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nuclear bomb for Pyongyang



Chronicle Of A Contrived Nuclear Crisis 


by William Thomas



“North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States,” Trump trumpeted yesterday. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.


New York Representative Eliot Engel called Trump “unhinged.” 

Nuclear disarmament specialist Kingtson Reif went further, calling the president’s remarks, “Unhinged madness.”

Trump’s comments "bring us back to August of 1945, when nuclear weapons were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki,” commented Sen. Ed Markey.


So what are people saying in Hiroshima, a city I last glimpsed from the summit of the nearby “shrine island” of Miyajima?


"As long as nuclear weapons exist and policymakers threaten their use, their horror could leap into our present at any moment," said Hiroshima’s mayor on the 72nd anniversary of America’s first municipal field test of an atomic bomb. Speaking to a crowd of roughly 50,000 people at the Peace Memorial Park, Kazumi Matsui, echoed calls from hibakusha – those who sort of survived the atomic bombings – to "preserve our irreplaceable Earth for future generations.


North Korean "biker gang" on shore of the Yalu

Super-dangerous North Korean ‘bikers” -Jacky Chen /Reuters



Unlike the pacifist USA, with more weapons of mass mayhem than all other nations combined, there is no question that this reconstituted Oriental demon is a major threat. As Prof. Juan Cole helpfully points out, “North Korea is a country with a $17 billion gross domestic product (nominal) and a population of 25 million. 

N. Korean workers -chosun.com

Faces of N. Korean “enemies” Trump says need to be nuked. -chosun.com

Why do we frighten you, Donald? -UN photo 

"I’m sure it has its virtues, but military weight in world affairs isn’t one of them. It is in a league with Nepal, Gabon and Iceland economically. Population-wise it is in the same league as the Cameroons and Madagascar. The U.S. has a population of 320 million and a GDP of $18.5 trillion.”

An elderly woman and her grandchild wander among the debris of their wrecked home in the aftermath of an air raid by U.S. planes over Pyongyang, the Communist capital of North Korea, circa 1950. Photo- Keystone:Getty Images

Elderly woman and her injured grandchild stumble through debris of their wrecked home following U.S. air raid on Pyongyang. -Keystone/Getty 

North Koreans have not forgotten that their country was carpet-bombed flat and showered with plague germs by a vindictive U.S.A. [Scorched Earth by William Thomas]

“Over a period of three years or so, we killed off – what – 20% of the population,” boasted Air Force General Curtis LeMay, who led the Strategic Air Command during the Korean War. The UN calls slaughtering 10% of a country’s population, “genocide".

Compared to killing 2.3 million Japanese during all of WWII. in just three years the USA killed 3 million Koreans, bombing “everything that moved in North Korea, every brick standing on top of another,” exulted Dead Rusk, Asst. Sec. State for Far Eastern... genocide. Then the U.S. destroyed North Korea's crops to inudce mass starvation. 

“We can’t let a madman with nuclear weapons let on the loose like that.” 

-Pres. Donald Trump 

North Korean Army Women


“Nothing will be more foolish if the United States thinks it can deal with us the way it treated Iraq and Libya, miserable victims of its aggression, and Syria, which did not respond immediately even after it was attacked,” says a North Korean Government spokesperson.


Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats acknowledges that a rational Kim’s decision-making process was influenced by watching Muammar Gaddafi be butchered by U.S.-led forces after willingly ending his nuclear ambitions. “The lessons that we learned out of Libya giving up its nukes…is, unfortunately, if you had nukes, never give them up. If you don’t have them, get them,” Coats told the Aspen Security Forum.


Bruce Gagnon from the Global Network Against Weapons explains that constant war games on North Korea's doorstep force it to arm itself as a response to Washington’s rampant military activity on its borders.


The U.S. is known for a long and lingering history of military interference – most recently trashing Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria.


“As long as the United States refuses to sign a peace treaty and refuses to end its war games on the North Korean border, what is North Korea to do other than continually trying to build up their military because they fear the US will attack them at some point.” 


Given the proximity of Russia and China, the spat between two fat boys could quickly escalate into a global holocaust.



In response to U.S. aggression on its borders. Beijing says its prepared to go to war with the U.S. and allied South Korea. 

