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No Chemical Weapons Destroyed In Syria Attacks

cruise missile from a French military.vessel in the Mediterranean sea toward targets in Syria overnight April 13to 14,2018 :AFP

Cruise missile launching from French warship in the Med to hit Syria overnight April 13to 14, 2018 /AFP


by William Thomas

Here’s what the U.S. military is boasting, as reported by the ever-unquestioning, Washington Post

The coalition hit the Barzah Research and Development Center outside Damascus with 76 missiles, destroying the facility and setting back Syrian chemical weapons capabilities 'for years.'  

"The second and third targets were part of what the U.S. military described as the Him Shinshar chemical weapons complex outside the city of Homs. The military said the strikes 'completely destroyed' the complex’s chemical weapons storage facility and "successfully hit and sustained damage' to the installation’s chemical weapons bunker." 

Here’s a still from an RT video made soon after the missile strike on the Center for Scientific Research in Damascus. Note the complete absence of chemical fires, smoke or fallout. 

Here’s what the Russian Defense Ministry is reporting from on-scene: “The Center for Scientific Research partially collapsed after reportedly being hit by several missiles during the attack. No one was injured during the strike, according to Syrian state media. It remains unclear whether the facility was, in fact, operational in the first place, however. 

No injuries? Not “operational” before the missile strike?

Apr 19 UPDATE: Said Said [Sa-eed], an engineer at the Scientific Research Center facility, said he had worked at the facility for decades, and was used to develop medicine and household chemicals. “You can see for yourself that nothing has happened. I’ve been here since 5:00 a.m. No signs of weapons-grade chemicals,” Said said.

“As we work in civilian pharmaceutical and chemical research, we did not expect that we would be hit,” Said explained. The allegations that that Barzeh was an integral part of Syria’s chemical program were “totally incorrect,” he stressed.

 image taken the day of the attack shows the weapons facility appears to have been destroyed. (satellite image ©2018 DigitalGlobe)

DigitalGlobe photo

Now check out the main PR strike at Barzah. This satellite image taken the day of the April 14, 2018 attack shows an alleged “chemical weapons complex” destroyed. If true, this photo would instead be showing intense chemical fires and thick chemical smoke billowing to high altitudes long after the strikes. 

Two sites were heavily hit just west of the city of Homs, a heavily populated area. If a “chemical weapons storage facility” and “chemical weapons bunker” at the Barzah complex, CSR in downtown Damascus, and two other "chemical warfare" sites just outside Homs were hit by “105" cruise missiles on April 13, 2018 as the Pentagon claims... the resulting fires and fallout would have resulted in mass civilian casualties downwind. 


Khamisiyah CW fallout cloud -Pentagon

Khamisiyah CW fallout plume -Pentagon

See Schwarzkopf's ill-advised open air” demolition of Iraqi chemical weapons bunkers by U.S. forces at al-Khamisayah in March 1991, immediately following Desert Storm. As documented in my book, Bringing The War Home, “more than 130,00 front-line American troops" were exposed. “CIA computer models later showed that sarin fallout may also have passed over parts of the British 1st Infantry, as well as unsuspecting civilian populations as distant as Saudi Arabia.”

Khamisiyah CW demolition 1991

Here’s what happens when chemical weapons storage areas are blown up:

Combat engineer Tracy Elledge was on a team setting C-4 plastic explosives at Saddam’s desert CW complex. “We used timed fuses, which gave us 10 minutes to get a half mile away,” he told Reuters reporter, Eliana Aponte“But even at that distance, the smoke was terrible.” Like the civilians ducking missiles in Damascus… Elledge added, “We didn’t wear any protective gear.”


Ron Brown, a soldier with the 82nd Division, watched the demolitions from a mile away. “Within 15 minutes, I couldn’t breathe and my head was about to split open,” Brown said. “Soldiers were nauseous, dizzy and had diarrhea and muscle spasms.” As the demolitions continued, his symptoms became more severe. “First, I couldn’t control my muscles. But in a couple days, I had convulsions and collapsed.” 

So far, there are zero reports of chemical exposure casualties following the April 14, 2018 strikes around Damascus. 

Why would there be? In 2018, UN inspectors again certified Syria to have no chemical weapons.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson spread "Russia did it" falsehoods

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson spread "Russia did it” falsehoods


The OPCW has confirmed that the alleged “Russian” nerve agents used in the Skripal incident are only produced by the U.S. and UK. 

Once again, Trump launches scattershot missile attacks against old buildings and dirt in Syria, declaring “mission accomplished” after his latest risky stunt. 

Stay tuned... 

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