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by William Thomas

July 12, 2018

As expected, the feds missed a court-imposed deadline to reunite 102 children under the age of 5 with families they were ripped from at the border. They'd returned just four of 102 toddlers. Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar went on CNN to explain that ripping kids from their parents and sticking them in cages, “It is one of the great acts of American generosity and charity.


Angelica Rebeca Gonzalez-Garcia, who was separated from her 7-year-old daughter and has not seen her, although she has learned that her daughter got sick and bruised and was hit by a boy in the detention facility: "…One of the officers asked me, 'In Guatemala do they celebrate Mother’s Day?' When I answered yes he said, 'then Happy Mother’s Day'… That particular act of cruelty astonished me then as it does now. I could not understand why they hated me so much, or wanted to hurt me so much."

The affadavit of Miriam, a Honduran asylum seeker fleeing government violence at home who was separated from her 18-month-old son at the border and is now part of an ACLU lawsuit challenging Trump's policies: "My son was crying when I put him in the seat. I did not even have a chance to comfort him because the officer slammed the door shut. I was crying too... And I am crying even now."


A man who presented himself at a port of entry for asylum and was immediately separated from his 5-year-old son and 1.5-year-old daughter: The children “did not have shoes or blankets in the detention center, and there were people in the cells that had to sleep standing up. They did not have enough to eat either, and could not drink the water, because of the chlorine they added to it… the incarcerated children were insulted – called named such as 'animals' and 'donkeys.    


Olivia Caceres had her 1-year-old son taken away from her at a legal port of entry: "He continued to cry when we got home and would hold on to my leg and would not let me go. When I took off his clothes… It seemed like they had not bathed him the 85 days he was away from us."

Johan, a 1-year-old Honduran boy taken from his amnesty-seeking father by our president's border agents, was hauled alone into federal immigration court in July to argue for sanctuary. An AP reporter described how the baby briefly played with a ball, drank, from a bottle, then "cried hysterically." The judge said he was too "embarrassed" to try explaining this judicial proceeding to anyone: "I don't know who you would explain it to, unless you think that a 1-year-old could learn immigration law," the judge said in exasperation.

Judge Dana Sabraw has ordered the Trump regime to stop family separations and reunite children with their parents. “The unfortunate reality is that under the present system, migrant children are not accounted for with the same efficiency and accuracy as property,” the judge wrote.

But Attorney General Jeff Sessions has struck back at women everywhere by announcing that domestic violence cases will no longer qualify for political asylum. His draconian ruling contravenes international law and threatens many thousands of women fleeing Central America and other countries.

Inside an ICE facility courtesy of a whistlebliower -Michael Avenatti twitter

 Hidden camera inside ICE detention facility, June 2018

-Michael Avenatti/Twitter


In 2014, efforts to pursue wider immigration reforms in the U.S. Congress collapsed. 

In 2015, U.S Government figures show 82% of the women from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico screened at the U.S. border were found  “to have a significant possibility of establishing eligibility for asylum or protection under the Convention against Torture – and were allowed to pursue their claims for asylum in the United States.


In 2018... not so much.


On June 27, 2018, the GOP-controlled House failed to pass their "compromise" “extremist” immigration bill. "Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda has had its day on the floor. It has failed and failed and failed again," said Diana Pliego, policy associate at the National Immigration Law Center, after the legislation failed by more than 100 votes.

"Take that goddamn pen of yours and do away with this horrendous inhumane policy of yours that rips children from the arms of their parents," Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) said during a press conference on Tuesday. -Getty Images


After telling congressional Republicans on Capitol Hill, “the crying babies doesn’t look good politically,” Trump bowed to worldwide outrage and signed a directive ordering migrant children to no longer be taken from their parents at the detaining officer’s discretion.                                                                                Getty Images

But he insisted that families will still be separated


"I signed a very good executive order yesterday, but that's only limited, no matter how

 you cut it," he boasted to reporters. "It leads to separation, ultimately.” 


Separated migrant children are currently being detained in 17 states. Some have been held for more than 600 days. Who will count the costs when tearful parents are eventually reunited with their PTSD offspring who will never trust them again?