If they try to “overthrow the North Korean regime and change the political pattern of the Korean Peninsula, China will prevent them from doing so,” the Global Times reports. Published by the Communist Party’s official People’s Daily, the widely-quoted government mouthpiece says that the latest developments are seen in Beijing with growing frustration and deep concern.


In this realistic remake of the Hollywood movie, “Crimson Tide,” Beijing was unable “to persuade Washington or Pyongyang to back down at this time,” the Times laments, adding, all sides involved in the crisis should understand that “when their actions jeopardize China's interests, China will respond with a firm hand.”


Oh, oh. 

Chinese frigates  fire off  anti-ship missiles during exercises near North Korea, Aug. 4-8.

Underscoring Beijing'smessage, thousands of Chinese troops, anti-submarine aircraft and dozens of warships – including attack submarines, guided missile destroyers – have just concluded naval exercises over 15,000 square miles of the Yellow Sea, close to North Korea. Warning the U.S. to back off, the PLA Navy fired dozens of surface-to-air missiles and anti-ship missiles. 

ballistic rocket test launch released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) May 30, 2017 © Reuters

Ballistic rocket test -(North) Korean Central News Agency May 30/17


The morning after his "fire and fury" posturing, Trump Twittered praise for America's "powerful" nuclear arsenal – actually a mark of profound weakness in a nation devoid of moral leadership.  


Nevertheless, Trump’s racist genuflection before the nuclear genie is causing further worldwide freakouts. And a firestorm of calls to silence the war! war! war! rah-rah rhetoric and strip this lone gunman of his nuclear-strike “authority”.


“Why can't we use them?"

-Trump during security briefing on nuclear weapons 

Not to worry, the U.S. Navy stands ready to deliver nuclear hellfire wherever their maniac-in-chief wants it sent. Asked whether he would make a nuclear attack on China if Trump ordered it, U.S. Pacific Fleet commander Adm. Scott Swift robotically replied, “The answer would be yes.”


That’s a relief! Trump’s escalating threats against North Korea’s escalating threats followed yet another unsubstantiated report blared by the Washington Post, this one suggesting that Pyongyang has "successfully produced a miniaturized nuclear warhead that can fit inside its missiles."



The Post-toasties failed to explain that the report was speculative. Or why any country on this planet would fire a malfunction-prone “nuke” at anyone knowing its own cities and citizenry would be creduced to radioactive glass within 15-minutes by the twitchy-fingered Americans.

Predictably, the Kim Jong-un regime responded to Trump's nuclear bluster by promising to hasten "the tragic end of the American empire" by testing its ability to incinerate Guam – fortress-home of the nuclear-capable B-1 bombers that recently overflew the Korean Penninsula – starting with a few “warning shots” later in August 2017.

Pyongyang city mass rally held at Kim Il Sung Square on August 9, 2017 denounces "fire and fury" threat -Reuters

Pyongyang mass rally in Kim Il Sung Square, Aug. 9, 2017 to denounce Trump’s "fire and fury” threat. -Reuters


KCTV NEWSREADER: [translated] "The US  commander-in-chief, who is at a golf course again, let out a load of nonsense about "fire and fury," failing to realize the ongoing grave situation. We cannot have a sound dialogue with a senile man who can’t think rationally, and only absolute force can work on him.


“The Hwasong-12 rockets to be launched by the   Korean People's Army will cross the sky above   Shimane, Hiroshima and Koichi prefectures of Japan,    flying 3,356.7 kilometers for 1,065 seconds before    hitting the waters 30 to 40 kilometers away from    Guam.” [KCTV: state-run North Korean media]

Tourists enjoy Guam's Tumon Beach on Friday. | AFP-JIJI

Tourists enjoy Guam's Tumon Beach before missiles arrive. -AFP-JIJI


"14 Minutes!” reads the front page of Guam's Pacific Daily News. That's the flight time for North Korean missiles to impact the U.S. colony in the western Pacific. 

Trump has phoned the governor of Guam, telling Eddie Baza Calvo, “Don’t worry about a thing.”


Trump went on to promise, “You’re going to become extremely famous. All over the world they’re talking about Guam and they’re talking about you. And your tourism, I can say this, your tourism is going to go up like tenfold with the expenditure of no money, so I congratulate you.”


