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Merry Christmas From Mars!

Mars Ice | USGS Astrogeology Science Center

Santa’s intergalactic heaquarters has just been discovered on the Red & White planet! -USGS Astrogeology Science Center

Merry Christmas from Mars! 

Santa’s Mars Base Revealed!

by William Thomas

Tourists hoping for a white Christmas on Mars are reportedly “delighted” by the discovery of a 2-kilometer-deep chunk of ice in the planet’s northern lowlands.


Named after Soviet rocket engineer and spacecraft designer Sergey Korolev, the 50-mile wide Martian crater is filled with delicious water ice all year long.

Santa Conquers Martians

Christmas on Mars girl, Sonda

“My dad wants to melt it down to liberate oxygen and hydrogen for rocket fuel so we can go home,” said Sonda “Star Child” McGreggor. “But my friends and me want to go ice skating.”


It is Sonda’s fifth Christmas on Mars after her “bored” mom became mysteriously pregnant on the red-and-white planet following an emergency landing by her Russian-Tasmanian exploration team there.   


“Igor and I were just snuggling to keep warm,” Tania McGreggor explained. “We don’t know what happened.”


“That’s an insult,” sputtered Igor, who refused to confirm his gender or give a last name.


Ice crater on MArs 82km across -ESA

Korolev ice crater is located in the northen lowlands of Mars - 2nd left past the post office.

Canada is claiming jurisdiction over the find, since the 2,200 cubic kilometers of frozen water is same volume as that country’s Great Bear Lake. “If there are tar sands underneath, we want them, too,” added Prime Minister True Dough.


The icy crater is named after chief rocket engineer and spacecraft designer Sergey Korolev, known as the father of Soviet space technology and the head of iconic space exploration missions including the Sputnik, Vostok, and Voskhod programs. Korolev was designing the first Mars rocket when he suffered an “untimely death” in 1966. 

"Anyone seen my keys?” Igor demanded, patting his pockets for the two-hundredth time. “Proklyatiye rocket won't start without them!"

Merry Cgristmas from Mars

Merry Christmas from Mars

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