Trump has been reluctant to end his beloved separation policy,arguing it's a terrific deterrent to illegal immigration  – most of which isn’t illegal at all. “My people love it,” crows a man who never considers the unintended consequences of the policies he so recklessly and relentlessly pursues. He boasts that his new "100% Intolerance" crackdown has reduced border crossings 64%. They have actually increased 64% as more asylum-seekers choose to take their chances with illegal entry, rather than openly surrender their children to authorities at the border. 

Bye Bye Baby


A group of 25 lawmakers who toured the border processing facility in McAllen, Texas, on June 23 said they hadn't seen a clear federal system for reuniting those who were split up. Further hobbling reunification, everyone – including infants – is assigned an "A'' or alien number. Other federal agencies impose their own ID numbers to the same detainees.


About 27,000 families – many fleeing gang violence in Central America – have been caught in the last three months, according to U.S. border authorities. "There are still thousands of children who are out there right now untethered to their parents and no coherent system to fix that," Rep. Joe Courtney summarized.



Immigration and Customs Enforcement has started issuing parents forms that require them to make a stark choice: agree to either reunite with their children and return to their home countries, or agree to leave the United States without their child.


"We are seeing cases where people who have passed credible fear interviews and have pending asylum claims are being given this form," lawyer Lee Gelernt, who works for the American Civil Liberties Union, told NBC. 

Applying for asylum used to be a human right protected under both international and U.S. law. If they can demonstrate that they have reason to believe they face significant danger in their home country, they are allowed to continue with the asylum application.

But these forms are intended to scare parents who have been separated from their kids into agreeing to leave the country, even when they have the legal right to pursue asylum claims.


Wendy Young, president of Kids in Need of Defense (KIND), compared the situation to holding kids "hostage to force a parent to relinquish their legal right to seek asylum."


"All over the world, people want to come back to the U.S.," Trump brags. He must mean Americans travelling on time-restricted visas abroad.

Melania Trump wears ‘I really don’t care, do U?’ jacket -NY Post


When the First Lady recently visited child detention centers because she "deeply cares,” this former immigrant to the U.S. sent a more truthful message with a jacket proudly proclaiming in broad white brushstrokes: "I REALLY DON'T CARE, DO U?" 

Too much abuse at home, Melania?

Greeting Melania's second detention center photo-op -Wochit News


Also on June 28, while Melania Trump was speaking on behalf of border enforcement, the State Department was warning that separating children from their parents can cause lasting psychological damage that leaves them vulnerable to trafficking.


“Children in institutional care, including government-run facilities, can be easy targets for traffickers,” the department report said. “Even at their best, residential institutions are unable to meet a child’s need for emotional support that is typically received from family members or consistent caretakers with whom the child can develop an attachment.


Since May, the Trump administration has separated more than 2,300 migrant children from families crossing the southwestern border. 

woman carries her child as they flee US bombing in Raqqa -Rodi Said : Reuters

Woman carries her child as they flee US military’s “rubblization” of Raqqa -Rodi Said / Reuters


Swamped by unannounced “zero tolerance” immigrant detention policies, the U.S. military has agreed to send Judge Advocates General to the border to prosecute families for crossing the border illegally.


"This report is unreal," says MSNBC Justice analyst Matthew Miller. "DOJ, where there are thousands of lawyers, getting prosecutors on loan not to prosecute violent crime, terrorism or financial fraud, but nonviolent misdemeanors! A complete farce."



It’s darker than that, Matt. On orders from their Commander-In-Chief, the U.S. Navy is preparing “temporary and austere” tent camps to detain more than 100,000 immigrants.


An internal planning document, drafted for the Navy Secretary’s approval, shows the admirals and their contractors moving to bail out an administration once again “caught flat-footed,” writes Cody Fenwick, by their own actions. A Navy spokesman refused to comment on the military bases chosen for at least three internment camps, which are “expected" to be in use for up to a year.

Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Center used to detain migrant children -Independent Print Ltd.

 Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Center where beatings took place -Independent Print Ltd. 