As he spoke, the Donald was watching the tube for mention of himself. “It looks beautiful, you know I’m watching,” he told Guam’s governor. “It’s such a big story in the news. It just looks like a beautiful place.”


It’s a paradise,” Calvo agreed. “We got 95% occupancy and after all this stuff calms down, we’re going to have 110% occupancy.”


Indeed, during an 8-year Pacific circumnavigation, this reporter found heavily-armed Guam to be as beautiful as its Chomorro inhabitants – but marred by drugs, guns and shotgunned corpses, which many Guamanians blame on the U.S. military's “occupation” of 30% of the island.

Home of the U.S. Pacific Command, Guam’s population of more than 162,000 residents is augmented by 10,000 to 15,000 daily tourists, whom governor Calvo assures are “just as safe as Tokyo or Seoul.”


Fearing that Pyongyang’s rockets are not very accurate and could hit he island instead of the ocean, the local government has issued a fact sheet on dealing with multiple nuclear blasts. Among the après-Armageddon tips: “Take a shower with lots of soap and water to help remove radioactive contamination.”

Lisalinda Natividad says many Guamanian friends, “are really growing increasingly angry as to how we're being used as these pawns in this situation.”

75% of Americans call N. Korea a “critical threat”.

64% of Americans can’t locate N. Korea on a map.

40% of Americans support bombing N. Korea again.


“There’s more people in the United States that want to launch a unilateral, unprovoked war against North Korea than even know where North Korea is,” comments Adam Johnson. 


A newly drafted petition by MoveOn.org to be delivered to the White House already has over 57,000 signatures. It begins reasonably enough: "Stop the insanity. Don't provoke a war with North Korea."


But the anti-end-of-the-world'ers forget: War defines the American identity. The U.S. economy is dedicated to weapons and warmaking. War is what America does!

In distant neighbourhoods…


"Donald Trump is making us all more unsafe with every war-mongering comment, tweet, and threat. His rhetoric threatening North Korea with 'fire and fury' is exacerbating a dangerous situation, putting the people of Guam – and everyone around the world – in grave danger," the petition mentions. 

"While a nuclear North Korea is a real concern, the answer must be diplomacy-first, not a rush to a potentially devastating nuclear war."


Trump's ill-timed offer to cook millions more Asians in nuclear fire came on the anniversary of alt-target Nagasaki’s sudden disappearance under a mushroom cloud. 

Nagasaki Taken One Day After the Atomic Bomb Dropped

Nagasaki bomb cloud of 100,00 corpses


“It's Nagasaki Day today, when the world remembers the US atomic bomb that hit a Japanese city unleashing a fire storm and winds of 9,000 miles an hour and killing 100,000 people,” recalls Carol Turner, vice chair of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. "It beggars belief that the US president has chosen the 72nd anniversary to threaten North Korea with…” his own Pyongyang Day.

“grave emotonal instability



dangerous mental illness

-U.S. mental health experts on Trump  

It didn’t help when Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas proclaimed that “God" anointed the Donald with his “blessing" to launch nuclear strikes against North Korea.

"A strong sense of anxiety is spreading across the globe that in the not too distant future these weapons could actually be used again, warned Tomihisa Taue, mayor of Nagasaki. "The nuclear threat will not end as long as nations continue to claim that nuclear weapons are essential for their national security."


Two years ago, North Korea's offered to stop developing its nuclear weapons deterrent if the U.S. agreed to stop its constant military manuevers on its land and sea borders. The recently-renewed pledge was again rejected by the White House.  

Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) missile battery is seen at the Defense Ministry in Tokyo on Thursday. | REUTERS NATIONAL : POLITICS

Patriot missile battery being deployed at Defense Ministry in Tokyo -Reuters


Western Japan has deployed Advanced Patriot surface-to-air missiles along the path North Korean missiles might take toward Guam. Out in the Yellow Sea, Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force Aegis destroyers may first attempt to knock down Pyongyang’s rockets with their own SM-3 Standard missiles in what is shaping up to be an exciting live-fire exercise for residents of Western Japan and Guam.


