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Nuclear War This Weekend?

N Korean "uniforms" -Michael Huniewicz

N. Korean "uniforms" -Michael Huniewicz photo



By William Thomas



Conflating Syria with North Korea “suggests Washington is hell-bent on war,” warns veteran correspondent Finian Cunningham. “Now the two ‘evil dictators’ are bonded in U.S. media reports for complicity in the alleged chemical weapons attack earlier this month in Syria’s Idlib Province.”


Like the president they love to lampoon (until he calls for more war), the U.S. media is saving a bundle on real reporting by simply inventing the most sensational claims and calling them “facts” – without bothering to gather evidence or credible corroboration.


It’s “obvious”, of course: the supplier of Syria’s nonexistent chemical weapons must be that craven “nut job,” as Trump refers to Kim Jong-Un. [AFP photo] 

Or maybe the U.S. Golfer-In-Chief is referring to himself. 


As USA Today gushed: “The horrors of the civil war in Syria have proved a blessing for North Korea. The regime of Kim Jong-un has made a killing from selling arms and ammunition to the regime of fellow dictator, Bashar Assad.”


Skipping over proof, America’s best-selling comic book makes more unsubstantiated claims – this one, that a “key supplier” of Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal is… wait for it… Pyongyang!


Yes! Defense One headlined: “Syria’s War Has Been A Goldmine For North Korea.”


Both propaganda organs cite one source, Professor Bruce Bechtol from Angelo State University somewhere in Texas.


Described as a “North Korea expert,” Bechtol simply woke up one day and declared: “I would be stunned, I would be surprised if the nerve agent used by the Assad regime on April 4 in Khan Sheikhoun was not supplied by North Korea.”


Wow! Here is an authoritative source. Or as Cunningham comments, “In other words, this so-called ‘expert’ doesn’t really know."


Not to be outfoxed, Fox News jumped in, accusing Syria and North Korea of having a “long history” of sharing chemical weapons technology.


Evidence? Sorry. There is none. Cunningham went through the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute extensive archives and found only miniscule transfers of military technology between the both disparate countries.


People watch a television news showing file footage of a North Korean missile launch, at a railway station in Seoul on April 5, 2017. © JUNG YEON-JE : AFP

Television news showing a North Korean missile launch in a Seoul trains station, April 5, 2017. -Jung Yeon-Je photo / AFP

Of course, none of this matters in the land of “alternative facts” – more commonly known as lies.


U.S. media’s “fake news” – which isn’t news at all – ignores UN confirmation that all chemical munitions were completely destroyed under Russian-US supervision in 2013.


Reports of the alleged incident “relied solely on dubious videos sourced from terrorist-affiliated militants and their media agents,” Cunningham reminds us. The actual presence of sarin nerve agent (which is a powder, not a “gas”) would have decimated unprotected “rescuers”.


High-profile U.S. intelligence officials and chemical weapons experts assert the propaganda stunt was instigated by U.S.-sponsored ISIS ad al Qaeda militants in order to discredit the Assad government and justify American military intervention.


Three days later, emboldened by sensationalist press outcries, Trump launched 59 cruise missiles on that formerly sovereign nation.


The USA, Britain and France quickly blocked a formal request from Russia, Iran, and Syria for an impartial, on-site investigation into the incident. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov observed that Western powers showed they do not want to find out the truth of what really happened because their priority is pushing the agenda for regime change in Syria.


USS Carl Vinson flight deck. Aapr 11:17 -US Navy via Reuters

USS Carl Vinson flight deck, Apr 11, 2017  -USN / Reuters

“The game of ‘evil dictator association’ is a reboot of the ‘axis of evil’ narrative,” Cunningham comments.


Finian Cunningham

“Not only is Syria demonized without any proof, but now North Korea can also be vilified for having a dastardly role in ‘gassing beautiful babies’, as Trump would have it,” Cunningham continues.


“The U.S. targeting of North Korea with nuclear-capable submarines, warships, and intercontinental ballistic missiles has taken provocative threats against Pyongyang to a reckless level” and “amounts to acts of aggression.”


For what purpose? To expend more munitions and make even more money for bloated U.S. weapons corporations?  


“The world is being put on a hair trigger for war, at Washington’s initiative. Smearing the North Korean leader with alleged atrocities by chemical weapons in Syria is another grim pointer that the U.S. is preparing to commit a catastrophic crime. By a process of demonizing and dehumanizing, it is creating a license to destroy,” Finian Cunningham concludes.


But look out! This latest “demonic U.S. behavior should actually turn world attention to who exactly is the real axis of evil and number-one threat to peace.”

Train Crossing N Korea -Michael Huniewicz

North Korean train crossing -Michael Huniewicz photo

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