Those tent cities will come too late for a half-dozen immigrant teenagers, most of whom were caught crossing the southern U.S. border unaccompanied. In sworn statements, the teens say they were beaten while handcuffed, locked in solitary confinement for extended periods, stripped naked for interrogation, and often forced to sleep alone without their clothes in cold concrete cells.


A former child-development specialist who worked at the Shenandoah Valley detention center said she witnessed children with bruises and broken bones as a direct result of beatings by the center’s guards. With at least one U.S. Immigrant Detention Center found to have hired an Ex-Border Guard arrested for child porn, terrified and defenceless children face other risks while hidden from public and parental view. 


Children and workers are seen at a tent encampment recently built near the Tornillo Port of Entry on June 19, 2018, in Tornillo, Texas. JOE RAEDLE : GETTY IMAGES

Military-style internment camp in Tornillo, Texas, June 19, 2018 -Joe Raedle/Getty 



A current lawsuit cites kids held at Shiloh being given up to nine different pills in the morning and six in the evening – including antipsychotic drugs, antidepressants, Parkinson’s disease medication and seizure medications. They were told they would remain detained if they refused drugs, the lawsuit claims.


“Children also said that after taking the drugs, they experienced side effects that rendered them fatigued and incapable of walking.”


“ORR routinely administers children psychotropic drugs without lawful authorization,” the lawsuit goes on to charge. “When youth object to taking such medications, ORR compels them. ORR neither requires nor asks for a parent’s consent before medicating a child, nor does it seek lawful authority to consent in parents’ stead.

The seven pills named in the court filings – clonazepam, duloxetine, guanfacine, Geodon, olanzapine, Latuda and divalproex – are powerful medications used to control depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, bipolar disorder, mood disorders, schizophrenia and seizures, reports Patrick Martin. These “treatments” amount to applying “chemical straitjackets” to subdue the children, rather than meeting medical needs, the lawsuit charges.

The Office of Refugee Resettlement has so far paid $3.4 billion to private organizations to warehouse immigrant children. $1.5 billion went to 13 companies “accused of hundreds of egregious violations of their responsibility to provide care. These included failure to obtain medical treatment for accidents or illness, ‘inappropriate contact’ between children and staff (apparently of a sexual nature), and neglect,” Martin reveals.



Another asylum seeker tells of fleeing El Salvador to the United States because of threats against her life, bringing her young son and younger sister with her. "But after we crossed the border, we found no relief. Instead, we were held for two months in a family immigration detention center in Artesia, N.M., run by a for-profit company,” she wrote to the New York Times.


“The food was often expired, the milk was spoiled, and we weren’t provided with snacks for our children between meals. When we saved food for snacks, it was taken from us and thrown out because of concerns about rats in the dorms. Children went to bed hungry. And we could get water between meals only by asking the officers. Sometimes they wouldn’t bring any. The water we did have made us sick. It was no place for human beings, let alone for families with small children.”


Parents would often wait days before seeing a doctor after requesting a care for their child, she said. One boy died after being denied medical care and having his mom deported without him.


“We all were children, and we all were dependent on our parents for physical and psychological safety and security,” reminds Dr. Dana Sinopoli, a psychologist whose open letter condemning the Trump regime’s cruel separation policy has been signed by more than 12,600 mental health professionals. Then remember, Dr. Sinopoli invites, “the times when we were abruptly separated from our parents.


“Facing dozens of migrants shackled at their waist and ankles,” report Suzanne Gamboa and Daniella Silva, public defender Miguel Nogueras asked one mother how old her disappeared child is. "Five years old," she said.


“What kind of scars are we creating?” Nogueras demands. “The child has to be asking, where's my mom? And that kid has to be scared. I can't even fathom.”

Nogueras repeatedly describes the effect on frantic parents as, “anguish," saying, "Wouldn't you feel anguish if they took your kids? I'd be going crazy. It's inhumane."


Only if you’re not a sociopath.


“One of my lawyers came back from meeting his new client at the jail – and this is a very experienced criminal defense lawyer – who was shaken by the experience of talking to a parent whose child was literally ripped from their arms,” corroborates Maureen Franco, a federal public defender for the Western District of Texas. “The human cost of this will be great.”


