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Nibiru is Coming!!!

Planet Nibiru And The Red Earth!

blushing Earth (left) faces PlanetX monster (right) -Hubbell image







by William Thomas



When Cassini was deliberately detonated in hard vacuum's utter silence a few or so days ago, adding its debris field and plutonium payload to the now radioactive rings of Saturn, didn't you wonder why the illegal immigrants in the Norté Americano Space Agency would deliberately fly a perfectly sound, two-billion-dollar spacecraft to its fiery and unnecessary demise?


In a startling web exclusive, this reporter has just learned from highly-placed hearsay that the long-flying, sophisticated space probe HAD to be destroyed before it could transmit images of an alien mothership whose looming threat NASA continues to deny!


One of the final images -NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

Yes. The same space agency that hid the truth about alien bases on Mars and Earth's only VISIBLE moon, and tried to bogart the tapes showing streams of UFOs pacing its spaceships and zipping in and out of our atmosphere like Europe's jihadist-jammed subways, DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW that PlanetX is baaack!


Just as understandable and even more reprehensible, the Antichrist in the White House is refusing to tweet that long-scheming Almighty God is going to take advantage of Nibiru's world-ending mayhem to go for the final and ultimate Twofer!


If you've ever suspected that your political leaders would cover-up the most momentous event in our own planet's long 4,000-year-old history, you're about to have all your conspiracy projections confirmed in JUST TWO DAYS' TIME when PlanetX hoves into naked-eye view – just before it sideswipes Earth like an 18-wheeler sucking your grandmother's Subaru into the weeds!

Trust me. Even though we luckily survived its last close pass six or eight or 20,000 years ago, this time around the solar system the Nibirunian navigators have carefully recalibrated their nefarious trajectory. 

day after tomorrow -20 Century Fox

20th Century Fox

NASA still insists if an astronomical body as big as Steichen’s Twelfth Planet was this close, huge magnetic storms would be lighting up the sky with daytime auroras visible at the equator. And instead of just a few pesky hurricanes, sea level surges, droughts and deluges already being caused by Nibiru’s menacing and pretentious advance, unhinged tidal forces in Earth's ocean and atmosphere would be wreaking total havoc on inland and coastal cities when the Day After Tomorrow is Today.


But what do they know they AREN'T telling us?



Artist's rendition of PlanetX aka, Planet 2003UB313 discovered at lonely outer fringes of “our" solar system by Palomar Observatory Jan. 8, 2005.    -NASA/JPL/Caltech

Just 20 months ago, potheads at the California Institute of Technology claim to have “found evidence” of a real, genuine, possible ninth planet.


Planet 9 is 10-times bigger than Earth and thankfully hangs out about 20-times farther from the sun than cowering Neptune. Meaning… “It would take this new planet between 10,000 and 20,000 years to make just one full orbit around the sun," Caltech foolishly confirms.


Nobody’s actually seen this interplanetary interloper, but certain objects in the Kuiper Belt have orbits that peculiarly point in the same direction an official astronomical source inadvertently admitted to a panicked CNN reporter.


Newly diagnosed “Over-Computer Stimulation Disorder” (OCSD) has led some obsessive stargazes to conclude that this supposed 9th Planet is exerting enough pull to shape Cupid’s – Kuiper’s – orbits.


Planet 9 orbit -NASA

"This would be a real Ninth Planet," declares planetary astronomer, Mike Brown. At 5,000 times the mass of Pluto, this non-dwarf-planet “gravitationally dominates” its ‘hood. Incredibly, its orbit is inclined “perpendicularly to the plane of the planets” – proof positive, some believe, that it is under intelligent and obviously malevolent control.


You kill two birds with one stone," said outer space researcher Konstantin Batygin in a statement taken ominously out of context.


Depending on who’s counting before they run out of fingers, this will be the third, fourth or fifth extra planet in our solar neighbourhood discovered since ancient times. Except for the Twelfth Planet, which no one is admitting to since Planet 11 is still missing.


Nibiru Is Here

Predictably, NASA's director of planetary science cautions that nobody can claim Earth's solar system once again has nine planets. “It's too early to say with certainty that there is a so-called 'Planet X' out there,” blurted Jim Green in a near-admission that we’re all doomed by this otherwise unacknowledged cosmic party-crasher.


Alex Jones and other top scientific authorities “believe” that Planet Nine’s "bizarre, highly elongated orbit” could in fact belong to PlanetX – which is a real “X”, not a Roman numeral 10.


Astronomy is so confusing.