“If the situation worsens, Japan could be targeted by North Korea in retaliation,” reports the Japan Times. “Tokyo therefore hopes that the Trump administration will not take any military action.”


news report on the North Korea missile launch in Seoul, South Korea, November 29, 2017 © Kim Hong-Ji : Reuters

news bulletin on N. Korea's long range rocket launch -Kim Hong-Ji/Reuters


Pyongyang has again announced that it’s just about ready to incinerate the American’s Pacific airbase on Guam. 


To punish such bellicose, belligerent and risky self-defense, the UN has imposed fresh sanctions on Pyongyang aimed at slashing that destitute and increasingly desperate country’s $3 billion annual export revenue by one-third.


China has joined in with a full ban on imports of coal, iron, and seafood, among other goods from North Korea.

Why wait for strong-arm dimplomacy to take effect? 

“Military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded, should North Korea act unwisely,” Trump tweeted on Aug. 11, 2017.


Those “solutions” include a preemptive strike on around two dozen North Korean “missile-launch sites, testing grounds and support facilities” by B-1 Lancer supersonic heavy bombers from Andersen Air Force Base on Guam.


Simultaneous or follow-on attacks may also come from “land and sea – and cyber,” said a senior intelligence official in the planning loop. Incredibly, the bomber strikes remain “the best of a lot of bad options.”

Retired Admiral James Stavridis, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe, foresees that North Korea would respond “at a minimum against South Korea.” In response to a larger U.S. military action, it would not spare Guam from potentially nuclear missile strikes.


Such a “reckless game” may result in dire consequences, the Global Times warned. “Neither Washington nor Pyongyang really wants war, but a war could break out anyway as they do not have the experience of putting such an extreme game under control.”

Downton Pyongyang -Damir Sagolj : Reuters

downtown Pyongyang -Damir Sagolj / Reuters


“Governments and their house servants (the mainstream media, neocons, deep state, etc) are murderous liars and the only way they dare flush a few hundred billion dollars – and oceans of blood – down the toilet of war is to first lie their brains out to the people they are confident will swallow the poison pills and call them candy,” observes Daniel McAdams.

“The War Party in the US, with its myriad connections in the industrial-military-media complex, obviously wants/needs war to keep the machinery oiled. Tokyo, for its part, would much appreciate a pre-emptive US military attack – and damn the inevitable, massive South Korean casualties that would result from Pyongyang’s counterpunch,” writes Pepe Escobar.


The veteran Asia correspondent warns: “Beware of an engineered false flag, to be blamed on Pyongyang.”

Taking a deep breath, Aussie observer Caitlin Johnstone explains: 

“The United States power establishment has an extensive history of using lies, false flags and propaganda to manipulate its hundreds of millions of citizens into supporting needless military interventionism. From the Gulf of Tonkin incident to the false Nayirah testimony to the amazing network of lies spun about Saddam Hussein to the 'humanitarian' intervention in Libya to the unconscionable Bana Alabed psy-op in Syria, there is no depth to which the US war machine will not stoop in deceiving the public about the need to unload the military-industrial complex’s expensive inventory onto some third world country overseas, no limit to the evils that America’s unelected power establishment will commit in order to secure geopolitical dominance, and no end to the mass media propaganda machine’s willingness to report war propaganda as objective fact.”


“There is one government in the mix here that has proven itself completely sociopathic and untrustworthy in such matters, and it ain’t the DPRK.”

Local Shop -Michael Huniewicz

local shop, North Korea - Michael Huniewicz photo


"As Special Counsel Robert Mueller impanels two grand juries to investigate Donald Trump and his associates, and former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort's home is searched, Trump needs to distract attention from the investigation into his alleged wrongdoing,” points out Marjorie Cohn. “Trump has learned that bombing other countries enhances a president's popularity.”

“There’s always that possibility that America could launch the first strike,” agrees Adam Garrie, managing editor at The Dura.


“Look what they did to Iraq illegally, to Yugoslavia illegally. Look at the brutal Hillary Clinton engineered war on Libya in 2011. Look at how the United States more or less invented al-Qaeda when they funded the mujahedin that was fighting the secular, Soviet-aligned government in Kabul throughout the 1980s. The list goes on and on… Luckily, since 1945, America hasn’t dropped more nuclear weapons.”