“Doctors and lawyers who have visited the shelters said the facilities were fine, clean and safe,” USA Today reports, “but the kids – who have no idea where their parents are – were hysterical, crying and acting out.


Officials from law enforcement and Health and Human Services say they don’t know how many separated children are under 5, under 2, or even so little they’re "non-verbal”. 


Among those incarcerated in at least one migrant processing plant in southern California, pregnant women are having miscarriages. Children allegedly get to make two “free” phone calls to a documented parent or relative each week. In reality, each child must pay 85 cents-a-minute, an unsustainable amount .

-South Africa Today photo


“While tearing children away from parents under a policy designed to keep asylum seekers from entering U.S. society, the Trump administration is forcing those same children to pledge their allegiance to the country that is actively trying to expel them,” Julia Conley reports.

The Washington Post describes a converted Walmart in Brownsville, Texas where each morning young Spanish-speaking internees “are required to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance, in English, to the country that holds them apart from their parents.


As a facility employee explains, "We tell them, 'It's out of respect.'"



“It’s Kafkaesque. It’s just a nightmare,” says Christina Woehr, a federal public defender in Tucson. Other colleagues are calling the ad hoc U.S. response, “chaos”.


After reviewing federal data, McClatchy news calculates that Trump’s administrators have “likely lost track of nearly 6,000 unaccompanied migrant children, thousands more than lawmakers were alerted to last month.” 


“In one particularly chilling example,” reports the UN Human Rights Office, “immigration agents told two immigrant mothers that they were taking their daughters away to the bath – but they never returned, and the mothers have not seen them since.

“The average age now of a child we have in care is 7, but we have children from 8 months all the way to 17,” says Dona Abbott, branch director of refugee services for Bethany Christian Services, a leading organization involved in placing children in Office of Refugee Resettlement custody into foster care. “We’re seeing babies.”


Abbott highlights that for little kids, uncertainty about a parent’s whereabouts is traumatic and lasting. “When you’re 8, a week is a long time. You just don’t know, is my mom safe?” 

We're not in America anymore -Movieclips Trailers

“We’re not in America any more, Toto."


Despite official assurances that parents would not be separated from their children if they cross into the U.S. through an official port of entry, one affidavit describes a mother separated from her 4-year-old son and blind 6-year-old daughter after crossing at Nogales, Arizona, where the family requested asylum.

“Infant ripped from mother's arms while she was breastfeeding the baby at border detention center; mother handcuffed for resisting,” CNN reports. Who is going to breastfeed her 3-month old daughter? Trump? Though pregnant with dire possibilities, his milk of compassion has not yet come in.


“The youngest children who have been separated from their parents have been too emotionally overcome to discuss their asylum cases with legal representatives – if they're even old enough to talk at all,” reports Michelle Mark. “These children who were separated from their parents are often unable to tell the caseworkers crucial details about their backgrounds that could help ensure they receive asylum or a ‘special immigrant juvenile’ visa that would allow them to stay in the United States.”


"Now that the kids are being separated, the kids are much, much younger, and they're traumatized, and they're currently experiencing the trauma in the mi of ddle of this legal process,” explains Austin-based immigration attorney Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch. “The kids – if they're even old enough – can't even think about what happened to bring them here, because they're only focused on, 'Where's my mom?' or, 'Where's my dad?' And that's all that they can talk about.


“Some of those children are still non-verbal or too young to know details like why they and their parents fled their home countries, the full names of their parents, or even their own birth dates. How do you defend them?" she demands. "I mean, you take a kid away who's non-verbal, how are you ever going to confirm who this child's family members are in the future?"


“I’ve taught immigration law literally to 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds,” a senior Justice Department official and longtime immigration judge has boasted under oath. “You can do a fair hearing.”

A witness for the plaintiffs – which include the ACLU, the American Immigration Council, the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project and several law firms – promises to hammer this hallucination during their fair hearing.


