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May 9th Victory Day


“Anyone who loves freedom owes such a debt to the Red Army that it can never be repaid.” -Ernest Hemingway

"Babushka of Berlin" is a Russia-wide meme in 2022


“To those around the world who value human life and decency, civilization and justice — with Day of Victory, all of you. Eternal memory and glory to fallen who defeated Nazism. Suddenly, this date gained a new meaning, with Russia, yet again, fighting a very real evil of Nazism in Ukraine.” -Andrei Martyanov

Ukraine's Zelensky Celebrates Nazism on Russia’s May 9 Victory Over Nazis Day

Ukrainian media actor Volodymyr Zelensky marked World War II Victory Day by posting on Instagram and Telegraman an image of a Ukrainian soldier wearing the ‘death’s head’ patch of an elite Nazi Waffen SS unit.

Oleg Novikov, opposition leader from Kharkov, persecuted in the past by the Zelensky regime—was kidnapped 5/04/22 at 6am by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and taken to an unknown place. Oleg is an amputee with 3 young children. 

The 3rd SS Panzer Division was a unit of elite Nazi killers infamous for massacres of French civilians and Polish, Romanian and Ukrainian Jews. Advocacy groups consider the death’s head logo a “hate symbol”. 

As Trudeau flies into Kyiv to genuflect before a drunken cokehead whose Azov Nazis were trained and equipped by Canada, Ukraine is the only country in the world that has integrated openly Nazi militias into its military, and openly Nazi politicians into its national government. Defeating Hitler’s three biggest armies, capturing Berlin and cancelling fascism cost 28 million Russian lives.

 Opposition politician Medvedchuk imprisoned and beaten by Zelensky’s SBU secret police   -Dan Cohen

WWII Cemetary at Nijmegen vanadalized 

This is what StandWithUkraine means 

Zelenski proudly displays his Swastika shirt

Putin responds during Victory Day speech in Red Square

Open May 9 letter to the American people -USMC (Retired) Col. Scott Ritter 

 Victory Day, Moscow - check out these images….                                                         51:56

You are there...


Ignore the corporate media propaganda and cynically arranged Zelenski photo ops. Look instead at this raw cinema verite footage below showing daily life in a Ukrainian city under siege from the Azov Nazis who hate these Russian speakers — and from the Russian forces bent on ending the Azov/Right Sector menace using fellow  Ukranians as human shields. Patrick Lancaster is a true journalist.

As always in war, it’s the people who suffer. This is on you, NATO and America, for inciting and fueling this war's suffering of Ukranians (and Europeans) for their own political agenda. As Andrei writes, “Its over. The Ukraine has lost the war. Its navy, air force and defense industry no longer exist…  Anyone who is still pushing more weapons into Ukraine or tells Kiev to prolong the war is putting more Ukrainian lives at risk for zero potential gain. That's criminal.”   

Patrick Lawrence under fire in Mariupol  21:15

Ukraine residents not allowed to avacuate by Ukrainian forces  7:15

Journalists Evacuate Elderly from Mariupol (VERY SAD) 

The Missing Of Mariupol                                                      19:59

Suggestion while viewing

Let the Russian language spoken by these Ukranian residents run as an soundtrack while you scan their faces, body language and circumstances. (“Da” = yes. “Nyet” = no. “Spasiva" = thank you. “Azov” = Ukrainian Nazis, “tonk” = tank.)


Context for these videos:

Never forget who overthrew their elected government in 2014, armed and trained the Nazi-infected army abusing them, and cheered on their shelling and terrorizing the people of Donbass for 8 years while the world remained silent — until Russia finally intervened to prevent Kiev's imminent final “cleansing”. 

Not to mention near-future nuclear and biologcial weapons on her borders manned by Nazis embedded 1 in 10 in the Ukrainian Army. As Azov has demonstrated in their slef-congratulatory videos, these murderers, rapists and torturers hate all Russians with the zeal shown by their Panzer SS progenitors in 1944. The Russian speakers they most loathe and fervently desire to eradicate include their fellow Ukrainians, who comprise nearly half that country’s population.    


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Eye-Witness Report from Donbass: How the War Looks From the Russian Side”                       by Sonja Van den Ende (in Donbass)


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