Taking time out from another round of golf in New Jersey, the world-reviled president said on Aug. 11 that he’s ready to push some buttons. If Kim mouths off again or takes action against Guam, Trump declared, "he will truly regret it, and he will regret it fast. 

In response to the U.S. Navy’s recent firing of missiles into the sea off North Korea’s coast, North Korea’s dictator has repeatedly promised his nation that he will be lobbing two missiles off Guam’s shores later this month.

That could do it.



“If he starts a war with North Korea without congressional approval, that would be grounds for impeachment,” U.S. Congressman Ted Lieu helpfully points out. 


The worried Lieu adds, “You’ve got Trump potentially backing himself into a corner with all these threats. At some point, either Trump is going to have to reverse himself and damage credibility, or he’s going to feel compelled to execute on those threats, which could cost the lives of a lot of people.”


The German Social Democrats' candidate for chancellor now says “this irresponsible man in the White House” is “sinking to the level of a North Korean dictator.”


Martin Schulz told the German press that the U.S. president had exceeded his “worst expectations,” “reducing politics to a tweet” is “dangerous", and Trump is a risk for his land and the whole world.”

neo-Nazi Stormfront illustration

Stormfront composite


Proving that violence makes a circle  and violent, racist  White House rhetoric always comes around   prominent white supremacist David Duke declared n Charlottesville“We are going to fulfill the promises of Donald Trump.” Duke's praise came during the recent rally that ended in a bloody terror attack by an alleged white nationalist from Ohio. 


“That’s what we believed in, that’s why we voted for Donald Trump, because he said he’s going to ‘take our country back’ and that’s what we gotta do,” added the former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

Responding with his full moral vigor, Trump sent his “best regards to all those injured,” and called the killing, “Sad.”

US-Korean relations

US-Korean relations retain nightmarish memories over half-a-century


NBC anchor Brian Williams recently announced that the media’s job is to “scare people to death” about North Korea.

As Irish journalist Danielle Ryan reminds us, this is the same war pornographer who waxed lyrical about the “beauty” of American missiles when Trump mostly missed a Syrian air force base – but not the civiians who died for no reason at all.


“He’s also the guy who was suspended from his job for six months for making up a story about coming under fire in Iraq,” Ryan remarks.


Williams’ admission confirms the concern of Former State Department spokesman for the Obama administration, John Kirby, who says, “I really worry that the media itself and the media coverage of this has helped fan these flames.”


Kirby observes that if Trump’s “fire and fury” tweet contributed to the rise in tension, the media is causing it to spin out of control.


“We should be looking for ways to deescalate the tension, take a little bit of the air out of the tires. Pursue diplomatic solutions” Kirby suggests.


Based on a fake news “leak” in the Washington Post that North Korea had achieved warhead miniaturization (a claim Pyongyang made in March 2107, which missile experts call 'a hoax'), “We went from zero to 100 miles an hour in the course of about 48 hours,” Kirby adds. “We’ve just amped up the tensions in an unnecessary way. We do not have to be where we are right now.”


Yet, the same U.S. Military-Industrial-Entertainment Complex that’s hyping a false narrative to start a nuclear war, continues to censor the human costs of corporate America’s insatiable economic appetite for aggression.


As Mehdi Hasan points out at The Intercept, “Millions of ordinary Americans may suffer from a toxic combination of ignorance and amnesia, but the victims of U.S. coups, invasions, and bombing campaigns across the globe tend not to.”



Meanwhile, we are stressing out children with messages of alarm and doom they are not equipped to handle. Speaking for the many Americans who welcome Armageddon and their mythical Superhero’s vengeful return, a 2nd-grade student has decided, Everything is just so bad. We should just nuke the world and start over.” 


Retired Russian Air Force general, Aleksandr Tsalko  

doubts that Pyongyang currently has the capability to carry out nuclear strikes against American bases in Guam or elsewhere if attacked.


“Having a long-range missile and being capable of delivering a nuclear strike are two different things. They need to make a nuclear warhead that their missile can carry, to learn how to hit a target with it at long range,” added the co-founder of the Council for Foreign and Defense Policies. “I doubt North Korea now has a guidance system good enough for that. They can make a bang somewhere in the sea, but that’s all.”


Despite U.S. claims that North Korean claims it tested an ICBM, Russian military data shows that Pyongyang only fired a mid-range missile.