“Three- and 4-year-olds do not yet have logical reasoning abilities. It’s preposterous, frankly, to think they could be taught enough about immigration law to be able to represent themselves in court,” erupts Temple University psychology, Laurence Sternberg.


"This is the person in charge of training immigration judges about how to treat children?" chokes Ahilan Arulanantham, deputy legal director at the ACLU of Southern California. "And this is the witness the government puts forward to present their views as to how this is supposed to happen? That is horrifying.”     


“In some cases, children as young as 5 will be in front of an immigration judge, expected to explain why they should not be deported and manage the legal process that is required to prove that,” Lincoln-Goldfinch continues.


But emotional vertigo is extreme for children who have fled violence at home only to be forcibly separated from their parents upon arriving in the Land of the Free. Mary Lehman Held, an assistant professor of social work at the University of Tennessee, says these children’s brains are stuck in “fight, flight or freeze mode” due to extreme stress, which makes it hard for them to remember information. 


Some kids are so young they might not know their parents’ names or be able to speak, adds Kimi Jackson, director of ProBAR, an organization that provides legal assistance to immigrants. 

“Even if they can talk, most children who go through the court system on their own have no idea what is happening,” Chapin writes in the Huffington Post.



“Babies are subject to deportation,” warns Wendy Young, president of Kids in Need of Defense, an organization that pairs unaccompanied minors with lawyers. In court, the norm is that babies are supposed to be with their parent and the parent would speak for the baby. But, in these cases, we’re seeing them separated.” 

She adds, "A lot of these people are fleeing violence, and if they get sent back they could be killed.”


Too many mothers are being killed if they stay home. All those insisting that parents “deserve” being forcibly separated from their children for fleeing to the USA from countries the U.S. has spent decades destroying – have a listen:


                        This 6-year-old Salvadorian girl called 911 while watching her mother 

                                being stabbed to death. -YouTube [harrowing audio, with translation]

When asked for her address at the beginning of this 911 call, the little girl replied, “Here by the pizza place.” (Imagine a U.S. Immigration judge taking that onboard from a 6-year-old “defendant”.) Turn up the volume for the full effect:



Yet, a friend tells me he’s "not sure” if inflicting further trauma on kids who have experienced similarly life-warping distress is wrong. There’s "two sides" after all. And there’s so many of them. (“Hordes” of these “animals” are “infesting” America, says the President of the United States.) 

Madre de Dios! Have we lost our moral compass?


They may not even know where they are. From Maddow’s hidden camera tape, we here a child worker ask in Spanish: “Are you here with your mother?” “No.” “Do you know where your mother is?” “She’s over in the states.” “She’s over in the states?” “Yes. In Virginia.”


“This child literally has no idea of where she is,” writes Joseph Murphy. “This child has been moved exclusively under the cover of darkness, in the middle of the night [and] thinks she’s somewhere not even in the United States.”


An audio clip clandestinely recorded inside what is essentially a prison for refuge-seekers features another Spanish–speaking aid worker warning children not to speak to any reporters. If they end up on the news, bad things might happen to them or their case. She quickly adds, “I’m not threatening you.”


"The Trump administration has just become a crime cartel. In Mexico, the cartels are snatching migrants, and holding them ransom, demanding money from friends and family members to release them to continue their journey,” Murphy mentions. “Trump [and the] DOJ is snatching babies, toddlers, and children from their mothers and fathers arms, and then holding them hostage. “Sign the goddamned paper if you ever wanna see your kid again pendejo!


“Nobody leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark.” 

Somali poet, Warsan Shire

A boy and father from Honduras are taken into custody by US Border Patrol agents near Mission, Texas. Photograph- John Moore:Getty Images

       A boy and his father from Honduras taken into custody by U.S. Border Patrol agents near Mission, Texas.  

          -John Moore/Getty Images 



Even more frightening are big men with guns, snatching you from your parents and shouting orders in a foreign tongue.


“State-enforced separations, involving armed men in uniforms with guns,” Abbott emphasized, “can be particularly jarring for children from areas in Central America and Mexico where the line between organized crime and government security forces is nonexistent, and the entire purpose of the journey north was to escape precisely those kinds of scenarios.” 


