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Letter To My Sister In America


by (R.) William Thomas

Oh Lisa,


I hope all is well with you. It’s been a seismic 10 days for the United States and the world.


Here’s a piece I’ve been working on this week - one of my best, and a different perspective than Fox. Minutes after posting it this morning. I got a call from a Canadian who thanked me for “saying what so many of us are thinking.” 


Though I’m proud of the writing, I take no pleasure in it. In ways Canadians can never know (which is why my best friend Michelle and I will always be uniquely close), the warnings sounded in “The Perfect President” are torn from my heart. 


I weep and cringe for the country of my birth, a land I love and mourn, and a nation I no longer recognize as the one that forced me more than once to act on the principles I’d been taught.


Yet, today’s events in Washington have given me renewed hope that the world’s peoples – and all life onboard this blessed Earth – will find their way, with or without the USA.


I remember and will always be grateful for our long conversation right after his election, when I mentioned that “hoping” Trump would do the right things was not a viable plan. I also expressed my concern that he could "destroy the United States.” 


Well, he's doing it. Though at a pace nearly as fast as the climate shift already nibbling at his Mar-a-Lago resort and Scottish golf links.


If a humbler, wiser America decides to take its place within instead of against the community of nations, this may be the Donald's most important legacy. 


But the way ahead for all of us – especially for our children and the offspring of all species  is going to be rough.


Many Americans take any criticism of their increasingly out-of-step nation as “anti-American”. But it’s time the true-believers wake up to the realities already engulfing them. As I told my midshipmen classmates when I resigned from the Navy, being a true patriot means refusing to be complicit in acts as grave as killing children, which each of us knows is wrong. 


We’ll see.


I remain convinced that there remain enough good-hearted Americans of conscience to make our country morally great – in the ways that most matter.


Love and hugs,


 发件人     William Thomas 2019