“However few short and intermediate-range missiles North Korea has, they are enough to cause unacceptable amount of damage,” Tsalko said. “The Americans should have enough brains not to do it. As long as they don’t hurt North Korea, it will not take any action in return.”

Retired Russian major general Pavel Zolotarev adds, “A US strike against North Korea may go against common logic, but when a country is governed by propaganda – and the United States are going through such a period – political decisions go beyond rational logic, and there we can have consequences that are hard to foresee.” 

With Japanese jets and warships accompanying the American armada off North Korea’s shores, who dares say, no more Tokyo?

 Kim's grandfather, Kim Il-sung, shown in a North Korean propaganda magazine. -Korea Today-1981

Preserving The Dynasty: Kim’s granddad, Kim Il-sun -Korea Today


“The situation is on the brink, but despite this, we hear the rhetoric from Pyongyang, and the statements that come out every day from Washington. The paradox is that they are identical,” said Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.


“It seems as if all the statements from Pyongyang are being translated into English and are repeated by the US officials.”


She added that the U.S. seems to have forgotten how to solve conflicts through diplomacy. “If people do not understand the threat of nuclear weapons in 2017, that this is a threat to the whole world, then what are we talking about?



Some Good News: Kim Jong-un now says he will wait a while before lobbing missiles in Guamanian waters to watch “the foolish and stupid conduct of the Yankees.” 

"We are almost ecstatic that Kim Jong-un has backed off," stated George Charfauros, Guam's Homeland Security Advisor.


"There doesn't appear to be any indication, based on what we're hearing, that there will be any missiles attacking in the near future or in the distant future,"added the island’s lieutenant governor Ray Tonorio.


Russia does not accept a North Korea that possesses nuclear weapons, insists the Kremilin’s Foreign Minister. 

Sergey Lavrov adds, “Russia together with China developed a very smart plan which proposes ‘double freezing’: Kim Jong-un should freeze nuclear tests and stop launching any types of ballistic missiles, while US and South Korea should freeze large-scale drills which are used as a pretext for the North’s tests.” 


But in the face of continuing threats of a peaceful settlement, Washington continues to insist on its prerogative to bully and threaten any country it chooses. When these provocations result in an armed response, the U.S. is then “justified” in flattening the audacious “enemy” for defending its families and neighbourhoods.

US soldiers conduct April military exercise near border with the North. -Chung Sung-Jun:Getty

US soldiers conduct military exercise near NK border -Chung Sun-Jun/Getty 


Kim Jong-un has said his country will wait before carrying out its threat to launch ballistic missiles into the waters off the American territory of Guam. But in order for the United States to prevent “dangerous military conflict on the Korean Peninsula,” Kim warned, it needs to “show it in action.”


In response, another round of pre-scheduled US-South Korea military exercises is set to rattle Pyongyang’s nerves, starting Monday, Aug. 21. The biannual exercises have been conducted near North Korea’s land sea borders for more than 40 years. The late August exercises typically involve around 30,000 American soldiers and about 56,000 South Korean troops.


Pyongyang views them as threatening, the New York Times reports, “particularly components that include plans for assassinations of the country’s leadership.”

For its part, the North says the exercises are “kicking up war zeal.”


“If the exercises proceed as usual – and if the United States decides to add other maneuvers like flying Guam-based B-1B bombers over the Korean Peninsula or bringing aircraft carriers into nearby waters – the North may revive its plan to launch missiles near Guam,” the ‘Times observes.


If talks do not happen, adds John Delury, associate professor of Chinese studies at Yonsei University in Seoul, “then the risks of a match falling on the kindling is very real on the Korean Peninsula.”

The South Korean Defense Ministry has just told the nation’s lawmakers: "There is a great possibility that North Korea will carry out strategic or tactical provocations to protest the latest UN sanctions and the UFG exercises.” 

Stay tuned. At this moment, as a brand-new poll shows more than 8 in 10 Americans fearful of nuclear war, the USA continues to threaten renewed attacks on Afghanistan, plus brand new wars against North Korea, Iran, China, Russia and Venezuela. Hell, Donald, don’t let all those foreigners hurt your feelings. 

Nuke ‘em all and git ‘er done!


Dr Strangelove Riding The Bomb


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