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My GoTo Sources Looking At The Current Situation  

DIY: I may not always be able to update fresh posts. And for anyone who prefers to go deeper, much of my reporting is coming from these sources. -WT

The following sources offer calm, rational, insightful and often humorous overviews and analysis on what the hell is going on. No hype. No lies. Many surprises. 



Andrei Martyanov (former Russian military officer now in USA offers well-qualified perspective

Alexander Mercouris (very measured, longtime Russian analyst with excellent contacts)

Coach Red Pill  (insightful Chilean, Lira, in Kharkov married to a Ukranian with two young children)

Gonzalo Lira (provides Telegrams with photos/info unavailable anywhere else)

Scott Ritter (a very well-informed former US Marine intelligence officer and UN weapons inspector) 

Larry Johnson (this former CIA agent and State Department insider draws on experience) New!

Pepe Escobar (veteran, well-traveled reporter offering vital, often humorous geoplical perespective)  

The Duran Locals (with daily correspondents in Kiev and Greece (sign up for free). Also on Rumble

Patrick Armstrong (Russia Observer - internationally recognized geopolitical analyst) 

Paul Craig Roberts (former US Asst. Sec. Treasury always politically insightful) 

The Dreizin Report (Jacob Dreizin is simply superb). New!

The Saker (excellent analysis, guest sources and intelligence updates)

Moon of Alabama (superb daily military and geopolitical analysis) 

Strategic Culture Foundation (economic, social and security analysis on global affairs)

Global Research (many articles on currenty topics of interest)


The Ice Age Farmer (timely insights, warnings and practical advice on food production, distribution)  

AgWeb (international farming updates)

Agricensus (world crop markets)


Peak Prosperity (Chris Martenson translates macro outlook into practical implications)

Zerohedge (startling world news and wrey commentary from a markets perspective)

Michael Hudson (distinguished economist, author and geopolitical analyst)

Dr. Ryan Cole and Del Bigtree


The Expose (this UK sources highlights, documents and breaks stories ahead of other outlets)

The Highwire (Del Bigtree provides the latest documentted information and great guests)

Awake Canada (grass roots rants, warnings and analysis)

Children’s Health Defense (Robert Kennedy Jr. is very informed on all things Covid, Fauci-related)

The Last American Vagabond (best in-depth analysis on Covid Vaxx risks, plus Ukraine)


Neil Oliver (reasoned rapier insights, uncomfortable questions for the comfortable)

James Howard Kuntsler (the one and only JHK!)

Amazing Polly (she truly is… this Canadian brings unique news, analysis, and commentary to your table) 

Scott Ritter


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