The likelihood that those children will find their way back to their parents is entirely uncertain, Abbott concluded. “There’s no way this ends well. I feel like now that we’ve crossed this precipice, there’s no limit as to how far Trump and his people will go.”


Parents desperate to protect their children from sex and slave-traffickers by coming to the United States, are inadvertently delivering their offspring into the traffickers' hands. According to a U.S. Senate report, the Dept. of Health and Human Services has placed more than a dozen immigrant children in the custody of human traffickers after it failed to conduct background checks of “caregivers”.


No one knows how many of the approximately 90,000 children the agency has placed over the past two years have fallen prey to traffickers in forced child labour and forced child sex because no follow-ups are conducted once they’re combed out of the government’s hair.



Even more dismaying than all those pocketing Judas’ silver for betraying their humanity with unapologetically malicious assaults on infants, toddlers, adolescents, teens, mothers, fathers – and heartsick humans everywhere  –are the “hordes" of hand-wringing and fist-waving apologists in media, government and homes across every so-called heartland, who scoff at these openly racist crimes as no big deal. 


The last citizenry to allow mass government round-ups with equally enthusiastic or silent complicity came a cropper.

A child looks out of the window of a bus carrying migrant children as protesters try to block the bus from leaving a US Customs and Border Protection Detention Center on June 23, 2018, in McAllen, Texas. -Spencer Platt: Getty

        Child looks out from bus carrying migrant children as protesters try to block the bus from leaving a 

          Detention Center in McAllen, Texas, June 23, 2018. -Spencer Platt/ Getty


At a tent camp for migrant children in Texas, tightly chaperoned reporters managed a few quick words with one boy. When they asked him how he was doing, he paused briefly. Then he laughed.


“You can’t be serious,” the boy replied in Spanish.


The United Nations Human Rights Office has sharply rebuked the U.S. for its policy of tearing children from the arms and breasts of parents at the U.S./Mexico border. “In one particularly chilling example,” reported the UN Human Rights Office, "immigration agents told two immigrant mothers that they were taking their daughters away to the bath – but they never returned, and the mothers have not seen them since.”

Inhabitants of the other Americas know what this means.

When three distraught, sleepless Brazilian siblings ages 8, 10, and 16 were told their mother had disappeared, “they were terrified," relates youth care worker, Antar Davidson. In Brazil, those who are “disappeared” are abducted from their homes and never seen again. 


“You have to be strong,” Davidson addressed the oldest brother.

Weeping, the 16-year-old responded, “How?”

Davidson, the son of an immigrant, resigned.    


“The practice of separating families amounts to arbitrary and unlawful interference in family life and is a serious violation of the rights of the child,” rebuked a spokeswoman for the UN High Commission on Human Rights. Ravina Shamdasani strongly suggested that “the U.S. should immediately halt this practice of separating families and stop criminalizing what should at most be an administrative offense – that of irregular entry or stay in the U.S.” 


An always angry United States ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, retorted in her best Israeli imitation: “Neither the United Nations nor anyone else will dictate how the United States upholds its borders.”

It is of great concern to the United Nations, the UN representative coolly rejoined, that “migration control appears to have been prioritized over the effective care and protection of migrant children. Children should never be detained for reasons related to their own or their parents’ migration status. Detention is never in the best interests of the child and always constitutes a child rights violation.”


As if to emphasize this persnickety point about using children as political pawns, a coalition of immigrant rights advocates and civil rights groups also filed an official complaint with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, accusing the USA of “human rights violations.” As one petitioner put it, “Toying with the lives of people fleeing violence to send a message is not only cruel, but also a violation of international human rights and conventions to which the United States is a party.


The UN advises that “the U.S. is the only country in the world not to have ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. We encourage it to accede to the Convention and to fully respect the rights of all children.”

More than 2,000 children remain separated from their parents and guardians.


Trump’s ill-tempered photo-op promise on World Refugee Day to maybe stop separating children from their parents expires in 20 days, when current law says these kids must be released from detention – and once again separated from their parents.


“They're telling parents they can be reunited with their kids at the airport, but only if they sign a voluntary order to be deported back to the country they fled,” the Texas Tribune reports. 


