just hard to deal with this for sooo long. I just want to wake up one day and feel normal. I really would love to know if recovery is truly real.


(from Italy:)

Hi, I'm 29M And on week 6 since first symptoms… Some day I feel like nothing happened and the day after bam my happiness disappear because I fell not so well. Hope that they will develop some medicine. I feel that this is not over...

Everyone you know who’s getting loosey-goosy about taking precautions ought to read that again.



You’re still not worried. Because you know that the magic vaccine “right around” some unglimpsed corner will save you, right?

     Which vaccine are you referring to, exactly?

     First, since zero successful vaccines have ever been developed for any coronavirus, vax experts caution it’s likely “we will never get a coronavirus vaccine.” No matter how badly Bill and Melinda Gates want to cash in by injecting and chipping us all.

     Secondly, the latest studies have identified at least 30 different strains of this disturbingly adaptive virus, with varying severities depending on locale. (North American west coast, “good”. Italy, Iran, “bad”.)

     “So not only do scientists have to come up with a successful vaccine for a coronavirus for the first time in history, they also have to hope that they are targeting the correct strain. Good luck with all that,” Michael Snyder snorts. “This pandemic is going to be with us for a long time to come, and what we have experienced so far is just the very beginning of our problems.” 

        Climate-driven financial chaos will just have to wait a few more minutes... 


As Farmers Destroy Their Crops, Queues At Food Banks Lengthen

Problems like no more economy? Or food? More rioting in Italy and the streets of Paris? Hyperinflation from all those billionaire bail-ins rendering every paper currency worth less than your 7,000 rolls of hoarded toilet-paper?

     Lockdowns or not, COVID-19 will continue to spread. But soon there will be no further need to speculate on the effectiveness of sending police drones to bust wilderness campers, or dragging a mom away from her children in a playground as she shouts at the arresting officers, “Where are your masks and gloves?” 

     Besides snuffing out the livelihoods of entire nations and causing even more opioid overdoses, abortions, divorces, mass shootings, lawsuits and suicides... just how medically necessary and effective lockdowns turn out to be will be known to everyone within a few weeks after they are lifted and infections either uptick or surge. 

    Removed “carefully,” of course. As if anyone really believes that opening cattle-gates partway on a pawing, snorting stampede will prompt a polite, orderly procession of suddenly benevolent bovines.

     Even if most Americans, Brits and Germans say they’d prefer to stay inside for now. 



In closing, my dearly beloved, COVID-19 appears to shrug off even the most fevered beliefs…

     “I am essential. I’m a preacher – I talk to God!” Virginia bishop Gerald O. Glenn, 66, told attendees at his New Deliverance Evangelistic Church, after declaring that he would defy Virginia’s do-not-congregate orders.

     Plans for Glenn’s funeral “in the season of social distancing” will be published sometime that week, church elders said.

     Likewise, pastor Landon Spradlin “wasn't worried about coronavirus” when he drove to New Orleans to preach in crowded bars during Mardi Gras, reports Aleem Maqbool for the BBC. “A month later he was dead.”

     Even as he sickened during his return from N’Orlins, Pastor Spradlin took to Facebook to denounce the “hysteria” and “fear mongering” surrounding the virus, which he knew was a politically motivated stunt to harm President Trump in an election year. Pastor Spradlin's funeral was attended by only two guests who were not part of his immediate family.



Join with me now (but not too close) in that popular, virus-spreading spiritual: “The worst is behind us, Lord!”


Is the judgment of God coming to America?


“Why are millions of Christians in the western world going to become extremely angry with their pastors?”


“Is the greatest (sic) move of God the world has ever seen?”


“Will the rapture come before the vaccine?” (That one’s mine.)


In his New Book on the End Times! the other Michael Snyder “addresses many of the hottest questions being debated today!”


Except this one:

“Why are so many praying for deliverance from the same god

who sent this pandemic to afflict them and their loved ones?”


When anyone starts making sense, please let me know.

Walk in the covid park -Ramirez


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