Even more perplexing, Planet 10 was previously “really” discovered by the Palomar Observatory on July 29, 2005. It is 97-times further from the sun than Earth and poses no immediate threat to anyone except the exceptionally paranoid, who are – like NASA – now seeing planets lurking everywhere.


Nibiru hidden by clouds!

NASA is right in describing PlanetX's X-rated effects. Because yes, absolutely, you bet your life, on September 23, 2017, PlanetX WILL be close enough to destroy every standing structure on Earth. And every civilization and too-clever chimp attached to them. But for all NASA's fancy telescopes, entrail-diviners and quantum computers, until the final hours of its approach, Nibiru will remain in stealth mode, hidden behind extra fake clouds laid down by U.S. Air Force tanker jets!


Don't believe the truth? Remember that big solar flare two weeks or a week ago or whenever that caused far more damage to our satellites and surface energy grids than any helpless government has dared admit? Did you know that near-catastrophic solar burp was caused by the near proximity of PlanetX causing the kind of disturbances on the sun NASA said should now be happening here?


The truth is plain for all to see in the blinding glory of that prefiguring Corona Mass Ejaculation (CME).


PlanetX Hits!

Don’t take my word for it. Telmario Mota, a veteran Brazilian senator who has represented that country’s northernmost state of Roraima for about two years, has just told his incredulous fellow parliamentarians:


“I got information from reliable sources at NASA, which I trust. NASA is aware of the approach of Planet X or, as it is also called ‘Nibiru’. The world as we knew it will soon cease to exist. The history of human civilisation will soon end.


Telmario Mota- “NASA is aware of the approach of Planet X or, as it is also called ‘Nibiru’.”

Interrupted by a standing ovation from the assembled legislators, Senator Mota went on to mention: 

“Planet-X already has an impact on the gravitational field of the Earth, the world is already facing natural disasters of unprecedented strength, very soon two-thirds of humanity will die of hunger and disease, and powerful disasters will shake the planet and our civilisation will die!”


After studying Biblical texts, which “prove” Nibiru is once again relentlessly inbound like some nightmare boomerang, Christian researcher David Meade says PlanetX will not wipe us out until some point in October. Meade adds that computer-generated astronomical models indicate that this sign – which has never before occurred in human history (except for Nibiru’s repeated close approaches) – “places the Earth immediately before the time of the Sixth Seal of Revelation.”


See also these Express exclusives:

“Crashed UFOs found in Russia contains the remains of…”


“YouTuber finds concealed PlanetX on Google SkyView.”


Nibiru is clearly visible


But DO NOT FEAR! It's all good. As I have been guided to learn from an ASTONISHING YouTube video of such STUNNING production values its SHOCKING MESSAGE cannot be denied: Just like all those air defense drills held on 9/11 to confuse America's defenders, God has co-scheduled the RAPTURE for – wait for it, dear and trembling readers – September 23!!!


Yes, that's right! The END TIMES are ending. The FINAL DAYS are finally upon us. The long-rumoured RAPTURE is not just near... but imminent!



In just two more days, no one will be able to deny that the event long foretold by multitudes of much maligned BELIEVERS is – yea verily! – literally coming to (closely) pass.


The Good News is there is still time for totally ignorant, reality-denying duraks like me to be saved! To avoid the terrible fate PlanetX and God's hand-picked Nibirunian lizard-visaged helpmates are about to visit upon all idol-worshippers (who have turned their eyes away from an invisible, vengeful God) – all you gotta do is BELIEVE!

Despite the fearful content of this post, change your underwear and REJOICE! In just two more days there will be no more credit card debt, no more lurching obesity, no more soul-destroying jobs, no more car payments, no more perverts, and no more nagging spouses! There is no catch. No Hidden Payments Or Gimmicks! To obtain the outcome you have long dreamed of, all you have to do on September 23 is take off all your clothes, go out into the street, and shout, "Praise Jesus!"


In that instant, planet Earth will fall away from beneath your bare toes like you were perched atop a Saturn V rocket heading for the stars.


[Helpful Lifesaving Tip #223: Before ascending, be sure to watch out for pilotless aircraft falling out of the sky, and careening cars suddenly missing their levitating drivers. Now going viral, a scary 4-minute video warns that cell phone service may also be interrupted.]


So party down people! Any big sin you have been saving up, now is the time to go for it. Afterwards, you both might as well leave your clothes off and REPENT because before you know it, you will be TAKEN up, up up into the living room of the Lord.


And on the 24th? What will everyone be saying then?


Do what I've just revealed and you won't be here to find out.

I will keep posting to the end...





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