“Putting them in that position is not a voluntary [deportation],” argues Efrén Olivares, an attorney with the Texas Civil Rights Project. “It’s being obtained under duress.”


Which makes it illegal. And notoriously nasty.“Presenting this possibility to parents who have been put through a traumatizing ordeal, is akin to kidnapping children and then using them as bait to get immigrants out of the country," Julia Conley explains. “Other parents have opted not to sign the orders, putting themselves at risk for being deported on their own. And potentially never seeing their children again.”


Forcing a parent to make a decision this hellish can only be called sadistic. 

Amnesty calls it something else. 

“This is nothing short of torture,” declares Erika Guevara-Rosas, Americas Director for Amnesty International. “There is no question that President Trump administration’s policy of separating mothers and fathers from their children is designed to impose severe mental suffering on these families, in order to deter others from trying to seek safety in the USA.”


Because “many of these families come from countries experiencing generalized violence and grave human rights violations,” she emphasizes, “this is a flagrant violation of the human rights of these parents and children and is also a violation of U.S. obligations under refugee law.”

And Mad Dog Mattis worries that Putin is undermining America’s “moral authority”?



So much anger.

So much fear.

So many firearms.

31% of polled U.S. Voters say likely the un-United States will experience a second civil war in the next five years; 59% are concerned that those opposed to Trump’s policies will resort to violence.

"If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they're not welcome anymore, anywhere,” urges Rep. Maxine Waters.

That sentiment is spreading:

    Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is heckled and booed at a

    Mexican restaurant, then hassled by protestors outside her home.

    White House aide Steven Miller is called out as a “fascist” while dining in D.C.

    Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is driven from a movie theater.

    12-year-old Barron Trump should be locked up with pedophiles, Peter Fonda says.

    Comedienne Kathy Griffin holds up a picture of Trump's decapitated head.






“Insulation from the real world consequences of political and economic decisions makes it very easy for powerful people to approve of things,” observes Splinter News columnist, Hamilton Nolan, "they would never, ever tolerate themselves. To imagine that Mexican immigrants should happily cook for and serve meals to people who enable a man who is determined to demonize and persecute them as subhuman criminals is far more outrageous than the idea that those enablers should not be served in restaurants.


“Not being able to go to restaurants and attend parties and be celebrated is just the minimum baseline here. These people, who are pushing America merrily down the road to fascism and white nationalism, are delusional if they do not think that the backlash is going to get much worse… When you aggressively fuck with people’s lives, you should not be surprised when they decide to fuck with yours.


Doing so is, in fact, a public service.”

“Buy guns. Vote. Violence is the next stop on the #MadMaxine slippery slope. We WILL fight back,” promises actor James Woods.


With nationwide protests planned for Saturday June 30, and #OccupyICE blocking entrances to ICE facilities in Oregon, California, and New York, local governments are cancelling cooperation with ICE, cancelling multi-million dollar agency contracts as officials grow increasingly alarmed at reports of ICE's treatment of immigrants and Latino communities

"It just felt inherently unjust for Sacramento to make money from dealing with ICE," said Phil Serna, a Sacramento County supervisor. "For me, it came down to an administration that is extremely hostile to immigrants. I didn't feel we should be part of that."


A petulant U.S. announces it is withdrawing from the UN human rights body, even as America’s preposterous president embraces one-man rule with the lumbering avidity of a man fully awakening to the powers that accrue to a potentate surrounded by sycophants who fear him...

    Donald J. Trump

‏    @realDonaldTrump

    8:02 AM - 24 Jun 2018    

    We cannot allow all of these people to invade our Country. When   

    somebody comes in, we must immediately, with no Judges or Court Cases,

    bring them back from where they came...


Stop right there, hoss! No judges? No immigration hearings? Even for – especially for – all of the legitimate claimants among all of these people? No so fast, Mr. Law and Order, who after only a few days in office, denounced constitutional checks and balances as "archaic" and "a bad thing for the country. 

As Nick Cummins-Bruce informs readers of the New York Times, “The administration has characterized its policy as being about illegal immigration, though many of the detained migrants – including those in families that are split apart – enter at official border crossings and request asylum, which is not an illegal entry. 


United States of America. Land of immigrants. World’s richest debtor. By the people, for the people. Christian decency. Fair play. Upright moral leadership instead of the falsely-seductive coercive kind that only gets folks riled. Ring any Liberty Bells? 

For the psychopathically-challenged, let’s make this simple:


And racists might recall: 

Everyone’s original mom was a black Ethiopian lady.

      Following a crushing drought, 150,000 Somali refugees displaced by record flood cross a swollen river into

        Kenya,  Nov 22,  2006. -Brendan Bannon/UNHCR/Getty


“Refugees, people in need of protection, and migrants – including unaccompanied minors – will continue to leave the Northern Triangle countries in record numbers until governments and institutions shattered by decades of U.S.-imposed dictators can implement policies that actually reduce violence, insecurity, and poverty, tackle corruption, and strengthen weak institutions,” finds the Washington Organization on Latin America. 


But instead of assisting the many nations it's wrecked, Washington generously calculates: There’s more profit in delivering hellfire on wedding parties, and blowing up cities   like Mosul and Aleppo so we can disperse more funds to reconstruct more rubble (which we never rebuild) in a process the bankers and currency traders funding and manipulating all this mayhem cynically refer to as, "urban renewal”. 

Tough-luck for the countless children, parents and elders we've blown to smithereens in their kitchens, beds and front yards. Any time we feel like lobbing a few dozen cruise missiles into some distant neighbourhoods, we’ll simply invent more Trumped-up pretexts to cover for our blood-drenched, war-addicted, corporate sponsors.


Over the tip-top? U.S. Government payouts clearly indicate priorities. While 67% of all optional federal discretionary spending is lavished on endless weaponry and slaughter... foreign aid to prevent conflicts accounts for less than 1% of the total federal budget


In 2018, USAID reports annual assistance:

Guatemala  $98 million

Honduras    $88 million

El Salvador  0   


Yet, every 60 minutes U.S. taxpayers are paying another $56.17 million for veterans care, interest on war debt, and the compounding military costs from 18 years of perpetual war. That’s $559 billion/year to manufacture more refugees, which neighbouring countries must then cope with.



What about aid for the burgeoning broke back home? Has anyone else noticed that during all this deliberately-incited uproar, the GOP (Gold Over People) party briefly parted their trench-coat to flash their 2019 budget calling for $537 billion in cuts to Medicare, $1.5 trillion in cuts to Medicaid, and $4 billion in cuts to Social Security. 

Even without self-reinforcing disruptions from climate shift, their terrible timeline alone guarantees serious suffering and dislocation across the USA for the next 10 years. Now factor all of the retaliatory tariffs set to kick-in on, wait for it... July 4th. Everyone everywhere is going to lose Trump’s gun-to-the-forehead trade war. And even while they’re still voting for him, dozens of millions more Americans will become economic refugees in their own country. Who will take them in? 

And who’s looking at the already dialled-in exodus of 150 million more "climate refugees" by 2050? Certainly not Washington, where solar incentives are being axed, greenhouse emissions cranked to the max, and it’s widely believed that both melting poles, a dying world ocean, mass species die-off and record floods, droughts and extreme weather events worldwide are either a “hoax” or a Chinese plot. 

News Flash: Nature bats last. Reality trumps fantasy. Karma gets collected.



See & hear Alexandria in her own words

More than 100 protests across the country are planned for Saturday, June 30 -@ajplus:Twitter



organize here


Since you’ve read this far, you are obviously concerned. And because the only antidote for “overwhelm” is immediate, effective action... brace yourself for some good news: 

A few more mouse clicks will provide access for reaching out to impoverished and often exploited women and young girls. You can make a difference in someone’s life today –before she becomes a displaced refugee. 

Your donation will encourage the recipient to inspire herself to embrace the opportunities you provide. The sister you assist or sponsor will learn valuable skills, provide a better life for her family, network with other empowered women – and experience for the first time, the true freedom of choice.


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